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Pokemon Court Chapter 1045

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text of the 1045 chapter live broadcast, floating astronomy
    Greninja's cold expression confronted Mega Sharpedo's bloodthirsty eyes. In front of the Rockets trio, the two elves immediately fought, and the Rockets took the Poké Ball back and looked back. See if there is Sharpedo chasing and rushing to escape.


    As the sea water flew, it dripped onto the body, and the tide looked at Greninja, who used Mega Shueden to block Mega Sharpedo's poisonous teeth, and used Mega Sharpedo to fly with Water Shuriken with great rotation, showing a dignified look.

    “Sharpedo, sneak into the sea.”

    In this regard, Greninja knows how to do it without the command of Terrance. Under Bounce, Greninja jumps up and temporarily stagnate in the air. With his own perception of the ocean and the power of his heart, Greninja soon felt the sea. Where the Sharpedo is swimming fast.

    The next moment, Greninja hands compression, countless seawater into the water column back, the limit of the condensation in the hands of Greninja, extrasensory injection, soon, Greninja will condense a larger than its body of the Sailor Sword, The sailor's sword has changed from shallow water blue to a deep blue crystal because it has been compressed to the extreme of the current Greninja controllable.

    Water shuriken waving, the sea was slash again, the Sailor sword into the ocean, instantly rolled up an amazing cutting force field, straight through the mega Sharpedo Place, in the sea, Sailor sword in strong cut and spin cut attribute, compared to Sharpedo The speed is also flexible, not out of a moment, sharpedo body on the right side of the fin because it is rubbed to be cut directly, so that blood dyed red water, with the Sharpedo pain growl, the tide bites the teeth, the way: "First freeze the wound, and then dive into the deep sea, we go together to attack that mirror." ”

    The tide didn't think that this sudden appearance of Greninja was so powerful, and the Dive device attached to the waist, arms and legs was opened in the daytime, and the tide quickly sneaked into the deep sea together with Sharpedo.

    But still do not wait for them to find a way to avoid greninja lock on, a whirlpool of water swirl instantly condensed, a ferocious red gyarados suddenly swam out of the deep sea, tail swept between, the sea as the waterfall normal countercurrent, bring a powerful impulse, will mega Sharpedo lifted out of the sea, and the next moment, Greninja's water shuriken swept again, breaking the other fin of Mega Sharpedo, allowing it to lose its ability to swim fast in the sea.

    "Oh, ah…"With the vortex of the water, the tide was also rolled out, and when he was shocked, he stared at the ferry that had already left but suddenly turned back.

    "Water fleet Executive, tide."One hand was placed on the Dragonite, and the other hand was holding a gun-type launcher. At the same time, he said: "I didn't expect the water fleet to be dead, but as long as I am here, no matter who I am, I don't want to interfere with the Terrance Elite. ——"

    The next moment, the shrinking screen shrouded the tide and then the same person re-sinked in the water.

    One of the highest executives of the Water Fleet, which was not connected to the Fairy Domain, was arrested by Greninja and Ferry. At the same time, after looking at Greninja, Greninja nodded and returned to Terrance to protect Terrance with Gallade. Security.

    Although Terrance failed to use Greinja of Golden Water Shuriken like Bres in parallel time and space, Greninja stepped into the top field with the help of the alternative compression to the ultimate blue crystal color Water Shuriken with the help of the rainy cheats.

    On the comprehensive quality, the accumulation of Greninja is very reluctant, but the destructive power of a single shuriken, but has pushed the strength of Greninja to the main height of Terrance, today's Greninja Only one trick can pose a major threat to the enemy in the top of the battle, that is, the shuriken, which is its strongest heritage today, but with a variety of tricks, Greninja will not appear too awkward combat situation, Ninja Normal flexible way of warfare, So that it can easily adapt to a variety of battlefields.

    Terrance and Rotom Pokédex continue to control the Fairy Domain, adjust the operation of each link, and do not talk too much, and Dragonite guards one side to prevent the lava team and the water fleet from appearing the same extremes as the tide.

    But as time passed, because Archie and Maxie were fascinated, life and death were unknown, and the Lava team and other members of the water fleet did not dare to come out again.

    Rime table Rime table Rime table Rime table

    Time passed very slowly, but for Terrance, it was quite long. As the sound fell into the ear, the black spots in the distance had clearly appeared in front of Terrance and others, and the first reinforcements of the Hoenn Alliance officially arrived.

    Hoenn Alliance champion Steven walked directly from the plane, and Assist Metagross's Confusion came to the Fairy Domain side.

    Although the picture that has been sent back from the Elite medal has seen the Fairy Domain suppressing the ultra-ancient elves, Steven still has a wrong mood when he sees it all.

