Pokemon Court Chapter 1035

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 1035, crushing Tabitha, the disaster is beginning to appear, floating astronomy
    Built by Mega Diancie in the Fairy Domain, a round of ice moon hanging skyline, mirror around and ground all by a pink mist and air field cover, many elves looming, in addition to Terrance those fairy main force, there are 49 Ribombee Flying in it, with quiver Dance rolling Mist, and then the enhanced stat modifiers relay to the main players of the Fairy Legion, a very short time let Altaria, Diancie, Ninetales, Gardevoir, Mawile When the elves reach their peak contest condition.

    Trapped in the fairy Domain, at the same time by the mismagius of the illusion and Gardevoir and mawile Misty Terrain interference with the sight and action, Tabitha and his elves simply difficult to capture the Terrance side of the figure, Only from the inside out of the full destruction of fairy Domain, trying to break out, but there are many fairy Elves in, fairy Domain stability is not the last can be compared, Tabitha Elves released out of the trick, immediately disappeared, even the place is unknown.

    These tricks to try to break through the Fairy Domain, no accident, all swallowed by the mist, Gardevoir and Mawile's double Misty Terrain through the reinforcement of Fairy Aura and Ribombee, and then combined with the spirit of Gardevoir, has an incredible nature, simulation Under the whirlpool, no matter what kind of tricks, it is impossible to escape the fate of being swallowed up.

    Gardevoir is multi-tasking, and the electrocardiogram is in line with Terrance's overall strategy. Even if the elves of Tabitha are good, they can't be compared with the power of the entire Fairy Legion.

    With the successful construction of the Fairy Domain, Terrance was not in the mood to continue to track with Tabitha, and it was only after the trace of Groudon.

    After a succession of mist throughout the fairy Domain, Gardevoir quickly sensed the exact location of each of Tabitha's elves, which controlled the mist to be bundled with countless chains, and suddenly made the Elves panic, at the same time, Gardevoir The spirit of electrical induction communication Altaria and other elves, into the command center, ninetales through the ice Moon mapping a huge baby-doll eyes for spiritual deterrence, with the mist chain perfect cooperation, control of the Tabitha side of the action.

    With this tactical combination alone, Tabitha can't break through, and they don't need Altaria to fight alone.

    Positioning, the mirror that made up the Fairy Domain began to change position, suddenly surprised and unpredictable, and at the same time there was the Fairy light that contained the power of the entire Fairy Legion.

    Under the infinite light, the ridiculous team of the aged Moore Elite instantly collapsed.

    Mawile's indifferent walk, licking his lips, resolutely devour the magma that flew out, and then spit a sigh of heat, this battle has nothing at all, but it is not bad to have a meal, the magma, taste still alright.


    As the Fairy Domain shattered, the full picture of Terrance and the Fairy Legion he brought was finally in front of everyone.

    Mega Altaria, Ninetales, Gardevoir, Mega Diancie, Mawile, and 49 Ribombee are slowly appearing, giving a very shocking feeling.

    When Terrance arrived, there was no such thing as a big move. The construction of Fairy Domain was only a moment.

    From this point, it can be seen how much Terrance has devoted to the Fairy Domain and become the most resources of the Elite Four. He has invested in the construction of the Fairy Domain, and he is very promising.

    "With a few powerful elves, but unable to direct them to play their due strength, Maxie handed these elves to you, no doubt a step of the game."

    Only by Heatran this strength beyond the conventional elves, plus a few silos into the top field of the elves, not even fairy domain of the full picture can not be forced out, fairy domain multi-core coexistence, after the operation of the solid incomparable, can deal with a variety of scenes, to Tabitha That flustered command and unformed team configuration, without absolute strength and adequate targeted preparation, will never be able to break the fairy Domain-

    "Terrance Elite, Groudon."Moore old Elite reminded.

    "Which direction?"Terrance nodded, then looked at the Troie among the police officers, and said nothing. The next moment, the mist was turned into a cloud, entangled in Altaria, not a moment, a Soaring in the sky. Cloud creatures have appeared.

    Slowly floating up, the behemoth actually merged with Soaring in the sky, it is difficult to see the difference, thanks to the illusion of Mismagius.

    The main force returns to Poké Ball, Ribombee hides in the mist, acts as a wing, controls the wind, and thus, Terrance's flying speed and hidden level reach an incredible level.

    During the arrival of Terrance and Tabitha, the time did not last long. As Terrance's figure left, the police officers took a breath of air and watched Tabitha and many elves tied by the mist that had not yet been dispersed into a solid body. Surprised by Terrance's strength, Moore Elite took a look at Terrance's departure and said, "Maybe he can stop Groudon."

    Yes, Moore Elite is hard to imagine, this young Elite Four has such strength. If you put it a few decades ago, who can stop the footsteps of such a Fairy army? I am afraid that only those legendary elves are out.

    There is a hunch between Moore Elite and the Fairy Elite Terrance, which will give the whole Hoenn a big surprise.

    "It's going to change…"

    The police officers did not speak, except for the strength of Terrance, the Alliance Elite, the work of Groudon and the Lava team put a lot of burden on them, and the next stage in Hoenn will be unfolded, no one knows. .

    “Is this the strength of the Terrance Pavilion…”Troie was also very silent, but he was relieved soon, and both Rotom Teacher and Kathrine Teacher praised Terrance, and Terrance had no reason not to have the strength to look up to him.

    After the departure of Terrance, the aftermath of these police officers will continue, Mt. The hidden dangers of Chimney and Lavaridge Town have not been completely ruled out, but because of Terrance's attack, these police officers are more or less relieved, like finding a psychological pillar.



    Mossdeep City is a sea that connects with Sootopolis City. The water here is roaring all the time, and there is an unprecedented rainstorm around it. It covers a vast area and is spreading towards the entire Hoenn Region.

    Natural disasters frequently occur along with heavy rains.

    During this period, the tsunami was frequent, the inland Region flood began to flood, and the entire Hoenn was in a disaster. Most of the Hoenn people were used to the disaster of the Region, but the natural disasters of this scale were almost absent. Hoenn's modern history.

    This kind of bad weather has seriously affected the center of the universe in Mossdeep City.

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