Pokemon Court Chapter 1042

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 1042 chapter dragon messenger, crossing, floating astronomy
    Before the main battle of the Hoenn Alliance did not arrive, the crossing was the only Trainer with the ability to stop Groudon and Kyogre.

    Now has fled to a safe place to wait and see the Rockets trio dare not go forward, Ash line people are difficult to take on the big, and finally can not expect the water fleet and lava team to clean up the mess in front of them, in order not to let the power of Groudon and Kyogre in the direction of Sootopolis City spread, Watanabe needs to procrastinate as much as possible, and then wait for Hoenn Alliance to find a solution to the incident.

    Under the influence of the horrible sea power and the power of sunshine, Ash and others looked dignified. Just after a moment of confrontation, Groudon and Kyogre forces each of them to have a cold glaciers and lava zones on both sides of the sea area that are only larger than the Dream Island area.

    After crossing the ice layer away from the two ultra-ancient elves, Gyarados of the crossing immediately rushed back to support.

    "What to do next, just rely on Mr. Can Lance stop them alone? ”Xiaosheng nervously said: "We want to help."

    "No."Xiao Gang stopped: "We used to only let Mr. Lance is distracting. ”

    Ash said: "I believe Mr. Lance. ”

    If Ash is the most admired Trainer, Terrance will be ranked second. The first is the legendary experience that influenced Ash's entire childhood, the "Invincible Dragon Messenger".

    Although there are only two elves, but the crossing perfectly shows his strength as a champion.

    In Soaring in the sky, Dragonite's expression gradually became serious. Two consecutive tyrannical destructions of the dead light were shot. The Groudon and Kyogre who were approaching were instantly attacked by this attack. Kyogre sank directly into the sea, while Groudon was The body fell down and splashed with countless splashes.

    With one hit, Dragonite quickly lifted off. The next moment, countless blue and shining light swept from the deep sea, every light, with incredible horror energy, dodging these attacks, Dragonite and the spirit of the spirit tightened to the extreme .

    Kyogre's exclusive trick, Orgin Pulse!

    In addition to Orgin Pulse, as Groudon stood up again, even on the ocean, Groudon easily condensed the power of the earth to change it into a sharp blade, and quickly went up.

    Groudon's exclusive trick, Precipice Blades, instantly scatters Orgin Pulse, passing by Dragonite's figure

    Watanabe cover the mouth, covered by dragonite Flying between the strong wind hit very painful, in order to avoid the trick, Watanabe Dragonite put Extrreme Speed applied to the extreme, even if the natural use of Extrreme Speed Arcanine, Lucario, Togekiss and other elves may also be difficult to reach this speed, for a century, Watanabe Dragonite is the blackthorn City taming Dragon Division of the Extrreme Speed cheats master the most perfect elves, which Watanabe this trainer Also has a lot of credit, once Terrance also against Drake Elite Extrreme Speed Dragonite, but these two dragonite speed, but not a level at all.

    Fighting against the ultra-ancient elves, the ability to coordinate in Orgin Pulse and Precipice Blades demonstrates the power to lead the championship.

    However, his way of fighting like this has increased their pressure.

    But the purpose of the crossing has been reached, and the attention of Groudon and Kyogre has been drawn and they are beginning to move in the direction of Dragonite.

    "This will not work."During the judgment, a red Gyarados jumped out of the deep sea, destroying the dead light, once again attracted the attention of Groudon and Kyogre, and put pressure on the ferry.

    But Gyarados did not dragonite that speed, Groudon back a dump, thick yellow-green light column like a laser sweep, chasing the sea constantly swimming gyarados figure, lasted a few seconds after the Kyogre The frozen light successfully blocked the direction of the Gyarados movement, quickly frozen it in an iceberg, at the same time a thick solar flame swept through, broke the iceberg, suddenly let that place rolled up the sky white smoke.

    "Gyarados !!"Far from seeing this scene, Ash and others all mentioned a heart, but the ending was not as bad as they thought. The crossing has been with Gyarados at the most critical moment. Under the power of Mega Evolution, Gyarados directly broke through the ice and hid smoothly. After this sunshine.

    Mega Gyarados looks shorter, thicker, and the beard has become longer. Cross the red Mega Gyarados, the body is like a red armor Normal, as the Rocket's experimental product, the strength of this red Gyarados Under the excavation, it will not lose to Terrance that Gardevoir.

    At this time, the battle with Groudon and Kyogre was broadcasted to the Indigo Alliance headquarters and the Hoenn Alliance headquarters due to the activation of the champion medal.

    During this period, the two Alliances also saw the power of Groudon and Kyogre.

    Mr. Lance, please drag them, the Elen Four Alliance of Hoenn Alliance will arrive soon"

    "But if there are only two people, I am afraid that the pressure will still be small…"After playing in person with Groudon and Kyogre, Watanabe spat that Dragonite's attack, while allowing two ultra-ancient elves to produce pain, would have little effect on contest condition's injuries, even if it was a battle between themselves, which was fatally damaged , the physical strength is almost infinite, the defense is amazing, such elves, really hard to overcome, even if you want to drag them, I am afraid it is not the ordinary elite Four can do.

    What to do

    Heavy in the heart, an Elite Four…Not enough… You can only delay for a maximum of a few minutes.

    The Hoenn Alliance executives are also worried about this issue. Even if all of Hoenn's four Elites are dispatched, will it really be able to drag the two super-ancient elves that returned to Primal, every minute and every minute? In the case of a shortage, it is uncertain when two super-ancient elves will completely lose control.

    In the face of Groudon and Kyogre, with infinite physical strength, energy, terror and resistance, Dragonite and Mega Gyarados were quickly suppressed, and in order to protect Watanabe, the rush was Dragonite dropped, free from the disaster of life, However, Dragonite was a leap from the kyogre of a fin patted away, breaking countless ice, during which mega Gyarados quickly picked up, but immediately ushered in Groudon attack, for a time, Indigo Alliance The top and staff who watched the battle were all out of breath.

    It is the Trump Card of the Indigo Alliance. I can't die here. I don't know if I have successfully used the protection system built in the Champion Medal. In the Indigo Plateau, a group of people have red eyes and stared at the screen and prayed.

    But before everyone confirmed, the screen was suddenly occupied by a pink light. Seeing this scene, the Hoenn Alliance was temporarily relieved to pay attention to the high-level of the battle, but the expression was still dignified: "The reinforcements are here…"

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