Pokemon Court Chapter 1037

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 1037 Dream Island, the protagonist and Archie, floating astronomy
    According to the prediction of the Hoenn Region Weather Institute, the heavy rain and the scorching sun in the Hoenn part of the Region will gradually disappear within 12 hours, although although only 12 hours, this period also caused incalculable losses.

    At the time of the rainstorm, the Lilycove City terminal had issued several passengers to Mossdeep City. At the time, two passenger ships were lost and they are still searching.

    In addition, there are no passenger ships that are affected by the Hurricane rain, and several ships are currently at risk because they may face the same disaster at any time.

    "Captain, the ship has been searched for the second time, and the four people still can't find it."

    "Bastard, isn't Laozi the first time to bring passengers to the emergency cabin?!!! Did you tell the old man that you are gone? ! ! ”

    "We really took all the time to direct passengers into safe places, but we didn't find the four people from start to finish."The crew member wearing a sailor suit was crying and sulking. He looked at the bearded captain and couldn’t say it. Even because of the natural disaster, the passenger ship lost four people. It was not something that could escape responsibility. If it was not handled well, they all had to be laid off.

    This is not the most important thing. If people are indeed missing on their ships, these passengers cannot be safe. After all, they are four lives.

    Eh! Did you find out the information of the missing passenger? ”The bearded captain's expression of anger did not last long, and he sank, revealing an expression that was more ugly than crying. Now when it is not angry, there are too many things that need to be done.

    "The missing passengers are three men and one woman, and they are not old enough. The names are Ash, Xiaogang, May, Xiaosheng…"

    Ash's trip took a boat trip to Mossdeep City, the Rockets suddenly appeared, and Ash's Pikachu was almost taken away by the Rockets. In the battle, Pikachu's Thunder Shock trick caused an explosion, causing Ash and the Rockets to be bombed into the sea.

    Then, Hurricane rain came, and the passengers went farther and farther. Ash and others lost contact with the passenger ship directly.



    I…Where are we? ”

    After the Ash group and the Rockets and their wokes woke up, they didn't know how long it had been. They were all rolled up by an Hurricane rain roll onto an uninhabited island.

    The impact of the torrential rain in this place is not very serious. As time goes by, the rainstorm has dropped to the extent of drizzle, but the coldness of the rain has caused several people to sneeze.

    "Little devil!!"

    "I blame you!"

    Together with Ash, Xiaogang, May, Xiaosheng, and Pikachu, they also woke up with James, Jessie, and Meowth of the Rockets. After consciously Smelling Salts, several people quickly climbed up and looked at Rage.

    "The Rockets, you are really a ghost."May is angry.

    "This sentence is what we said is right. If you don't hand over Pikachu, there are not so many things."Meowth waved his paw.

    The two sides were obviously not convinced of each other, but at this moment, a sudden movement suddenly let them collectively look at the past.

    The Comer was a regiment of regiments dressed in dark blue uniforms, and under the fierce opening of the road, several armored vehicles converted by submarines ran over, and saw the Clean armed regiment, as well as the familiar symbols above, Ash and the rockets were clearly stunned, and immediately wanted to leave in a different direction, but they were still a step slow and soon found out.

    A minute later, Ash and the Rockets were tied up by the water fleet.

    "This is really the meeting of fate…"

    One of the highest executives of the Water Fleet came out. This man has a strong body and spirit like the wrestler Normal, giving him a sense of oppression, but he is very respectful to Archie behind him.

    Who are they? Why is it happening at our trading location? ”

    The boss of the water fleet is a middle-aged man with a slap in the face. His cold eyes gazed and the members of the surrounding water fleet began to panic.

    "Archie, these little devils have destroyed our plans, but I thought they were dead in that incident, but what I didn't think was that they not only did not die, but also appeared on Dream Island. ……"The tide said.

    "Water fleet! Let those bad guys let us go. ”

    Seeing the situation is getting worse, Ash shouted.

    But the word "bad guy" was heard, and Archie's expression changed a bit.

    "Destroy our plans and dare to say that we are bad people?"

    "Don't think I don't know, you guys like the Lava team want to capture the super-ancient elves who use them to do bad things."Ash Road.

    "Hey, Ash, please don't irritate them."Xiao Gang and others looked at the members of the water fleet and their expressions were getting worse and worse.

    "We are not bad people. If you are a child, let me explain it to you."Archie took a look at the time, and the altar of the temple opposite, with a smile, spread his arms and said: "The purpose of our water fleet is to create a new world of perfection for understanding the world's puzzles, not the lava team. Group idiots can be compared."

    "I don't want you to say that the ultra-ancient elf Kyogre has fallen into our hands. We are only one final step away from the goal."Archie glanced at the shocked Ash line of people and laughed, but his focus was on James and others.

    ‘How?’Ash and others were surprised. Archie said again: "Since the beginning, I have noticed that from the uniforms of you, you are the organization of the Kanto Region Rockets."

    This…This…ThisJames, Jessie, and Meowth came together and nervously shouted, but after thinking about it, they suddenly became bold and said: "That's it. I advise you to let us go soon, otherwise our Rockets don't. Will easily spare you."


    Archie's eyes glimpsed, and when he successfully controlled Kyogre, the water fleet had the capital to compete with the Hoenn Alliance, with Hoenn Ocean as the main battlefield, and the water fleet would not fear any organization.

    But…Before that, they had to solve the lava team on this Dream Island.

    "How can these little devils have the ability to have the guts to undermine our plans? It seems that the culprits that undermine our water fleet plan are your Rockets. This hatred, I remembered first…"

    James, Jessie, Meowth: "???"

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