Pokemon Court Chapter 1026

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 1026 explores Meteor Falls, floating astronomy
    After restoring Frogadier and Mawile, Terrance quickly let them fight for the second time.

    Fighting with Arcanine, Mawile immediately became powerless. Although it didn't touch Beautifly when fighting with Beautifly, it could take advantage of it, but with Arcanine, Mawile found the guy wilder than himself.

    The two elves met Rival and almost blushed. The aftermath of the battle forced Frogadier not to intervene, but they knew that it was just a simulated battle, not too hard.

    The growth of Arcanine lies in the combat life after exhaustion of physical strength. How to quickly recover the power of World War I in exhaustion is the main training content of Arcanine. It is also because of this training, its willpower can be said. Ranked among the best in Terrance's elves.

    "Stop, resume, and proceed to the next game."

    Terrance clapped his hands again, then began to host Frogadier, Mawile and floating bubble battle, this battle, Frogadier and Mawile are suppressed than any previous battle is worse, floating bubble training is a comprehensive promotion, its short plate is not much, Positioning is clear, but also because of this, in the three forms can be arbitrarily converted and can manipulate the four major weather floating bubbles, the strength is more exaggerated, is not just stepped into the top field of the Mawile can block.


    After treating several elves again, Arcanine, floating bubbles, and Beautifly continued to stay near the training base established by Terrance, while Terrance took back Mawile and took Frogadier along the way.

    "The next step is not to squint."

    Leaving the area where Power Herb was planted, Terrance began to cross the mountain roads and jungles. In the intricate environment, Terrance continued to let Frogadier hone his "eyes" trick. As a Ninja, the first thing to doubt is his own eyes. Train your own perceptions.

    With the heart of the Frogadier closed eyes, follow in Terrance side responsible for the open road, encountered some aggressive strong elves, but also by Frogadier to solve, although the strength of wild Elves is not strong, but Terrance will be based on the type of elves to limit the frogadier of the fighting conditions, separate exercise frogadier an individual ability, so that even a simple level of combat, more or less can be more than a help for the growth of Frogadier.

    All the way down, they experienced no less than 10 battles.

    And finally to theAfter a long time, Terrance gave a sigh of relief and turned the visor in one direction, looking at the large cave around the front.

    Meteor Falls !

    Frogadier also stopped with Terrance and stood on a hill overlooking the past. After looking at it, Terrance nodded and began to move down the hill, aiming to get close to the cave.

    As they walked down, the surrounding chills became heavier and heavier, and Terrance faintly heard the sound of the water, and Frogadier could also clearly perceive it here with Mt. Chimney is different.

    No wonder this place is called Meteor Falls…

    Along the way, Terrance and Frogadier also saw a few waters, but almost all of them were Barboach, Magikarp, Goldeen, and there were some Zubats in the shadows of the caves, but now they are looking for Lunatone and Solrock. Did not see one.

    "Let's go."Terrance moves on.

    Lunatone should not appear during the day, and then you can only go deep into Meteor Falls to see if they are not outside or inside.

    The smell of the air was getting damp and the environment was dark, and Terrance later released Gardevoir, helping him to sense the location of Lunatone and Solrock.

    Covered by Confusion, the entire Meteor Falls became clear to Gardevoir, and soon, according to the unique Synchronoise, Gardevoir locked On where there were plenty of Psychic fluctuations.

    In the dim Meteor Falls, the four places are like the sparks in the night sky. Psychic is extremely active, in stark contrast to other locations, and Terrance, which shares the perception with Gardevoir, quickly judged the four places. The location then picked up a recent plan to visit one by one.

    But what makes Terrance more interested is that, in addition to the four Psychic volatility, Gardevoir found that there is another big difference between the other place and the other places, the strong life fluctuations in that area, It is absolutely impossible to be a Zubat family.

    “Can you restore the approximate size?”

    Terrance asked Gardevoir next to it, but Gardevoir shook his head, indicating that the cosmic magnetic field in Meteor Falls was too strong and very influential.

    "Forget it, let's go and see it in person. Anyway, it is also a smooth way."

    Due to the complexity of the environment inside Meteor Falls, Terrance has not explored it, so he is not very familiar with the area inside.

    After setting the target, Terrance didn't go straight. They used to train Frogadier. It is different now. The terrain in the cave is not good and it is not suitable for battle. Terrance simply let Gardevoir start to use Teleport. It doesn't take much time. Came to the first place where Psychic is active.

    One, two, three…Eleven, a full eleven Solrock sleeps on the wall, Terrance hides and touches his chin, and his eyes are sinisterly placed on the top of a Solrock. This is obviously the best development, if you want to conquer One of them, that is not the only one.

    But now is not the time to conquer, there are three places also need him to find out the situation, and Terrance's main purpose is to conquer Lunatone, Solrock is the second, should be left to the end.

    Didn't alarm these Solrock, Terrance they went on again, and soon they came to the area where life was fluctuating.

    This place is obviously much brighter than other places, seems to be connected to many places, and even above it can be exposed to the sun…

    "Interesting, I didn't think there was such a secret in Meteor Falls."

    As Terrance gently stepped into the ground, his eyes lit up, his blue body, his exposed teeth, and the skull that looked very hard…Terrance was surprised by the elf-like dinosaurs that resembled the young, the blue body, and the elves that Black's hair covered their eyes.

    No wonder the life of this place is the most volatile, it is the dragon of the dragon.

    Bagon, and Deino, looked at the dozen or so Play Rough or resting dragon spirits, and Terrance scratched his head, feeling incredible.

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