Pokemon Court Chapter 1043

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 1043 chapter of the legendary Trainer, floating astronomy

    Compared to the Hoenn Alliance, the Indigo Alliance has been slow to take a look at the situation here.

    The Indigo Alliance is highly concerned about the trends of Groudon and Kyogre. One is because the Indigo Alliance is the headquarters of the Elf Alliance, and the other is because the crossing is the Trump Card of the Indigo Alliance. His safety is highly valued by the Indigo Alliance. At least it must not be There was an accident in the battle between Groudon and Kyogre.

    Against Groudon, this is a huge shield of diamonds. Under the slash of Groudon, the diamond shield made by Mega Diancie instantly cracked.

    "Altaria, Diancie, Dazzling Gleam !"

    At the same time, a strong voice came out, Mega Diancie's condensed diamond shield instantly decomposed, was endowed with endless Fairy energy, under the shifting position, Soaring in the sky quickly folded a row of square mirrors, reflecting two The thick Fairy light hit Kyogre and Groudon's body into the sea again.

    Mr. Lance, let me give it here, you are responsible for taking those people safely. ”

    "I plan to use special tactics to trap them."

    Looking at this strange and familiar young figure, I know his identity, the Fairy Elite Terrance in the Hoenn Region, but for such a strong attitude to Terrance, it is very unexpected, after all, this is the face of two super-ancient elves. Even if his Dragon Legion is all gathered here, it may not be so confident.

    I understand

    Watanabe nodded, for the two people who had never cooperated, if it is in the low-end battle, it can be matched, but in the face of the power of ultra-ancient elves, rushing to team fighting may interfere with Terrance's core tactics, which is fatal to the play of a top strong, since Terrance Thinking of the method, Watanabe chose to believe the young trainer.

    I took a deep look at Terrance, who took a ride on Gyarados and turned his head, and his Dragonite flew back to Soaring in the sky.

    As the two super-ancient elves reappeared, Terrance's eyes were pumping, what is the defensive power…It seems that it is unharmed?

    Under the cover of the pink misty atmosphere, the Ribombee Legion, which became a Soaring in the sky monster, has intensified itself to the extreme on the way to the air. The double Contest Condition of the Quiver Dance and Calm Mind quickly relayed to everyone who needs strength. Members of the Fairy Legion!

    At this moment, Fairy Domain quickly blocked Groudon and Kyogre, and the huge field was successfully built. The transfer could not help but look back. Compared with the Fairy Domain built before Terrance, today's Fairy Domain has introduced a new core, which looks very beautiful.

    "Only one person?"

    The Indigo Alliance just apparently didn't know that the Hoenn Alliance's so-called reinforcements had only one person. Now that I see only one Trainer, I can't help but be disappointed.

    "That is the Fairy Elite Terrance in the Hoenn Region."

    "Don't you see the power of the two super-ancient elves? If they are allowed to influence Sootopolis City, not only the Hoenn Alliance, but other Region Alliances will lose their credibility. By then, those organizations that have been working with Alliance will be in chaos, making things more and more complicated! ”

    "Time has passed so long. Only Terrance Elite was nearby. We also want to send more Trainers, but it doesn't work in time!"

    The Hoenn Alliance and the Indigo Alliance were noisy, although Steven, who was in Mossdeep City, quickly rushed to the side after the news was confirmed, but first got Rocket intelligence and the speed of arrival of Terrance, who had long since deliberately searched for Ash’s group. Undoubtedly the fastest.

    Please wait

    What happened

    After seeing the perspective from the crossing, the perspective turned to live broadcast of the scene from Terrance's Elite Medal, allowing the two Alliance executives to judge the situation.

    The images seen through the Elite Medal make these Alliance executives exaggerated.

    Several Elites in the Kanto Region and Johto Region Region are also paying attention to the situation. After Agatha Elite retired to replace the Changyi Daoguan, although she is no longer Elite, she has many privileges as an old-fashioned Elite. For example, this special Elite medal in front of you.

    In addition, there are ice system Elite Lorelei, Fighting Elite Bruno, three people are related to Terrance, Terrance challenged the Elite position with the induction of three of them, whether it is Agatha, Lorelei or Bruno, there is no It is expected that the reinforcements will be Terrance.

