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Pokemon Court Chapter 1036

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text of Chapter 1036, the sun is born with the flood, floating astronomy
    The Mossdeep Cosmic Center is Hoenn Region's place for rocket research, which was chosen because of the milder weather in Mossdeep city, but the source of the storm was near Mossdeep city, in which Mossdeep Cosmic Center Many instruments failed, research aborted, economic losses serious, Mossdeeep Gym's pavilion main maple and south, although has sent all the psychic in the museum, trying to work together to change the surrounding weather, but still powerless.

    In the Mossdeep Space Center, Steven observes the energy changes in the entire Mossdeep area here, and he is thoughtful:

    "It's the power of Primal Kyogre…"

    For nearly a century, the Hoenn Alliance has had contact with Groudon and Kyogre. Although ordinary people are not known, it is not secret to the text.

    The Hoenn Alliance is not too worried about the ordinary form of Kyogre. In the ordinary form of Kyogre, it causes a large-scale disaster. Many strong people and technology can calm down such disasters without threat.

    But now.

    If it is the ordinary form of Kyogre, it is absolutely impossible to cause such a large-scale turmoil in the ocean.

    Then there is only one possibility, that is, Kyogre returns to the Primal Contest Condition, and the sea environment becomes the sea of origin!

    “Phoebe Elite said that the blue orb may contain the natural energy lost by Kyogre, which seems to be true…”

    Water fleet!

    The waters near the Mossdeep City clearly detected the active presence of the water fleet nearby. It must have been that the water fleet found the Seafloor Cavern inhabited by Kyogre and awakened it with a blue orb.

    It’s just that what the water fleet didn’t anticipate was that the Blue Orb didn’t have the ability to control Kyogre, but it’s a make-up for Kyogre’s movement.

    Mossdeep Sea and Mt. The change of Chimney occurred before and after. The lava team and the water fleet obviously had an abacus and wanted to restrict the Alliance action in this way.

    "I have also changed here…"Terrance looked up.

    With Mt. The sea near Chimney is the center of the circle. A high temperature gradually spreads out, the ocean begins to evaporate, the earth begins to dry, and the light of the hot sun gradually becomes poisonous, affecting different places and bringing Hoenn into more complicated chaos.

    The center of chaos is Mossdeep City and Mt. Near Chimney, these two places are the most affected Regions, but the cities far from these two places are less affected.

    "Maybe Groudon is also returning to Primal."Steven guessing the communication with Terrance.

    The scorching sun came into being with the flood, and Terrance didn't mention how much he was wronged. He was at Mt. Chimney also planted Power Herb, albeit Mt. Chimney is on the other side, but don't let it die.

    "Primal Reversion? So is the rainstorm over there caused by Primal Kyogre? ”

    "It should be so, Phoebe Elite initially speculated that the lava team and the water fleet had mistaken the beads, the red beads have the power to awaken the Groudon, contain the Groudon lost natural energy, can let it wake up, the blue beads have the power to awaken the Kyogre, containing the Kyogre Lost natural energy, can also let it wake up, from this point of view, the red beads and blue beads do correspond to Groudon and Kyogre respectively, but want to control them, but need the opposite color of the beads. ”

    "What is the reason for this? Is it suppressed by the opposite force? ”

    "There is only this explanation now."

    "That is to say, the lava team and the water fleet want to control the corresponding Legendary Pokémon's plan not only failed, but let Groudon and Kyogre start to mad because of the loss of natural energy?"Terrance is speechless, it is stupid.

    The end of the land, the sea of origin, the two environment symbiosis Hoenn, so that Hoenn at this time has received international attention.

    Many Train Trainers such as Kanto, Johto Region, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos started to rush to Hoenn to start rescue work. Hoenn Alliance was under pressure, and because of this matter, the names of the two organizations, the Water Fleet and the Lava Team, began to appear frequently. In newspapers, internet, television and street talk.

    In response to the concerns of the Hoenn people, the major TV stations were reported live in the hardest hit areas during this period.

    Terrance has been searching in this sea for a while, but unfortunately he continued to move along the huge energy fluctuations in the coordinates until he finally found Groudon.

    "No, no."Terrance's brow wrinkled, and if it was Kyogre, it wouldn't be able to keep up with the speed of the other's movement in the ocean, but if Groudon enters the sea, it shouldn't be so fast.

    The huge energy fluctuations from the Weather Research Center are likely to represent Groudon's coordinates, but when Terrance arrived, there was no discovery at all.

    Strange, it is hard that Groudon will not fly.

    It didn't take long for Terrance to receive intelligence again. This information made his brows lock up again and things started to move in a more uncontrollable direction.

    “The huge energy fluctuations that have caused ocean and land changes have disappeared and disappeared for some time. According to forecasts, changes in oceans and land will return to normal within 12 hours, and weather effects will gradually weaken during this period.”

    From the intelligence, Terrance saw the conclusion that it was possible that Groudon and Kyogre had withdrawn from the Primal Contest Condition, but then they lost control of the location of Groudon and Kyogre, the main force of the Lava team and the water fleet. The troops have not taken the lead yet, and it is really not reassuring.

    With a complicated mood, Terrance continued to scout in this sea area before receiving new information. This time his reconnaissance was more careful. He was not limited to the moving route of huge energy fluctuations. Soon, he had a new one. The discovery.

    There is a lot of debris in a certain sea area. It looks like an aircraft carrier from the structure, but Terrance always feels familiar, and eventually he can't help but be silent.

    "The main force of the Lava team does not seem to have given up."These wrecks are very similar to the maritime bases of the lava team that Terrance had previously sneaked in. After analyzing Rotom Pokédex, Terrance pondered, the deep-sea weapon of the lava team was not affected, and the main body was still operational, that is, Maxie After everyone failed to control Groudon successfully, they left.

    "What about Groudon? Could it be that it was taken away by the lava team or taken away? ”

    More complicated than the situation on this side of the Terrance is Mossdeep City's side of the situation, the lava team's home is not the ocean, but the water fleet can swim in the ocean fish water, Alliance is also difficult to detect their traces, the water fleet and kyogre between what really happened, Hoenn There is still no ignorance on this side of the Alliance, which can only strictly control all the islands and the coastal region of the Hoenn continent, severing the possibility of two major organizations landing on land.

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