Pokemon Court Chapter 1033

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 1033, Ballabor Gym, Troie, Astronomy
    That being said.

    But Maxie, in order to be on the safe side, sent them to block the external forces like Trainer and the police.After all, now, the lava team can't afford to lose, and with this mission, they can embark on the peak of life. The lava team captain has to be serious.

    The elf configuration on the lava team is almost a kind of elves such as Mightyena, Crobat, Weezing, and Camerupt. There are also special squads equipped with other Attribute elves. The police still have the power to fight with the lava team, but the Trainer can only rely on it. The number and strength of the people are piled up, and there is no match at all.

    The warning force of Lavaridge Town alone is not enough to deal with the lava team. Calling Trainer is also a last resort. However, what surprised the police is that there are really a few people in these Trainers who have helped a lot. Their individual combat capability even exceeds the mutual cooperation. One of the police officers, the performance of the most eye-catching.

    Who is that person?

    "I remember he seemed to be called Troie."

    In the melee environment, Troie directed Heracross to fight wildly. His unique form of Heracross, even in the chaos, attracted many people's attention. Even the police officers who had cooperated with Troie for several rounds, moved him. Into the mind of the police.

    The Heracross looks like a giant unicorn, the crust is dark blue, and the front paws are stronger than the hind legs. The Pokédex records that the Heracross body is covered with iron-like skin and has an amazing Machamp. Even if you weigh 100 times times the weight can be easily thrown, these descriptions, although exaggerated ingredients but also indirectly indicate the strength of the heracross, but Heracross itself is a more docile bug Type elf, of course, the word docile and Troie Heracross Unable to produce any relationship, this heracross fight is extremely murderous, in the siege of several elves, still do not fall downwind, full of momentum.

    If you look closely, you can see that this heracross front paw and shoulder of the sunken joint, like there is a silver armor clip here.

    That's not some kind of armor, but two living elves, race mainly perched in Unova Region bug Type elf Durant!

    Division from Rotom Pokédex, let Troie harvest a lot of trainer difficult to reach the knowledge, even including the core system of the establishment of ideas, in addition to his division from Kathrine, from Kathrine there learned a lot of trainer can not reach the actual combat skills, In front of the Oreburgh King Heracross, is Troie established a single core tactics.

    This Heracross is overconfident in self-confidence. Every time Rival is defeated, the power of the mind will be more powerful because of its confidence, which will stimulate more potential to enhance the attack ability. This is the basis for Heracross's continuous operation.

    On the other side, two Durant through the special breeder method to devour the tree fruit, with the bug Bite trick secretion of super mucus and Heratros combination as a whole, the first in Heracross combat when the independent relaxation of the operation agility Trick, and then through the relay moves to put this contest Condition passed to Heracross, so that it can continue to accelerate in the battle, the second use of iron Defense trick, but also through the relay of the reinforcement to the heracross, so that it is as hard as iron skin hardened again, so that, Heracross It's hard to get hurt by the usual tricks.

    Because it is integrated with Heracross, Durant is difficult to be alone. The relay is very smooth and does not waste time. Then, under the blessing of the Ability, Heracross directly demonstrates the ability to fight more and more, after defeating several elves, its Speed, strength, and defense begin to reach their peak.

    Under Arm Thrust.

    Heracross pushed two Mightyena in two palms and slammed into Crobat in Soaring in the sky. The strength of the force directly caused Crobat to lose consciousness.

    Even if it was bitten by Mightyena, the body like Orreburgh was only slightly hurt, and Heracross smashed the enemy again.

    Two-pronged wielding, giant horns, Agility blessing makes Heracross dance like a dance, and the Ohreburgh-like skin becomes Heracross's best shield. Soon, because of Heracross's point-breaking, the police's advantage gradually expanded, this lava The squad did not unexpectedly lose.

    "There will be a special support team to support Moore Elite."Officer Jenny said: "The police officers who can still play their strengths are listed."

    "I want to go."Troie didn't even think about it, and immediately spoke, so a little lava team member, it was not enough for him to hate.

    Officer Jenny also noticed that Troie, who had just performed very well in the battle, couldn't help but say: "It will be very dangerous. You will follow the big forces."

    “I am the apprentice Troie of Fallaboro Gym, I am applying to join the special support team!”Troie simply decisively reported his origins in front of these defeated lava teams.

    Fallabor Gym ?

    "Terrance Elite…"Jenny subconsciously, and then everyone else showed a blank expression.

    No wonder Troie has such strength, and it’s just like the other Trainer in the battle, it’s right…If it was an apprentice at Fallaboro Gym, would Troie experience the lava team invasion of Fallaboro Gym?

    Thinking of this, Jenny suddenly understood Troie's mind and nodded:

    "Next, please."After the time was tight, the first batch of troops quickly split into two groups. One team went to support Moore's old Elite, and the other team handled the battlefield to support other troops.

    By this time the battle between Moore Elite and Tabitha had entered the white heat, and even if Moore elite was not as strong as it was, it was not Tabitha comparable, but how Nai Tabitha, the head of the volcano plan operation, Able to mobilize a number of powerful elves into the top areas, including Maxie's main and lava team, such a lineup, for a time should let Moore Elite fall into the downwind.

    Moore Elite's Typhlosion, Charizard, Torkoal and other elves are now the most powerful partner around him, but all are slain by the Heatran.

    The police reinforcements are coming soon, and Help Moore Elite shares the pressure, but even with the number of advantages of the Tabitha elves, it is difficult for the police to reverse the situation.

    "Try to hold it down."Officer Jenny said.

    CutWatching the situation get more and more chaotic, Tabitha looked at the distance, Groudon is about to enter the sea, he has to hurry to retreat, or else the Alliance's top-level combat will come, he should be miserable.

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