Pokemon Court Chapter 1028

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 1028 Draconid Tribe, Zinnia, floating astronomy
    Terrance waited for the other person's reply, but the person was very silent.

    Then she raised her head slightly and looked at the Poké Ball on the ground behind Terrance, revealing a disgusted expression.

    "Gardevoir, Misty Terrain."

    Terrance sees the other party indifferently and continues to launch the offensive. At the same time, Assist Misty Terrain's special environment, Frogadier uses Camourflage to change his color, hides his body and then slams his body, and uses Mind Reader to feel the moment of the enemy's position. Grab, Gardevoir used it to squirt two misty shurikens into the hands.

    Shua! Shua! Shua!

    Frogadier's movements are extremely sensitive. After changing the color and Attribute, the trembling of the mist is very high. With its fast and accurate Fling, Gardevoir once again cooperated with its Fling to block the member of the water fleet and Salamence with a mist chain. position.

    Facing the mist, the female waterfoil team chose to let Salamence fight against Dragon Breath, but what she didn't expect was that Dragon Breath hit the mist, and the mist in the moment instantly turned into a whirlpool, let Dragon Breath Like being caught in a black hole Normal, it is swallowed up at an unusually different speed.

    At this moment, could not bear surprised at Dragon breath useless, salamence roar between the two claws at the same time shot, hit toward them hit the mist hand sword, two tricks opposite, Salamence's double claws instantly will mist hand sword scattered, but the mist did not disappear, Instead, it turned into a mist that entangled the salamence's claws, and spread, forming a yoke that bound it.

    "Get rid of it."

    Terrance heard the other party's voice for the first time. This sound made Terrance slightly stunned, because the owner of the sound is definitely not too old and may be much smaller than him.

    Break free?

    Terrance's heart is light, the next moment, the space is reversed, the infinite mist and the moment of the slight mist that binds Salamence exchange positions, and Frogadier is exchanged in the past! Frogadier Fling went out to actually be a shuriken with Confusion coordinates, so that this moment makes the other party unprepared and has no time to defend.

    Endless mist instantly fell into a giant cocoon will salamence wrapped, Frogadier also take advantage of this opportunity assist mist thrust quickly came to the water fleet members of the leap up, the legs quickly vice Grip the other side of the neck, with an unthinkable angle to turn around, Limit the other person's ability to act, at the same time it has a new mist in hand sword, but also precise in the other side of the eyes, a little forward, it is advisable to each other's lives, blink between, win or lose has been divided.

    In the battle against the non-Alliance rule mechanism, Terrance has tempered a set of fast, accurate and awkward killing tactics with various illegal organizations before and after becoming Elite Four.

    The situation changed so fast that Zinnia was shocked and her heart sank. She did not expect that such a huge change would happen suddenly. The end of the battle did not allow her to use other elves and hide her cards.

    Is it going to be planted here?

    Zinnia was desperate in her heart, but she heard a voice coming from her side. I don’t know when Terrance appeared here. I said: "The strength is much worse than that of Drake Elite's Salamence. Let's say, who are you? Why is it here, what are your attempts at the water fleet?"

    Drake Elite ?

    Zinnia struggled to put his eyes on Terrance and said: "The elf is Gardevoir plus this strength…You are not a poacher, are you Elite Four Terrance? ”


    Terrance looked at the girl strangely, then crouched down, put his right hand over the other's ankle, twisted the ankle bracelet here, and found a special stone.

    Evolution Key Stone? It’s really hidden.

    “Why did the Elite Four appear in this place and have conquered so many elves.”Zinnia asks, at this point she is convinced that this person is Terrance, otherwise the ordinary Trainer is absolutely impossible to have this strength.

    "This sentence is what I should ask. You should not be a member of the water fleet. I don't remember which Executive in the water fleet has Mega Salamence. The rest of the miscellaneous soldiers are even less likely to have this heritage."

    Looking at the face of Terrance, the girl finally compromised, and the tone was: "Draconid Tribe descendant, Zinnia."

    Draconid Tribe ?

    "The guardian of Sky Pillar?"

    Terrance activated the Elite Medal, although Rotom Pokédex is not around, but the Elite Medal can also help him access the information.

    Speaking of it, Terrance's impression of the Draconid Tribe was left five years ago, due to the mysterious Meteorite.

    In the beginning, Terrance and Steven involved the discovery of Meteor Falls, Rayquaza, Hoenn creation legend, Sootopolis City formation legend and the establishment of Sky Pillar…The Draconid Tribe is the founder of Sky Pillar.

    It was only when Terrance heard that the ancient nation had almost disappeared. After a rough recall of the Draconid Tribe, Terrance was dubious and did not expect that the Draconid Tribe would survive today.

    "Can you let me go now?"Zinnia's face was flushed, and Frogadier's hard work almost made her breathless.

    "Thank you, Frogadier, let her go."

    Draconid Tribe is a specialized Dragon Trainer, plus the other side has Mega Salamence, but it makes her words a bit true, Gallade, Gardevoir, Altaria, Mawile and other elves are in the body, Terrance is not afraid of what the other party to play.

    Frogadier heard that the flexible limbs let go of the other's neck, and finally let Zinnia breathe, cough and take a deep breath, then reveal a fearless smile: "You really are Elite Four Terrance, are you interested in reconciling? I am fighting against one."

    Do you know me?

    "Uncle Drake used to practice with my grandmother when I was young. You defeated him. I naturally know you."

    "Since you know that I am Elite Four, dare to challenge?"

    “I traveled to the Hoenn Region to challenge all kinds of strong people. Only when they become stronger can they achieve my goals.”

    "Don't forget, I haven't fully trusted you yet. Let's say, why are you wearing the water fleet's clothes, can't convince me, waiting for you is not an ordinary battle."Terrance licked his mouth and showed a kind smile.

    "My name is Zinnia. If you are an identifiable person, you can do research with the Flange Professor of Devon Manufacturing Co., Ltd."Zinnia Road.

    Thousands of years ago, Draconid Tribe predicted that Hoenn would suffer a major crisis after the millennium, but it is clear that science and technology are advancing rapidly over time. This prediction, apart from Draconid Tribe himself, is not taken seriously by others. Zinnia claims that he is Traveling out to solve this big crisis.

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