    "Do you have that skill?"Agatha Elite and Lorelei Elite recalled Terrance's attack against Giovanni. I was expecting that the core of Terrance was not perfect at the time. Now that he has been Elite Four for so long, can you see a real Fairy Elite?

    In fact, Terrance really trapped the two super-ancient elves as he and Du said.

    The Fairy Domain built this time is different from the past. It was built by Terrance and Rotom Pokédex for the temporary simulation of the two super-ancient elves. Now it is the first time they use it. They are betting.

    Fairy Domain In addition to the ice moon core, Ninetales and floating bubbles are combined with each other to create an ice mirror that gathers the power of frost. The magic mirror with Mega Diancie forms a mirror of ice crystals. The field consists of ice mirrors and magic mirrors. Not perfectly connected, the vacant position was made up of 24 Lunatone eyes.

    After the 24 Lunatone was strengthened by Ribombee's Calm Mind relay, the spirit was strengthened again through the ice month, and it was connected with the Fairy Domain. At this time, Lunatone can manipulate several large spiritual forces together, and the spiritual power is transformed into Confusion and suppressed. Lived two super ancient elves, this is the first limit.

    Gardevoir and Mawile release Misty Terrain, which is controlled by Gardevoir's mental power, misted into a lock of Fairy, and the two super-ancient elves are blocked from Confusion to make them inoperable. This is the second limitation.

    At the same time, the use of ice crystals, floating bubbles and Ninetales to mobilize the power of frost, continuous frosting of Groudon and Kyogre, this is the third limit.

    Finally, Mismagius releases hypnotic light through countless mirrors. Although the hypnotic effect is weak, the two ancient super elves are restricted and belong to the Contest Condition. Mismagius's soothing hypnosis has more or less the tendency to calm the two elves. This is the fourth limit.

    Under the four restrictions, Groudon and Kyogre are constantly Struggle, but they are never able to break through.

    Lunatone Get the ice moon moonblast reinforcement and calm mind relay, mental strength beyond the limit, their own feeding out moonlight through the magic Mirror began to continue to restore the Fairy contest every member of the Legion condition, Using moonlight as a move, fairy Domain perfected a cycle system, successfully let the power of fairy endless, at the same time in 24 Lunatone help moves, Gardevoir also broke through the limit, mist molded fairy lock tenacity Extremely, There are fairy and spiritual injections all the way, causing Groudon and kyogre to be powerless to break down under four restrictions.

    The combination of the floating bubble Nature Power and the Ninetales Hail Ability has also shaped the incredible ice.

    Although this lineup allows Fairy's power to operate with minimal consumption, it is impossible to consume nothing at all, during which Ribombee's Pollen Puff can alleviate.

    The special combination of the Fairy Legion formed a powerful tactic to suppress the Legendary Pokémon, completely blocking Groudon and Kyogre, and Terrance stood on the mirror and looked at it silently.

    Although successful…But I don't know how long it will last.

    Since it can't be defeated, it is well suppressed. With Ribombee, this set of suppression tactics can be maintained for several days and nights, provided that…The two elves do not return to the Primal Contest Condition, demonstrating the power to break free from repression!

    The executives of the Indigo Alliance and the Hoenn Alliance saw that Fairy Terrance had been able to suppress the two legends with one's own strength. They were all speechless and the shocking colors floated on their faces.

    The people who turned around and the other people in the distance, through the mirror, saw that the huge bodies of Groudon and Kyogre were nailed to the sea and could not move, and they also showed a shocked expression.

    As the inheritor of Fairy Aura, the power of nearly 80 elves, Terrance succeeded in suppressing two legendary elves.

    Looking at Groudon and Kyogre Struggle, Rotom Pokédex constantly analyzes the surrounding natural energy, although Altaria's full use of Fairy energy extrusion allows the natural energy of Groudon and Kyogre Primal Reversion, but still can not be eliminated.

    In this case, Terrance calmed down and stood calmly on the Fairy Domain. He knew that there might be a more tragic battle.

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