Pokemon Court Chapter 1038

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text of Chapter 1038, the collision of red and blue, the beginning, floating astronomy
    Without waiting for James and others to explain, Archie continued: "No matter what, everything will end, we not only captured Kyogre, but also got this."

    After that, he took out the blue orbs and said: "In the past, Kyogre had dissipated the scorching sun for people to stop suffering from the drought, and let the sea enze water the land, through Kyogre and this ocean with infinite power. Contact is the purpose of our water fleet, so that a beautiful new world can be born."


    "The lava team that we are against is looking for Groudon, which has the opposite power to Kyogre. However, the red beads they have acquired to control the ultra-ancient elves cannot successfully control the Groudon they capture. They can only control Kyogre! ”

    The thought of this, Archie is angry abnormal, blue beads can not control Kyogre this mistake, nearly let the water fleet buried most of the fighting force, the power of blue beads led to Kyogre suddenly stormed away, return to primal, cause marine disaster, in this sudden disaster, the water fleet is how small, However, it may be because just wake up from the slumber, for a time Kyogre can not digest this power, after the storm quickly re-fell into a slumber, taking advantage of this, the water fleet immediately captured the Kyogre.

    What surprised Archie was that the lava team had the same situation. They also succeeded in capturing Groudon, who was once again asleep because of the digestive power. Then he got rid of the Alliance search by special technology and sneaked into the deep sea.

    Because I don’t know when these two ultra-ancient elves will wake up again, the two organizations quickly got in touch and asked for the exchange of the orbs.

    Could it be thatThis blue orb can control Groudon. ”Meowth is awkward.

    "For us, this blue orb is not very important. The red beads on the lava team are what we need."Archie glanced at Meowth and configured a sprite that would speak people? The Rockets have such a bottom line?

    Archie actually said a lie. At this time, the lava team and the water fleet that knew the purpose of the two orbs were probably holding the goal of a dead battle on the island. The red orb can control Kyogre without false, but the blue orb But it can strengthen Kyogre, if you get two orbs, the water fleet will have more sufficiency! The Lava team should also be the idea.

    "So, you all got the corresponding super-ancient elves…"Xiaosheng bowed his head and his body trembled. He suddenly realized what it was. The island where they drifted down may be the place where the lava team and the water fleet exchanged the beads.

    If you let them trade successfully, Hoenn is in danger.

    "It seems that you have already guessed that we have captured the corresponding super-ancient elves, but we have not controlled the strength of each other. In order to achieve our goal, we intend to trade on this Dream Island. This island is unmanned all the year round, and there is no wind in the sea. It will be the best place to trade because of the change in height and position over time."Archie laughed.

    Dream Island is the last time the lava team and the water fleet collaborated to break into Mt. Pyre Snatch blue beads and red beads of the location, this time also by both sides used for trading use, Alliance want to find the island is not easy, but Archie really did not think that the group can mistakenly crash into, but Archie is very excited, For at a critical moment in achieving an end, it is possible to make witnesses other than the water fleet look like the blessings of the sea.

    Having said so much nonsense, one is to express his excitement. Second, the water fleet led by Archie is also waiting for the arrival of the lava team.

    Looking at the Rockets, which was slightly silent, Archie smiled again: "So before you, you'd better not act rashly. You can't let them go afterwards, but you have to bring the power of this uncle back to your rocket. The team went to describe it!"

    At this moment…

    James and others are using eye contact to communicate, which is the Archie.

    Meowth: Scorpio, the water fleet and the lava team actually captured the super ancient elves.

    Jessie: Wait a minute, if we grab the one and give it to Giovanni boss…

    James: Don't say that it is a minister. Even if you become a minister directly, it is not impossible!

    Meowth: But we have been caught now.

    James: When the Lava team arrived, the water fleet will definitely fight with them. We will be watching that time…

    Jessie: Good idea!

    James: Other than that, I don't know if you remember, Terrance let us pay attention to the movement of the water fleet and the lava team, I think he must be arresting the two organizations, just now I have activated the Terrance left me special positioning device, so that the situation will certainly be more chaotic, We can also be more grasp, and there is a Terrance, we even if the plan fails, security can certainly be guaranteed.

    Meowth, Jessie:! ! !

    You are really a genius.

    Looking at the smirking Rockets trio, Archie frowned, but didn't think much.

    At the same time, the Hoenn Alliance has entered a highly competitive Contest Condition, and the four Elites and the champions have put down all the tasks in their hands and devoted themselves to this incident.

    "I still can't contact Mr. Lance, after he sent the last message, there was no news…"

    At the Hoenn Alliance Intelligence Service, an employee sullenly confronted Glacia Elite.

    "Is it still not ok…"Glacia Elite frowned.

    The lava team has Courtney, a gifted scientist, and the development of technology is a level higher than that of the water fleet, and the special positioning device given by the Terrance to the Rockets trio is the current Hoenn Alliance's highest effort, even if the shielding facilities of the water fleet have not been successfully shielded, Instead, the lava team could not get in touch with Hoenn Alliance at all, and could only continue to fight alone, having to say that without Courtney, it would be difficult for the lava team to fight with the water fleet in Hoenn, which has many waters.


    A huge deep-sea battleship is moving at a very high speed. In the base, the members who pretend to be members of the lava team took a deep breath and continued to carry out the patrol plan. The eyes unconsciously looked towards the warehouse where Groudon was being held.

    If it weren't for this time that the Lava team was short of people, it would be difficult for him to be transferred to the main force.

    At this point, you must contact the Hoenn Alliance quickly. Otherwise, relying on him alone, you may not be able to stop the lava team and the water fleet.

    Because it is a long-term sneak mission, it is impossible to bring too many Poké Balls, otherwise it is easy to expose, so there are only two Poké Balls belonging to him. Under this configuration, even if he is a champion, it is difficult to bear. Big appointment.

    Draconid Tribe Zinnia was not able to infiltrate the main unit of the water fleet compared to the Indigo Alliance champion, who successfully dived into the main force of the lava team, but she was still dispatched to the vicinity of Dream Island for reconnaissance activities, but unfortunately, She did not cross with the rockets kind of advanced means of contact, and she has too many people around, simply can not act lightly, like zinnia such as a spy, there are many, but can successfully sneak into the other side of the main force, but only Watanabe.

    What both do not know is that the current Hoenn Region Fairy Elite Terrance, because of the constant attention to the ash one party and the Rockets line of the movement has been confirmed by the main force of the Water Fleet coordinate information, in Hoenn Alliance's high concern, Terrance the first to dominate the fairy regiment toward Dream Island coordinates to drive, if can be confirmed, then Hoenn Alliance will strike!!

    As time passed slowly, a helicopter with a lava team logo finally arrived at Dream Island…

    The Lava team also arrived near Dream Island. Looking at the slowly falling helicopter on Soaring in the sky, Archie showed a smile of expectation, he…I have been waiting for a long time!

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