Pokemon Court Chapter 1031

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 1013 chapter three months later, the red behemoth wakes up, floating astronomy
    Terrance learned from Zinnia that the water fleet had demonstrated large-scale operations. The news was confirmed a week later. The news from the Hoenn Alliance Intelligence Service changed with Zinnia because the water fleet’s scope of action was even more Big.

    The next three months was the busiest period of the Hoenn Alliance intelligence service, during which the water fleet and the lava team re-launched large-scale operations, and Terrance, Steven, Phoebe and others have been rushing around.

    "Those divisions should be bait from the lava team and the water fleet."

    “Why do you do this?”Kathrine asked.

    Terrance also speculated that the organizational divisions they annihilated were mostly empty shells, which were all members of the lava team, the water fleet, or collaborators. They were all abandoned by the two organizations and sold to Alliance. The purpose should be to interfere with the judgment of Alliance to gain time for the main force.

    Based on the results of Alliance in the past three months, these two organizations have succeeded and spent a lot of time. Alliance has only caught a bunch of small fish and shrimps. Without getting the momentum of any two organizations and executives, it has to be said that the harvest Not big.

    "From the situation of each annihilated branch, the core strengths of the two organizations are being transferred one by one. I suspect that the two organizations may be concentrating, that is, they finally intend to expose their minions, and the front and the Hoenn Alliance are right. It is."Terrance Road.

    "The main thing is that the lava team and the water fleet have started to cooperate again. Although they don't know the true and false, they are always more worrying."Terrance had a headache. The last time the water fleet had made the lava team so bad, Maxie had to cooperate? If it is true, it means that there are big interests in it, which can make the harvest exceed hatred.

    Kathrine silently, for a long time said: "I am working hard, I will be careful here at the Naplu Road."

    As a native of the Naipuruda Pavilion Trainer, and is still fallabor Gym of the main road hall, Kathrine access to a lot of ordinary people can not reach the secret, the two organizations move more and more frequently, ordinary trainer, ordinary people still know nothing about it, still leisurely travel and live, This is because the trainer group, such as Elite Four, the search officer and the police, is paying behind it, but it is clear that there is no time to relax, and the two big beads that can control legendary Pokémon will not be recaptured from the lava team and the water fleet for a day Hoenn The day is in danger.

    In the past three months, Terrance has been paying attention to several things. Togepi has developed rapidly. With the introduction of 10 Togepi from all over the world, 48 Togepi has laid the perfect foundation and is nearing evolution. Togekiss also Assist The power of Togepi Paradise has grown rapidly and successfully entered the top-level field.

    Terrance temporarily suspended the introduction of Ribombee, and the only 49 Ribombee were active in the Napru Hall in the final evolutionary form, and all of them were proficient in the airflow skills taught by Beautifly.

    Moon Rock After two months of research, the energy dissipated and became a common stone. The research on Fairy's energy was stopped. Terrance received a lot of cherished materials, which are currently kept by Rotom Pokédex. During this period, Solrock established a deep friendship with a researcher and was transferred to the other side by Terrance. Lunatone has been close to Terrance because of the strengthening of the ice moon. He did not look at the researchers and has now returned to Meteor. Falls, along with another 23 Lunatone.

    Lunatone's Cosmic Power moves have reached the standard of opening the Star Altar under the slanting resources of Terrance, so in addition to Cosmic Power, they are still practicing Moonblast, Hypnosis, Future Sight, Gravity, Help and so on.

    Then, although Power Herb has grown at a rapid rate, it still does not meet Terrance's requirements.

    In addition, Terra's attention to Ash, the Rockets and his team have left Lilycove City, and is currently moving towards Mossdeep City due to the proximity of the Evergrande Conference, intending to collect the seventh Badge.



    At the same time, with the approaching date of the new Evergrande Conference, Troie, who has traveled from the Napru Road Museum, has returned to Lavaridge Town.

    Troie's first Elf, Beedrill, who was seriously injured by the lava team's attack a few months ago, was only restored to life, still unable to fight freely, and Troie was traveling in search of a way to restore Beedrill, which he knew was a difficult process , need strength, so he has been strict with himself, and now in addition to Fallabor Gym and the nearest Naipuruda hall, Lavaridge Town's Lavaridge Road pavilion, he has put all the hoenn of the Road pavilion to the success of the challenge, but badge The number has long exceeded Evergrande Conference to participate in the standard, not willing to this, intends to continue to return to Naipuruda Hall to take Fallarbor Badge.

    "Congratulations, this is Lavaridge Badge."Lavaridge's main hall, Asha, was surprised to send the pavilion Badge. According to the information in the pavilion system, this Troie was just a Rookie who had been debuting for less than a year, but his strength was praised by Yasha, such a strong Rookie. She has never seen it before.

    "Thank you."After receiving the Badge, Troie began to turn and left. At the time of the challenge, there was always a Stephanie who was with him and witnessed the whole process of his challenge.

    This Stephanie is a small crystal for the primary Breeder family, and is a companion to Troie who met after he left the Napru Hall.

    "It’s a very easy time for a pavilion…I think Troie will definitely be able to win at the Evergrande Conference. ”Xiaojing smiled.

    "Hope."Troie expression calm, in his view, the results are not so important, the main thing is the opportunity to play against the strong, after Beedrill things, Troie's character some changes, gradually taciturn up, but Xiao Jing is also used to his appearance, disdain to continue: "Speak up, You haven't told me why you're challenging Evergrande Conference …Is your hometown not in Kanto? ”

    Troie didn't say much about Beedrill and Fallabor Gym with Xiaojing. Now he still doesn't want to answer Xiaojing's inquiry.

    "Forget it."

    Lavaridge Town Elf Center, Troie and Xiaojing took a rest here before heading to Napru Road, but this night was not calm, Troie suddenly woke up at night, and after hearing the outside Uproar, he quickly walked out of the elf The center found the fire in the distance…

    Among the mountains, the magma flows, and in the corner that Troie can't see, there is a red behemoth that wakes up…

    This picture reminds Troie of the tragedy that happened three months ago!

    Tragedy…Have you repeated it?

    "The Lava Team!!"After Troie thought of something, the pupil suddenly shrank and ran straight out. His actions immediately made the Xiaojing, who was also awakened, somewhat blurred.

    "Hey, what happened, where are you going?"

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