Pokemon Court Chapter 1030

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the approximation of the text of Chapter 1030, Astronomy
    The end of the Bandstorm's Sandstorm, plus the Stone Edge, which was suddenly inserted in the middle of the Mega Salamence, directly ruined Zinnia's chances of winning. So far, the Mega Salamence was swept by the explosion. The wings are already extremely weak.

    Under this Contest Condition, Mega Salamence may change back to normal at any time due to physical weakness.

    Zinnia's instruction card was in the mouth, looking at Mega Salamence's unyielding expression and the panting Contest Condition. The order did not come out after all, and shook his head: "I admit defeat."

    "When we become stronger, we will challenge again."

    "Alright!" Yes, Banguila. ”

    Banjara got the permission of Terrance, slowly dissipating the power of Sandstorm, and returned to Poké Ball with the red light from Poké Ball.

    It is clear…It didn't make much fun.

    This Mega Salamence is not weak, and it has the power to fight with Bangui, but it lacks the corresponding foundation, and the sense of combat is not keen, so even if the overall quality is superior, it will soon be defeated. But it is undeniable that, according to Zinnia's age, she has the potential to pursue Qiqia.

    At the end of the battle, Terrance also began to ask questions of his concern, that is why Zinnia appeared in Meteor Falls in the suit of the water fleet.

    "The water fleet was said to have dispatched 16 teams last night to look for Kyogre in the various waters of Hoenn. The team I sneak into is currently scouting in the sea ahead. I came back to Meteor Falls during the mission."

    Zinnia did not hide.

    "Has the water fleet started to act again…"Terrance nodded and asked: "Do you know the specific tasks of the 16 teams?"

    "No…Even the information about the team I am in, I know very little. ”Zinnia said: "I don't know if this news is true."

    Terrance expressed his understanding. After all, he did not even get the news. It seems that this time the action of the water fleet has not yet been mastered by Alliance, or has not been confirmed.

    Because Zinnia had to return to the team before sunset, she didn't plan to stay here. Before leaving, Zinnia asked Terrance one thing, that is, not to spread the Meteor Falls inhabited by the Dragon Elf.

    This little thing, even if Zinnia doesn't say it, Terrance won't do that. An Elite Four hasn't fallen to the point of illicit trafficking of rare elves for profit, and he may have to send Lunatone back to Meteor Falls. , if it is known by too many people, Terrance will also have a headache.

    There is a special cosmic magnetic field near Meteor Falls that is suitable for the genie Lunatone and Solrock. For what, Terrance has to find further information.

    After Zinnia left, Terrance stayed for a while, and before he left, he conquered a Solrock.

    24 Lunatone and 1 Solrock. In fact, when Terrance took them by strength, these elves have already chosen to recognize them. The laws of nature are weak food, and there are no thorns in these elves. Finally, Terrance is not used to worry. Tame them.

    after three days

    After collecting the first special minerals and materials for Breeder Lunatone, Terrance eventually positioned these Lunatone breeding sites in Meteor Falls.

    Sure enough, as Terrance thought, Meteor Falls, as a place where the meteors fell before the millennium, produced a very complex cosmic magnetic field that would make it easier for the place to receive daylight and Moonlight essence.

    Although the Moonlight essence is definitely not as strong as the ice moon core that Altaria and Ninetales have built together, Terrance has no energy to keep Altaria and Ninetales taking care of Lunatone. Therefore, these Lunatone can only get Terrance's special Breeder just like Ribombee.

    Most of the time, they still have to spend time at Meteor Falls.

    At the same time, Lunatone absorbs Moonlight essence at night, and can also save a large amount of Lunatone food for Terrance. By absorbing the Moonlight essence, it is enough for Lunatone to maintain life.

    For the more concentrated Breeder Lunatone, Terrance picked out two of the most powerful and talented Lunatones, and took the lead in getting them to the core of the Ice Moon.

    Lunatone on Full moon night will become particularly active, its habit is said to be related to the moon's roundness, in the Full moon, Lunatone reached the peak of ability, according to this information, Terrance in one night let Ninetales make Ice Moon, and then let a lot of fairy The main force and some Dustox used moonblast and moonlight moves, these moves through the fairy Aura adjustment, have flowed into the ice moon, and Altaria also by controlling the natural energy of the way to plunder the real moon's energy into this ice moon, In the end, this ice moon contains a very powerful moonlight force.

    In fact, the real moon is definitely bigger than the energy of this ice moon, but the real moon is too far away from Terrance, and Moonlight radiation is too scattered, so this concentrated Moonlight's ice moon can share the power, but instead of the full moon The Moonlight that Lunatone can reach at night is much stronger, at least dozens of times.

    This change in intensity makes the effect of Moonlight radiation a qualitative change due to quantitative changes!

    In the usual full moon, Lunatone can even make the mental strength equal to Alakazam because of Moonlight. Even now, this ice month seems to have given these two Lunatone Fresh Normal, which made them succeed.

    This experiment confirmed Terrance's conjecture that the Ice Moon core can indeed be used with Fairy Aura to enhance Lunatone's capabilities, even if Lunatone is not Fairy.

    In the end, the two Lunatone, one of the leaders of the remaining Lunatone, led Lunatone back to Meteor Falls and began a long practice for Cosmic Power, while another Lunatone remained at Fallabor Gym, and Solrock. Together with Terrance to study the deeper connection between Fairy energy and the moon and the sun.

    Mt. Chimney takes care of Power Herb's floating bubbles, Arcanine, Beautifly, Meteor Falls and Laboratory for a total of 24 Lunatone, Naplu Road's 49 Ribombee and countless Bug Type elves, Togepi's Togekiss and 38 Togepi, plus side Altaria, Mismagius, Gallade, Gardevoir, Ninetales, Tyan, Banjara, Mawile, Frogadier…There are Eevee, Popplio, Jigglypuff, Lapras, Cherrim and other elves planned by Idol and Bug Type elves by Terrance Breeder in the pavilion. Today, Terrance's total number of elves has already exceeded 100 mark, becoming a big elf.

    If the members of the Fairy Legion are counted separately, the number is approaching 100. It can be said that starting from the Elite Four, the number of Terrance's elves is approaching the old players of Agatha and Giovanni.

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