Pokemon Court Chapter 1032

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text of Chapter 1032 chaos, floating astronomy
    “Volcano plans to succeed.”

    "The target has been awakened, the induction is successful, and the target is weak. At this time, it is moving in the direction of the sea according to the plan, requesting the order to capture."

    “After the confirmation is completed, it is detected that the target energy is continuously recovering, and the capture plan is implemented immediately.”

    The lava team special operations captain Tabitha stood on the cliff and looked at the red behemoth that slowly awakened from the magma. He said: "I didn't expect that Groudon would have slept in Mt. Chimney The bottom of the smallest Volcano, if not a breakthrough in the Volcano system, I am afraid I can't find its position. ”

    The lava team Volcano planned to go on, most of Groudon's energy was pulled out, and then the lava team activated Volcano, inducing Groudon to leave the place that was not suitable for sleeping.

    At present, the direction of Groudon movement is the sea area, where the lava team has been cloth under the Tianluodi net, see the plan is about to the last step, Tabitha a light hum, quickly issued instructions, its side of the Heatran immediately spit up together magma Storm, And the side of the fiery flames that hit them collide with each other, and then, Heatran, a big mouth, the two swept together the trick to devour.


    The attack on Tabitha was a white-haired old man riding a Charizard with a black aging mirror. After the attack failed, he quickly commanded Charizard to stop, and his tone was a little hoarse: "I know that you guys will not give up." It seems that it has been right to leave Lavaridge Town."

    "Moore old Elite, don't run around at this age, are you honestly at home?"Tabitha laughed and laughed.

    "Flash Fire Ability's Heatran, and that device…Charizard, using Dragon Rage to destroy the device on Heatran. ”

    Moore's old Elite snorted, and let the lava team leave after the last time, this time he will not!

    Hoenn took up the fire system Elite Moore and directed Charizard, looking worried at the moving red behemoth, but with his old body, I am afraid I can't stop Groudon.

    And if you don't solve the people in front of you, I am afraid I can't get close to Groudon.

    More than a decade ago, Moore lost his core Trump Card because he participated in a big battle to destroy the Hunter Guild. His strength plummeted, and his age became bigger and his energy could not keep up. Moore gradually retired from the second line. It can be said that now Moore Elite can't play the strength of an Elite Four.

    Throwing out the last few old partners' Poké Ball, Moore looks at Tabitha, and then can only expect Alliance to support it quickly. If you let the big guy run out, it's not a good thing.

    Charizard's red-purple Dragon Rage sprang through, sweeping through countless trees and hitting the ground on the Heatran, but most of the energy was swallowed up by the special device on Heatran's body and failed to break.

    Can even the non-fire energy be swallowed? Moore's old Elite sank, the original main force went on, and he didn't continue to keep Breeder's new elves. This is not good…

    At the same time, the garrison power of Lavaridge Town was also reacted in the first time, and it was all working. However, due to the lava flowing between the mountains and the difficult road, the police officers could only walk on foot and several police dogs opened in front. Followed by a group of police officers and the recruited Trainer.

    “I have received information from Moore Elite, and there are still many members of the Lava team nearby, so be careful.”Officer Jenny spread the news.

    AcceptNext we are going to stop the elf. ”There was a Trainer who looked at the red behemoth that had pressed the mountain, and some regretted the response.

    "The avatar of the earth, Groudon…I am afraid that it is not our power to stop it, and even if we want to be close to him, the lava team does not necessarily agree. ”

    “Making a uniform lava team and preventing the spread of magma is our top priority!”

    After awakening Groudon, Tabitha and the many lava team members responsible for the Volcano project had the final task of escorting Groudon into the sea without being forced by external forces to change direction.

    The police and trainer, who had infiltrated the mountains, had not gone far enough to be suddenly ambushed in the sneak attack of many members of the lava team, and as a result of this emergency, Lavaridge Town was temporarily called up to recruit more than 4 badge trainer to participate in the special operation, After the action of the trainer will enjoy the return of bonuses and honors, Alliance's conscription does not force trainer to join, all voluntary, but trainer after joining must follow the command of the police, obey orders.

    Under the professional command of the police, even the Trainer who was temporarily recruited did not let the other party's sneak attack succeed. After a face-to-face, the two sides immediately fought.

    Lavaridge Town Elf Center, Breeder's Xiaojing hands together, silently praying, Troie was the first response when the police recruited Trainer, and now has entered the Mt with the first team. Chimney

    Groudon has only been out of the magma for less than five minutes, Mt. Chimney is already in chaos.

    For the ordinary Trainer, the most brutal battles that have ever been experienced are just as hard as the thieves, like a large-scale melee with this organized and disciplined illegal organization. Few Trainers have experienced it, at least for the moment. Heap Trainer, it didn't adjust well and played normally.

    If the rules and regulations are to be carried out, some police officers may not be Rivals who are collecting Badge's Trainer, but in this environment, the disadvantages of the trainers without special training are immediately apparent.

    Staying in Lavaridge Town volunteered to respond to police conscription trainer is fortunate and unfortunate, perhaps a cavity blood may be because of curiosity, but in short, they have to face a more brutal battle than the rules, of course, if they can return to Lavaridge intact Town, will also get a good return, for the credit, Hoenn Alliance will not be stingy, and experienced the baptism of actual combat, those reborn trainer can also go further and further in trainer this road, get far more than other trainer insight.

    Although there is a unified command from the police, the uncomfortable Contest Condition has appeared on most of the Trainer, able to keep up with the police rhythm against the members of the Lava team, and only a few elites.

    Even if four Badge were collected, facing the members of the Lava team, these Trainers were no different from the rookie and were deterred by the means of killing.

    "Hey, brain task."A lava team captain sipped a slobber on the ground and commanded his men to resist the advancement of the police and Trainer. He did not think that the police and waste Trainer could change the direction of Groudon's movement, even if it could, except The other routes on this route lead to towns and cities. Does the police dare to change?

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