Pokemon Court Chapter 1044

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 1044 Greninja! Floating astronomy
    While Terrance suppressed the ultra-ancient elves Groudon and Kyogre, the crossing quickly came to Ash's group of people and placed them in a safer place.

    "What about Terrance?"After the emperor was put down, Xiaogang was worried.

    "As you can see, there are currently only 2 elves in my body, which can't help him. I think the next Hoenn Alliance reinforcements will arrive soon."Crossing helplessly.

    Looking at Ash's expression, he reached out and shook his head. He said: "He is very powerful, so you don't have to worry about it for the time being."

    Compared with Ash and others, Ferry can see the strength of Terrance's suppression tactics from a higher perspective. It can be said that this was specially developed to suppress the legendary elves.

    Of course, this is not to say that this set of tactics can't deal with Trainer and ordinary Pokémon, but with the ability of Trainer and ordinary Pokémon, there is no need for Terrance fees to limit the opponent's actions. Direct attack can make it easier to distinguish the winners and losers. Unless, the other party is as powerful as the two super-ancient elves in front.

    The bodies of Groudon and Kyogre were fixed on the sea and could not move. Their bodies were entwined by two blue waves. The force of frost used to freeze their bodies and hinder movements, but whether it was the sea. The avatar Kyogre, or Groudon who can bathe the magma, is not a layer of frost that can be easily limited.

    The frost is melting all the time, and you need to float the bubbles and the Ninetales to go all out and keep the ice.

    In addition, along with the frost doping is the powerful Confusion. In the outermost layer of the two blue undulations, a chain of pink misted chains binds them in complex bundling, which makes their bodies difficult to spread or even open. mouth.

    The mirror is intertwined with the ice crystals, and the halo is dazzling. Sometimes the light and shadow of the dragonfly are spread on the pupils of two super-ancient elves, hypnotizing, and seeing that the suppression tactics continue to operate, there should be no mistakes…At this time, Terrance suddenly blinked and looked coldly at a Dive boat floating from the sea.

    Water fleet.

    These guys dare to appear.

    "Chao, leave!"

    "Archie has saved my life. Now that he is dead and unknown, I have to fulfill his wish. Now I can't let Kyogre be controlled."

    "But what Archie has seen before, you see it. Is it because our water fleet wants Kyogre to be an unknown? If Kyogre is as violent as before, it is uncontrolled. The nearest Sootopolis City will definitely be destroyed first. I am afraid that many people will die because of this."

    "A Kyogre who can't calm down, even Archie adults don't want to see."

    One of the highest executives of the Water Fleet, Quanmei, persuaded the tide of the highest Executive, although the water fleet was not recognized by Alliance, she did not want the water fleet to become an extreme organization.

    "I don't know how Archie will choose, but if you sacrifice a small number of people, you can fulfill the wish of Archie. I am willing to take on this evil."

    Although they are both Executives of the Water Fleet, the concept of Quanmei and Chaozhou is very different. Under the dispute between the two, the tide tearing open the clothes and revealing the strong body has already demonstrated the determination to continue fighting.

    "Spring, you take care of Archie, the water fleet will be handed over to you."

    The tide has refused to turn back, and Quan Mei looks at the figure he left, and he is unable to stop anything.

    The two parted ways, and the tide led his own Mega Sharpedo to make Sucker Punch for Terrance.

    After the Dive boat and Mega Sharpedo were perceived by Terrance, he immediately sent the elves to deal with them. However, what Terrance didn't think was that a modified and unrecognizable yacht suddenly fell from the tide and Mega Sharpedo. through……

    James, Jessie, and Meowth were involved in the aftermath of the battle. The nine dead and escaped, and the three guys who were not willing to return empty-handed, did the work of touching the corpse, and lost the members of the water fleet and lava team that were killed. The Poké Ball of the Elf was all picked up.

    Then, the three great immortals quickly modified a yacht with the wreckage around them, intending to sneak, just…

    "Hello……"James, carrying a large bag of Poké Ball, is facing the tide.

    Ash and the Rockets and his team were caught by the tide on Dream Island.

    "Bastard Rockets!!!"

    "court death! Then solve the problem first. ”After seeing what James and other people are carrying, the tide hole instantly wiped out the killing, and James and others dared to take advantage of their water fleet, let the tide directly kill the heart.

    The next moment, Mega Sharpedo felt the wrath of the owner, suddenly coming from Agility, and leaping out to reveal the sharp teeth that were enough to bite Ohreburgh.

    Crunch moves!

    As the dark brown energy spread from the teeth of Mega Sharpedo, forming a larger giant tooth, James, Jessie, and Meowth immediately panicked, when Jessie hurriedly threw a Poké Ball, and as the white light flashed, An elf with only a blue body and a black tail quickly jumped out in front of this trick.


    A Wobbuffet swelled in the light and confronted this trick. After the punch, Crunch's energy exploded quickly, and Mega Sharpedo flew, but the yacht was directly overturned by the aftermath. The Rockets all fell into the sea. .

    "See how you can hide -" Seeing Mega Sharpedo's trick was easily resisted, the tide was amazed, and the killing was even heavier. At this time Mega Sharpedo re-visited in the sea and looked for the prey.

    It’s over.

    A glimpse into the sea, James and others are the idea, but with a color like the crystal Normal's shuriken cut the ocean, blocking the pace of Mega Sharpedo, James and others rekindled hope.

    This is……

    On the sea, a Greninja suddenly came, standing in the sea with his hands on his chest, staring at Sharpipo in the sea.

    Greninja is a form of bipedal frog Elves, the body and legs for dark blue, chest yellow, limbs have a big white bubble, the legs each has a four-horned star Mark, looks like a sword in the hand, its forelegs have three fingers, the hind limbs have two fingers, the feet have webbed, the lower part of the face and pointed ears for the olivine color ; There are white spots above the eyes, and the eyes have an sclera, red iris and white pupil; the pink "scarf" around the neck is its tongue. This styling makes Greninja look like Ninja and has the name Ninja frog, which is loved by Ninja in the Kalos Region.

    Obviously, three months later, Terrance's Frogadier evolved successfully and became one of Terrance's alternates in the form of Greninja.

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