Pokemon Court Chapter 1040

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 1040th chapter of the collision of red and blue, violent, floating astronomy
    Dream Island.

    Archie and Maxie looked at each other and the elves' screams and roars saw their ideals.

    The ideal of the water fleet is not to let the world have only the ocean, but to use Kyogre to symbolize the power of the origin to return the world to the Contest Condition of the elves. They believe that the excessive development of human beings naturally destroys the living space of the elves, and humans must This atonement.

    The ideal of the lava team is to create a world that belongs to mankind. They think that elves should be the tools that humans use. For this reason, they attempt to use Groudon to symbolize the end of power and expand the land to open up the scope of human life.

    This is also the reason why the Lava team pursues the power of science and technology, and the water fleet admires the power of the elves.

    The current collision is not only a battle for the Orb, but also a struggle for ideas. The two sides never think that they are bad people, and they all have the beliefs and experiences that they must achieve their goals. It is this conviction that has supported the two organizations. Going to today.

    "Archie !!"

    The Dream Island dead Volcano has been active under the lava team's Volcano system. The force of the magma and the Volcano system have strengthened the combat power of the lava team that forced the island to land, so that they can compete with the water fleet.


    The leaders of the two organizations are filled with the ideal of the Covet. The followers who follow them are also fighting for the ideals of the leader. I don’t know if the beliefs of the two are too strong. Finally, in the most intense battle, the change occur! !

    The two men were terrified, and the red orb and the blue orb were separated from their hands, and they came out with a dazzling light.

    Seeing this scene, Maxie and Archie stopped fighting, showing a blank expression…The hidden ferry is a flash of gaze, then shakes his head, this should be the best time for Snatch two big beads, but now, this situation makes him always feel that something is wrong.

    next moment! !

    Dream Island offshore, broke out of the unbeatable power, the sound of the roar of the sea echoed the island.

    At the same time, Volcano, which was activated by the Volcano system, erupted even more terrifying powers, and the magma spurt seemed to destroy the earth.

    "Not good, Groudon and Kyogre have reawakened."The lava team and the water fleet sent intelligence at the same time, and Maxie and Archie changed their faces. When the two thought about whether to stop, the red orb and the blue orb suddenly changed positions and began to fly toward the two.

    In the blink of an eye, the red orbs merge directly with Archie, and the blue beads and Maxie merge into one, causing the ancient lines to begin to appear on both sides, while the Contest Condition begins to be unnatural.

    "Archie adults!!"Maxie adults! ! ”

    In the call of Rival, the two set their hands and struggled to resist this force, but at this time, in their hearts, for the idea of controlling the mood of two super-ancient elves and changing the world, I don’t know why it suddenly became stronger. It’s up.

    "It’s hard to be…"

    See you here, take a trip.

    It is said that the red orb and the blue orb contain the power to control Kyogre and Groudon, but long-term contact with this force will affect the mind and become a powerful force, which is very dangerous, which is why Mt. The Pyre vein will imprison the two super-ancient elves' treasures that were super-ancient civilizations.

    "This is bad…"

    In fact, because of the stimulation of the Rockets, the two super-ancient elves wake up in advance and begin to sense the natural energy they lost. Two super-ancient elves influenced the Orbs, and the Orbs affected the mischievous Archie, Maxie, Groudon and Kyogre. After another storm, the biological instinct began to let them chase the natural energy that belongs to them.

    At the same time, under the traction of the Orbs, Archie and Maxie began to walk towards the coast uncontrollably.


    "Groudon !!"

    Kyogre is an elf similar to a whale. It has two huge pectoral fins. Each fin has four white square structures. The whole body is dark blue, the chin is white and two white spikes protrude. . At the same time, there are two white oval spots on each of Kyogre's eyes. In addition, there are red stripes on Kyogre's chin, eyes, fins ' back and torso, which glow when the Kyogre energy is full, and now, because of the power absorbed when the first contact with the blue beads is digested, Kyogre gain the power to approach the source, And began to go crazy about gaining complete power, launching an attack on Dream Island.

    Under the flapping of the four strip-shaped structures that broke into the tail, it suddenly triggered a tsunami that could destroy the entire Dream Island! !

    Seeing this scene, Maxie and Archie still screamed in horror when their minds were affected.

    During the Kyogre runaway, countless members of the water fleet were killed, and James, who had sneaked into the water fleet, was blind.

    Heavy rain!

    But just as Dream Island was at stake, another huge force came, dispelling the dark clouds, transforming the power of the sun, waving a giant beam of light, sweeping through the tsunami, a flame of sunlight more than two meters in diameter, like a weapon of destruction, breaking the waves in a flash, groudon roaring between them, The seam of the skin inside the long blue spikes lit up, obviously, it did not want to let Kyogre succeed, scattered the waves, Groudon began to Dream Island forward, looking for its power, Groudon move, there will be magma flowing, in the sea to create a new Earth!

    Groudon /Kyogre, I heard the orders of Lao Tzu! ! !

    In the face of the approaching super-ancient elves, Archie and Maxie yelled wildly, but the two ultra-ancient elves were indifferent.

    "Alright!"A nasty feeling…"Floating on the surface of the sea, James, Jessie, Meowth grabbed the straw, breathed in a big mouth, panicked, as frightened as they were, and the Ash group who sneaked into the lava team, if not the red Gyarados Rescue, I am afraid that they will all be involved in the horrible magma that broke out when Groudon was awakened, and then sank to the bottom of the sea.

    Thanks to the violent walks of Groudon and Kyogre, which destroyed most of the technology facilities of the lava team and the water fleet, the presence was immediately detected by the Hoenn Alliance agencies, confirming the information that Fairy Elite Terrance had before.

    The combination of the corresponding orbs, but can not affect the ultra-ancient elves, but by their power, this huge gap, began to let Maxie and Archie realize how small they are under the absolute power of Kyogre and Groudon.

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