Pokemon Court Chapter 1027

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text of the 1027 chapter of the water fleet, floating astronomy
    In the depths of Meteor Falls, there are so many wild dragon spirits. If the poachers know, they are expected to laugh.

    "It's not right."

    Just wanting to leave, Terrance suddenly felt that it wasn't quite right. Although the Breeder family's knowledge of the elves' habitat was not so comprehensive, and with experience, the environment just seen and the environment at the moment, Terrance said nothing to believe. Meteor Falls's resources allow a bunch of dragon spirits to choose to inhabit here.


    With a big bang, these dragon babies paused and looked at another dragon spirit, Druddigon, who came slowly in the distance.

    However, after just glanced at them, these dragon babies did not react, and continued to do what they had just done.

    "In addition to Bagon and Deino, there is still Druddigon inhabited here…Is there anything strange about this place? ”

    Terrance shook his head and patted Gardevoir, ready to leave. Even if there is any secret hidden here, he has no energy to explore now. It is imperative to solve all the problems on his hands.


    With Gardevoir's Teleport again, Terrance disappeared into the area, but what Terrance didn't know was that Druddigon, who suddenly broke in, slammed into the general area where they left, this time a warning was issued. The big cockroaches let the surrounding dragon babies run in a panic.

    Crossing Solrock's habitat and the habitat of the dragon babies, Terrance finally found the trail of Lunatone.

    A total of 10 Lunatone, like the Solrock just now, seems to be sleeping on the wall.

    Terrance chose most of trainer most commonly used in a took demon way, after the battle directly took demon, Gardevoir strong confusion fluctuations, around the stone instant quiver, in this pressure, the walls of the lunatone red eyes suddenly lit up, But even if the quantity is huge, but still did not resist the gardevoir confusion oppression, 10 psyshock like hit the sea, just provoke a glimmer of waves.

    "Lunatone, I want to conquer you, fight."

    Terrance took the lead to say hello, along with Gardevoir's Misty Terrain in the sight of this group of Lunatone. The unsuccessful Psyshock not only did not affect Terrance at all, but was swallowed up by Misty Terrain and became a nutrient.

    Soon, Gardevoir took the initiative to attack. Under the fusion of mental power and mist, the pink mist quickly shaped and turned into a chain like the Snapdragon Normal. After hitting 10 Lunatone's Psyshock, it swept the past. They are tied one by one.

    In contact with the misty lock of Fairy, the suction of the mist increased again, and began to absorb the strength of this group of Lunatone. In the Fairy Aura of Altaria, Gardevoir, who has been practicing for some time, is now able to skillfully and thinly The product of the fog fusion is used as the hand and foot Normal. It may be far from the realm of Mewtwo, but it is a big step forward.

    If you fight in the Fairy Aura environment, Gardevoir will be more capable of manipulating the mist.

    Seeing that these Lunatone were restricted, in order to prevent it, Terrance directed Gardevoir to create a wide range of Hypnosis, which made these Lunatone fall asleep.

    At the same time, Gardevoir's Confusion opened Terrance's backpack and flew out 10 empty Poké Balls to touch the Lunatone's body.

    Terrance took a long time to practice the precise Fling Poké Ball technology, but it didn't take a few times…

    Physical strength was almost exhausted, tied to the powerless Struggle, and fell into the CONST condition. After these Lunatone were inhaled into the Poké Ball, they were unable to Struggle and were quickly taken over by Terrance.

    At this rhythm, Terrance and Gardevoir came to the next place where Lunatone inhabited. There are more Lunatones in the previous place, with 14 in total. Terrance and Gardevoir used the old method again to control 14 Pokés. Ball flew over and then successfully conquered these Lunatone.

    A total of 24 lunatone, if the cosmic power trick on the breeding scheme to breeder them, even if the individual training cosmic power, the expenditure will probably need more than tens of millions to let their tricks take shape, this is still not to calculate the subsequent cost of custody, This level of investment, Terrance support is relatively easy, but for those dojo, is a relatively large burden, no wonder they only breeder more than 10 elves.

    On the Ground, 24 Poké Balls with Lunatone were neatly arranged in a row. Terrance was thinking about how to face these Lunatones, but suddenly, Gardevoir came to perceive that there is a living being close to them. .

    From the perspective of perception, the other person is a person, and there is also an elf with very strong fluctuations in life.

    Terrance didn't care about these Lunatone for a while, took a few steps and started waiting for someone. He is already inside Meteor Falls. Is there a Trainer here?

    The entire cave began to calm down, and Terrance waited quietly. After about a minute, a figure appeared in front of Terrance. This figure gave Terrance a slight glimpse, then the expression instantly condensed and immediately ordered Gardevoir. Sneak attack.

    Blue striped white short sleeves, Black gloves, dark blue cropped trousers and boots for water activities, and leggings with the same pattern as the short sleeves, although the face and hair of this person are blue The colored headscarf covered it, but this familiar decoration immediately made Terrance judge the identity of the other.

    "Water fleet!"

    Terrance contact with the water fleet did not have as much contact with the lava team, but not that he did not understand the water fleet, the original investigation of the lava team and the water fleet, Steven, Terrance, Phoebe three, but carried out together, during which they destroyed the division of a number of two major organizations, Also got a lot of intelligence, intelligence sharing, Terrance can be said to be the two organizations of the executive information and ordinary members of the ELF configuration is very familiar.

    In front of this person is wearing the costumes of the water fleet, the pattern on the headscarf representing the organization of the water fleet, further indicating her identity.

    This year to develop the habit, let Terrance quickly strike, without any light enemy, in fact, the Terrance approach is very right, because even then, Gardevoir did not be able to suppress each other in the first round, with the water fleet side of the Salamence Perceived to Psywave movement, which only let Terrance some surprised by the strength of the salamence quickly used their own Wei pressure with roar resistance down.

    For a time, the aftermath of the simple collision began to make the surrounding caves vibrate, showing signs of collapse.

    "This strength…Are you Quanmei? NoIt should not be her. ”Terrance's cold-eyed female Trainer looked at her, and she was not sure about her identity.

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