    Mr. Lance, thank you very much. ”

    As the Hoenn Alliance champion, Steven first expressed his gratitude for the crossing.

    "This is all about the Terrance Elite, I don't dare to ask for it."I laughed.

    Steven smiled and then looked at Terrance, who had been standing on the ice mirror for a long time, asking: "In this case…Should not be suitable for external forces to intervene? ”

    "The four shackles have restricted Groudon and Kyogre. The coordination between Frostpower and Confusion has reached a balance. It has been calculated. Sudden interference from external forces will not only help, but may cause unnecessary changes. Make the situation complicated…"Terrance pondered.

    "However, with the exception of Fairy's power, Fairy Domain has a perfect way to adjust. In addition, I have already applied to the Hoenn Alliance for facilities that can block the inflow of natural energy. As for whether it can be shipped in time, I don't know."

    Steven understood, looking at the cycle of Fairy Domain, sighed, in this case, other Trainer can not help Terrance, but will help, but the Terrance mouth blocking the natural energy inflow facilities, can be independent of Fairy Outside the Domain, dispel the natural energy that can bring the super-ancient elves back to Primal.

    According to Terrance's request, the Hoenn Alliance has been moving, mainly on the side of the Mirage Kingdom Togepi park, as well as the adjustment of technology facilities, and finally a group of people heading to Sky Pillar.

    Mira is the Reporter of the official TV station of the Hoenn Alliance. Today, at the request of Alliance, she conducted a global live broadcast of the Hoenn disaster.

    On the helicopter in the high air, Mira looked at the deep sea through the glass window and was nervous. She has not encountered such big news since she took office.

    Now, she can finally understand the mood of the young lady who was broadcasting live during the disaster in the Orange Islands. Now she will not envy it. This is a chance to show off the limelight.

    "According to the latest news from this station, the Hoenn Region illegal group water fleet and lava team tried to capture the ultra-ancient elves Groudon and Kyogre, causing Groudon and kyogre to storm away, leading to floods and droughts in many areas of Hoenn, as is well known, The legendary Genie is an important existence to regulate the harmony between human society and nature, and the evils of the water fleet and the lava team have seriously caused irreversible adverse effects on the Hoenn Region. ”

    “I am Mira, here is the Hoenn 127 waterway, the area where Groudon and Kyogre are located. Now the two super-ancient elves are still in the Contest Condition, ready to enter the human habitat, and the Hoenn Region Alliance Elite Terrance is already in the first place. The control of the two ultra-ancient elves of the runaway, then turn to the picture for you."

    With a microphone, Mira looked at the Fairy Domain from the sky and the suppressed Groudon and Kyogre, forcing the shock and fear in his heart and trying to calmly explain the lens.

    Terrance Solaceon glanced at the TV Station helicopter and ignored it. There was nothing to say. He still stood on the mirror and watched the changes of the two super-ancient elves. As everyone knows, Terrance is the main force to solve the incident. The gestures of the two super-ancient elves have spread throughout the world.

    Kanto Region, Agatha Elite, Lorelei Elite, Bruno Elite looked at the pictures in the live broadcast and was silent. In the Saffron pavilion, Sabrina is also paying attention to the catastrophe of the Orange Islands before the disaster was not inferior. When she saw the latest news, it was Terrance's suppression of the two legends, revealing the expression of thinking.

    At the Rockets' headquarters, Giovanni was playing with the cup in his hand and looking at the picture, not knowing what he was thinking.

    Hoenn Region, Sootopolis City, Coordinator Master Wallace and his master Juan are ready to guard Sootopolis, but the latest news has forced them to focus on the subsequent development of Water No. 127.

    Napru Road Museum, Fallabor Gym Kathrine; Rustboro City, Rustboro Road Venue Kenin; Dewford Town, Dewford Road Museum Vineyard; Lavaridge Town,, Lavaridge Road Museum Moore Elite, Atha; Petalburg City, Petalburg Road Museum Norman, Fortree City The Fortree Hall Winona has stopped all work and began to perform the duties of the lord. Then if the 127 Waters Alliance loses, the entire Hoenn Region will be affected and the war will be inevitable.

    In the Sinnoh Region, the main owners of the pavilion Melissa, Candice and Bug Type Elite Aaron, who had been combined with Terrance doubles, focused on the progress of Hoenn. In addition, the Sinnoh Alliance had the highest combat power and the last private championship exchange was achieved. Cynthia, the strongest champion of the first, couldn’t help but reveal the color of his eyes.

    Unova, Kalos, and even the Allola Region, which was formally established by Alliance, are all concerned about the big event that is about Hoenn's fate.

    "Who is the Trainer who suppressed the two legendary elves?"

    "Don't hear the report, the native Elite Four Terrance in the Hoenn Region…"

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