Pokemon Court Chapter 1034

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 1034, Groudon, astronomy
    "Why the reinforcements are not yet available."

    "In addition to our Mossdeep City, there has been a change in the situation, which attracted most of the attention of Alliance, and it was wrapped around a special wave by Lavaridge Town. The signal sent out was sent out for a long time. Hoenn has got news all over the place, and Terrance Elite is on the way."

    The information that the police could know, the lava team also got the hand, the main force of the lava team successfully blocked the pace of the police, Groudon is about to enter the sea, Tabitha is not willing to entangle with the small fish and shrimp and the old Moore Elite.


    Commanding Heracross, Troie clenched his teeth, some weakness, compared to the previous members of the lava team, the Tabitha was too strong, and an elf of Solaceon actually held the power of him and most of the police officers.

    A Mightyena pressed Heracross out of breath, and after a few rounds, Heracross was directly hit hard.

    "Puzzle, use Mega Horn!"

    Troie and Heracross can be said to have hit the red eye, with the hand to resist the mightyena of the crunch, Heracross mournful cry a sound, with endure moves to retain a hint of consciousness, followed by a Durant launched entrainment moves, The worm's premonition ability passed to Heratros, the next moment, Heracross burst out the most brilliant blow, arm shake under the giant horn directly top fly Mightyena, and each other at the same time lost combat ability.

    The Entrainment can pass out its own Ability. Durant's worm premonition Ability can make the Bug Type sprite outbreak Bug Type potential, enhance the power of Bug Type tricks, and combine with each other, Troie can do their best. It is.

    "Good job."See Troie solve Tabitha One of the main force, most and his cooperation officers show shock, but at this time but no one can be happy to come out, because in this battlefield, this change does not change the situation, Moore old elite Even if there is a police help is still in the downwind, Tabitha Brexit has been born, full of efforts to break down, in front of these people I am afraid it is difficult to retain Tabitha.

    the other side.

    Near the sea, a red dinosaur resembling a dinosaur slowly marched. The earth's avatar, Groudon, had a dark gray surface and large spikes protruding from the head, torso and tail. There are four paws in each hand, and there are countless magma flying. Four bulldozer-like teeth are tilted at the end of their tails. They are also flowing in the magma, moving in the foot of Groudon with three claws. It is an irreversible damage to Ground.

    Light travels a distance, and Groudon has a wide-ranging effect, causing the earth's crust to start to shake.

    At this time, Groudon was in a semi-sleeping Contest Condition. The consciousness was not completely clear. After waking up, Groudon instinctively began to move and searched for a place suitable for sleeping. It just stepped into the sea and waited for a long time for the lava team. Groudon was captured by launching a ready-made tech weapon.

    Maxie holds up the red orb, revealing the excitement. As soon as Groudon enters the sea, the lava team can use the power of the techno weapon Assist to further weaken Groudon's consciousness. Then he does not have to fear that Groudon's resistance is too strong and can't use red. Baozhu controls the other party.

    "Let's go down, come down…"

    When Groudon's body all entered the ocean, the surrounding capture device was instantly activated, connected to a large area of the sea, and instantly turned into a blue shackle that locked Groudon's body.

    As the waves rolled, the blue spikes in the seams of Groudon's skin emerged, and Groudon's Stockpile resistance was countered by the confusion, revealing a painful roar.

    "Ha ha ha ha ha, Groudon, you are the uncle."

    Seeing that Groudon was successfully subdued, Maxie laughed and started to get close to Groudon, while activating the red orb, waiting for Groudon's response.

    Next, you should be able to control Groudon, and then the Assist Volcano system, the lava team can fill the land with the land, master the sovereignty of the earth! ! ! Hahahahaha! ! !

    On the mega-base of the lava team, countless lava team members looked at Groudon devoutly, showing the look of expectation, and Courtney, who was responsible for the operation of the entire capture plan, also smiled, but the next scene, let The smiles of Maxie and Courtney came to an abrupt end.

    As Maxie picked up the red beads close to the Groudon, Groudon body began to show a special light, the arm root of the circular part of an "Omega" icon style constantly flashing up, this pattern also appeared on the red beads, at this time holding the red beads, Maxie Only feel a huge suction is attracting red beads, this change makes his expression constantly changing, a little overwhelmed.

    What happened

    Why is there no response? Why can't I control Groudon? Legend can't be fake! !

    "Ahhhh…"With the increase of suction, maxie the color of madness, hard pull back the red beads, the next moment, Groudon as if by what completely awakened normal, consciousness gradually clear up, the body of light more and more powerful, this contest condition, Groudon Gently a struggle, then ripped off the lock on the body of the shackles, the next moment, the ocean shock, Maxie together with the red beads were shocked to fly out, the lava team all shocked.



    What happened was,

    Retreating from a bit of Tabitha's doubts, he suddenly got an emergency retreat command, some awkward, because in addition to the emergency retreat command, no other information was used, which is inconsistent with the original plan, facing the retreat of Tabitha, Moore old Elite and A group of police officers did not use force to block this time.

    Seeing that the other side is no longer blocking, Tabitha is also relieved, but just as he is proud, a giant mirror field suddenly appears out of thin air. Seeing this space like the starry sky, Tabitha is so gloomy that it can drip and the body begins to tremble. .

    "It's over, the Lava team."Officer Jenny is cold, just confirming the information, Terrance Elite has arrived.

    Under Megay's Fairy Domain, Tabitha was directly trapped inside. He had taught Terrance's Fairy Domain, knowing that even Maxie's personal presence would be hard to come by. Fairy Elite's combat power is not comparable to the second-line Moore Elite. This time, he may be a little more fierce, but if this can give the Lava team the time to evacuate, Tabitha does not regret it!

    "Are you still a step late…Maxie, how is the plan successful?"

    Tabitha took a long breath, and some chilly looks at Terrance, who was also in front of her eyes, and said: "You are a step late."

    Terrance, he received the news, not in the Naipuruda Hall, but on the way to Mossdeep City Sea, that sea area of a seafloor Cavern around, suddenly the rain, the turbulence of the ocean currents, flood and tsunami alignment, After being detected is the water fleet awakened the Kyogre, one side is the water fleet and Kyogre, on the other side is the lava team and Groudon, considering the distance, Terrance hurriedly arrived.

    ButIt seems to be a step late.

    Gardevoir reconnaissance on behalf of Terrance to the distance, there is no trace of Groudon on there…

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