Pokemon Court Chapter 1029

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 10th chapter of the light weight Sandstorm system, floating astronomy
    Draconid Tribe believes in Rayquaza. According to unrecognized history books, the inheritors of Draconid Tribe have stood on the colorful Meteorite on the return of Wish Rayquaza. Wish made Rayquaza carry out the Mega Evolution and calmed the battle between Groudon and Kyogre. After that, the Draconid Tribe was established. Sky Pillar is used to summon their gods, Rayquaza. Today, the murals are still preserved on the pillars, which are recorded by Draconid Tribe's own prophecy, indicating that the huge Meteorite will soon be Tackle Hoenn…

    Zinnia said that he was traveling to resolve the Meteorite crisis in Hoenn Region. Terrance kept doubts and immediately contacted the text. Soon, he really got the details of Zinnia, who is indeed a descendant of Draconid Tribe.

    "Sneak into the water fleet, I hope that I can grow by stopping Groudon and Kyogre. If it succeeds, I can get Rayquaza's approval, and Assist has the power to solve the Meteorite crisis."Zinnia is serious.

    "Director Rayquaza? A good dream. ”Terrance licked her head, but it attracted a burst of white eyes.

    "Haha, since you want to fight again, go outside."Since the misunderstanding was solved, Terrance no longer entangled the matter. After collecting the Poké Ball that received Lunatone, he took it out and Zinnia saw it and immediately followed Terrance and kept chanting.

    “Why should you conquer so many elves?”

    "I will handle them well, don't worry."

    "Astonish is also yours to those dragon spirits?"

    "Eh?Am I found out? So, are the dragon spirits telling you about me? ”

    “Well, it’s safe to say that Meteor Falls used to be our hometown.”

    During the conversation between the two, they soon came outside the cave and chose a relatively spacious place. Terrance turned Poké Ball around his fingertips and then threw it out and threw it out: "My elf is it. ”

    Although there is no need to accept Zinnia's invitation to participate, Terrance accepted it. Thanks to Zinnia's Mega Evolution props, there are very few Trainers who can master the Mega Evolution. Every time they compete with the Mega Evolution, they can gain a good experience. Terrance naturally will not give up this opportunity to temper the elves.

    After all, the future is the home of Mega Evolution, and it is always true that you have accumulated some experience.

    As Terrance threw out the Poké Ball, the sky began to roll up the yellow sand, and in the raging Sandstorm airstream, the two red awns took the lead, and then the genius sent by Terrance came out of the figure.

    Desert beast Banjara!

    Just after playing, Banguila is the violent gesture under the Outrage Contest Condition. This is not for quick fix, but to adapt to this attitude and turn himself into a true Sandstorm beast.

    The red awns in Banjara's eyes made Saramins around Zinnia under pressure. Compared with the previous Gardevoir, this Banjara looks stronger.

    Zinnia patted Salamence, gave it confidence, directly let Salamence do Mega Evolution, just in battle failed to use Mega Evolution, because of light enemy, but this time, Zinnia will not make the same mistake again, Mega Anklet's key stone and the evolutionary stone hidden in salamence resonance, Mega salamence that "blood-stained Crescent" posture immediately appeared, and Banguila oppression against the past, the two sides in the momentum of the neck.

    "Salamence, Dragon Pulse!"

    Zinnia took a step forward and began to command and dance to the sky's Salamence. In an instant, a dragon-shaped wave swiftly hit, and the claws and paws wanted to swallow the Bangui, and the wind seemed to be very majestic. .

    … …

    In the face of this trick, Banguila around the countless sandstorm floating up, almost in Dragon Pulse landing moment, hands waving away, this process, a huge sandstorm giant sword instantly formed, across from Dragon Pulse swept over, visible to the naked eye, This dragon Pulse was split in the moment, and at the same time sandstorm the giant sword, a huge roar and chaotic airflow broke out.

    Rime table Rime table Rime table Rime table

    Under the remnant of the airflow and the explosion, several trees a dozen meters away from the place were immediately blown off by the sweeping storm and flew out.

    Standing in the same place, letting the wind blow, Banguila does not move, watching the Salamence in Soaring in the sky indifferently, seems to be ridiculing the inability of the other side.

    If it is during the elite race, Banguila decidedly has not been so destructive, but with the help of Terrance and Rotom Pokédex, Banguila's weight sandstorm system is close to perfect, from then on float Stone The effect can be passed on to the sandstorm made by Banguila, the heaviest force of its own control waving condensed to the extreme and reduced to the weight of the sandstorm giant sword, so that the feel of the excellent Banguila of the destructive power instantly rose a notch.

    The thrust of Sandstorm, the cutting force of Sandstorm flow, the power of extraordinary weight, the best feel given by Float Stone, all kinds of collocations, just like a strong man with a battle has the most comfortable feel and quality The ultimate weapon!

    Zinnia was indeed shocked by this stun. If it wasn't for Banjara who controlled the direction, it wasn't the sundries that were blown away but her Trainer.

    However, the current Sandstorm system is not perfect. The Bandstorm's Sandstorm must always be in contact with it to be judged to be part of its body. It is not controlled by the Float Stone organ after leaving it. Otherwise, the system can evolve. With more tactics, Banjara is also working in this direction.

    Salamence in the air, Banguila turned to fling by Sandstorm condensed solid rock, the use of rock Slide trick, the sky fly out, the force of the big only feel the airflow can let salamence know, after judgment, salamence Immediately want to avoid, but how nai this rock Slide suddenly burst open, again into Sandstorm, assist burst when the strong wind with an extremely rapid offensive from all directions hit salamence body, let it for a time difficult to control flying.

    Seeing that Salamence had fallen, Zinnia shouted: "Homeopathic use of Double Edge to drive Steel Wing attacks."

    Soaring in the sky Skin Saility of Mega Salamence, which can change the Normal movement into a Flying movement, giving the move of the style. Under the Double Edge of the Flying Department, Salamence quickly adjusts the trajectory of the fall and turns the wings, Assist The power of the faster, more powerful Double Edge, used Steel Wing to launch an offensive against Banjara.

    See this desired situation, Banguila exposed the hideous color, once again condensed sandstorm force, RID and desperately salamence front collision, the next moment, into the silver light of the double steel Wing, instant interframe in sandstorm giant Sword, steel Wing Wear between, sandstorm giant sword high-speed flow of gravel also bounce countless, both sides of the standoff, two tricks actually began to appear silk fire.

    Salamence combined with the power of Ability, and the full side impact of Assist side effects and Attribute advantages, did cause a slight problem to Banguia to some extent, but did not hesitate, Banguila directly cracked, flexible Shake the Salamence out at the end of the Sandstorm.

    The power of Sandstorm flows through the whole body, as if to let Banguia wear the sand armor of the offensive and defensive body. This is another great application of the lightweight Sandstorm system.

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