Pokemon Court Chapter 1041

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 1041, the collision of red and blue, the end, floating astronomy
    "I understand, Groudon wants to get the red orb, and then get the power to return to Primal, and Kyogre, wants to get the blue orb, so that if we merge with the orb, we are likely to die."Through glasses, Maxie saw the light in his eyes because of the Orb. He said to himself: "Impossible. According to various ancient records, Baozhu really has the power to control the super-ancient elves. Is it my heart? The force is too weak to affect Groudon?"

    Maxie is not willing to be upset, and he is equally unwilling to do with Archie.

    The two began to recall their childhood experiences. Maxie lived on an ordinary island. This island was flooded by watery elves and the entire island was flooded. After Maxie became the only survivor, he hoped to pass the power of Groudon. To dry up the sea and expand the earth, increasing the space for onshore bioenergy activities.

    Archie grew up living in a drought, the hometown is in the famine all year round, that kind of environment grew up in the Archie, the end of the heart was redeemed by the water system Elves, his hometown is saved by the water system Elves, people are also because of the power of the water elves to live, after leaving their hometown, Archie Trying to use the power of the kyogre to bring pouring rain to the earth to expand the ocean, which is the source of all life.

    While recalling their own first heart, recalling their own for the ideal pay, two people in the cry of their men, the power of the mind gradually enhanced, two people roar, with their fusion of the beads suddenly changed the way of operation, forced to be controlled by them, at the same time, Groudon, Kyogre at the same time stop moving, Rebelled against the enormous power that was intended to control them.

    The next moment, under the game of four strands of power, the energy suddenly stormed away again, and the minds of Archie and Maxie influenced Kyogre and Groudon, allowing them to gradually lose their minds, influenced by the opposite beads and the power of the mind, Two ultra-ancient elves chase natural energy at the same time also began to strengthen the mind about Archie and Maxie ideal, and by the ultra-ancient elves, Archie and Maxie two people, immediately spit a mouthful of blood, the brain seems to have been hit hard, eyes gradually hollow up.

    "Expand the earth!"

    "Expand the ocean!"

    Under the final belief of Maxie and Archie, in order to achieve the corresponding ideals, Groudon and Kyogre took great shots, and the world changed dramatically. Dream Island was swallowed up by the gushing magma and the waves that were shot, if not the members of the water fleet and the lava team were evacuated in time. I am afraid that they have sunk with the island.

    At this time Maxie and Archie long do not know by the huge force engulfed where to go, perhaps with the island sank, perhaps was rescued by their men, but their body beads are forced out, collapsed into natural energy began to return to nature, but Groudon and Kyogre The battle did not stop there, and continued their battle, Maxie and Archie the power of the mind combined with the influence of the beads on them, and did not dissipate as a result.

    At first glance, the power of Groudon and Kyogre began to grow stronger. The sunken trend of the natural disaster that affected most of Hoenn before the re-emergence of the sunken Dream Island began, and the beginning of the journey was not calm.

    It is absolutely impossible to let Groudon and Kyogre fight, or they will explode more powerfully. At that time, Hoenn is not a local Region disaster.

    "Hey, Mr. Lance, I am Terrance, Mr. Lance, can you hear it? ”

    It's me.Hu …I was finally able to connect, and I was relieved.

    "How is the situation over there? I will probably have three minutes to get there."

    The face was slightly serious and gave Terrance a brief explanation. He made a long story short, and soon Terrance figured out what was going on.

    “Even if the orb is broken, Groudon and Kyogre still haven’t stopped fighting?”

    "Yeah, I am afraid that Maxie and Archie have influenced them through the power of the Orbs, causing two super-ancient elves to have sequelae now."I am worried.

    What should be used to calm down the two super-ancient elves?

    Human resources How could! Looking at the two super-ancient elves that are getting stronger, maybe when will they return to Primal and regain the power that can affect the entire Hoenn, even when it is the power of technology and multiple Elites they.

    "I have a way."

    Draconid Tribe Zinnia did not know when it appeared, she disguised as a member of the water fleet, until the time of the war, she found the opportunity to get out.

    "Who are you?"Looking at the member of the water fleet, he immediately showed a vigilant color.

    "Terrance Elite, I am Zinnia, can you hear it?"


    "Listen to me, only Rayquaza, who can calm down Groudon and Kyogre, I will immediately return to Sky Pillar for a ceremony to summon Rayquaza, but I don't know if I can succeed, but I am afraid there is only one. The way is."Zinnia Expressway.

    Rayquaza ……

    Terrance Elite knows the water fleet girl in front of me?

    "Give it to you, before that, let me drag Groudon and Kyogre!"Terrance is serious.

    "From the perspective of the engagement between Groudon and Kyogre…The direction in which they move is Sootopolis City, their power will first affect the city, they can't let them leave the sea, otherwise the disaster will get bigger and bigger, Terrance Elite, you hurry, I will stop them first. ”I bite my teeth, although there are only two dragons, Dragonite and Gyarados, but they can only be on!


    The conversation between the three people was uploaded to the Hoenn Intelligence Service by Terrance. At this time, the entire Hoenn Alliance has been in chaos and disputes in order to solve the violent incidents of Groudon and Kyogre. Various proposals have been made.

    It has been proposed to use war weapons against the two elves who have sneaked away and to inflict them.

    Someone proposed collecting powerful Trainers to stop them.

    It is also proposed to wait and see, change the nearby residents, resist defense, and wait for the two elves to restore Smelling Salts.

    With the exception of a few programs, all the programs were built with great sacrifice and sufficient preparation time. In this crisis, Hoenn Alliance champions Steven and Devon Manufacturing Co., Ltd. were tough and tried to try the water fleet girl Zinnia in the dialogue. The scenario described.

    "Summon Rayquaza? Can you really get it? ”

    "What a joke, if it fails, who will bear it?"

    As the energy fluctuations of Groudon and Kyogre are detected to be more and more powerful, and may even continue to reach a certain level of difficulty, the elites of the Elf Alliance are under pressure and intend to carry out multiple projects at the same time. Indigo Alliance Champion, Fairy Elite Terrance Becoming the first to fight, carry out a blockade plan for Groudon and Kyogre.

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