Pokemon Court Chapter 1039

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 1039th chapter of the collision of red and blue, sneak into, astronomy
    "Hey, Maxie, you guys are coming."

    As the Flying plane landed on Ground, Maxie and the four lava team members behind him walked down.

    At this point, Maxie's face was not good. The layout of the water fleet that surrounded Dream Island had already made him expect what he expected, but now the lava team has had to send the arrow on the string.

    The storm caused by the lava team and the water fleet has generated huge public opinion across the world, and now that they have been lock on in the sea, if they cannot break the bureau in a short period of time, they will have to wait for alliance sanctions, which are the home of the water fleet, and the combat capability in the ocean Lava team is much worse than the water fleet , that is to say, the lava team is likely to be the first to be Hoenn Alliance set fire.

    "You guys, dare to tease us, don't let our Dive boat landed."Maxie is awkward.

    "Hey, what do you guys say?"Archie fell, and two men in water tank uniforms were taken over.

    "These two people, is your lava team embedded in our water fleet of spies, I guess you sent over to steal the blue beads, but unfortunately, their ability is still a little short, proposed this transaction is you, and as a result you also send spies to steal the beads, so no matter what we do, you are not entitled to complain." ”

    "Hey, red beads can be handed over to you, but you should give me the blue beads first."Maxie is cold.

    Archie didn't speak, took out the blue orb, and when he saw it, Maxie also took out the red orb.

    But the next moment, Archie laughed.

    "Ha ha ha ha…It seems that you have not figured out your position, so you boarded Dream Island. Do you think you are the boss of the lava team? We decided to have two orbs at the same time, then Imprison Groudon, from now on, your lava team Dissolved in this, honestly watching our water fleet change the world! ”

    a heresyMaxie had expected this to happen in the end, but he also prepared: "Since it is on Dream Island, I will not be afraid of your water fleet. Don't forget, there is a dead Volcano on Dream Island, as long as We have activated that, do you think your water fleet can win our lava team?"

    For a moment, the atmosphere between the two organizations was dignified, and the Ash and the Rockets, who were put on the sidelines, looked at them silently, but could not do anything about it.

    Spirit flash

    The explosion caused by the Dream Island War became a sign of war, and the Water Fleet Regiment, the Lava Corps Regiment, which stayed in the waters around Dream, launched an instant attack on each other, and Dream Island was suddenly confused, when the drizzle had stopped and But the war around the sea has rolled up more violent waves, flapping into the sky again into raindrops!

    When the signal of the war broke out, the two organizations began to take the shots of the other party's Orb. Both organizations chose to believe in their own power, so they fought each other and planned to solve another big threat before the Alliance was unaware.

    Right now.Dream Island, watching the two sides of the war, James, Jessie, meowth do not know what method used, unexpectedly put the water fleet used to bind their special device destruction, escape the birth of the day, at this time ash line people are still trapped contest condition, Fearful of watching the fallout from the battle, just as the rockets were considering not to save ash they then snatched Pikachu by the way, a lava team figure suddenly stunned them and quickly hid themselves.

    Are you OK?’”The red-haired young man in the uniform of the lava team made a "嘘~" gesture and whispered.

    Seeing his slightly exposed face, coupled with this familiar voice, Ash and Xiaogang were surprised: "Mr. Lance? ”

    "It's me, don't talk about anything else, let's leave here first."I was wondering when I saw this Trainer named Ash last time in the Rockets' cell. How did I meet them again at the water fleet…

    Because of the battle, Archie and the members of the water fleet still have the air to control them, and they took the Ash group and successfully escaped to a safe place.

    Mr. Lance, what the hell is going on. ”

    "I sneaked into the lava team to prevent them and the water fleet from using the ancient elves to do bad things. Then it was dangerous, listen -"

    "The red orb and the blue orb contain the power to control the ultra-ancient elves, so they can't get the corresponding treasures anyway. I can't get in touch with the outside world now, so we can only rely on us here."At this critical juncture, Duan can only ask Ash about them. People are more powerful. He himself has no energy to deal with too many things.

    "what can we do?"Ash fast track.

    "Wait, I will lend my Gyarados to you, the red Gyarados. Then you Assist it to sneak into the sea, find the place where the lava team and the water fleet shield the signal, destroy it, and then start this thing. It is."

    "Then you, Mr. Lance. ”

    "I want to stay here and wait for the opportunity to win the red orb and the blue pearl."Be serious.

    He only carried Dragonite, Gyarados two main elves, the former is the main combat effectiveness, he is the champion of Trump Card, the latter is to facilitate his naval battle specially prepared elves, but today, he alone can not be distracted to deal with two things, now Ash When people appear in a close, once in Johto Region Region against the Rockets executive, ASH and other people are doing well, Watanabe can only trust them now.

    We understand.Ash, Xiaogang, May, Xiaosheng nodded seriously.

    As Ash and others left, they took a deep breath and continued to wait for the opportunity.

    However, under such a war, no one thought of it. The Rockets trio, which has two divisions, has taken the lead in touching the two organizations that have held the super-ancient elves.

    James was wearing a water tank uniform and looking at the Kyogre trapped in the pool. After simply familiarizing himself with the waterfighter's base control system, he began to wait for Meowth's message on their side.

    On the other side, Meowth and Jessie, disguised as lava teams, also found Huge Storage, which was holding Groudon, and sneaked into the base system control room of the lava team. After Meowth pressed a few times, some stunned: "I have never seen this. Kind of system…"

    "It’s all right to try it all the time."Jessie hurried.

    "It’s also awkward."James and Meowth, who took the plan to take the water fleet and the lava team together to hold the two super-ancient elves, began to manipulate the complex system according to their own ideas.

    Not long after, two ultra-ancient elves opened their eyes at the same time…

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