Pokemon Court Chapter 1046

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 1046 summons Rayquaza? Floating astronomy
    Fairy Elite Terrance suppressed the images of the ancient elves Groudon and Kyogre and spread them all over the world in a very short time.

    The most intuitive thing about this is the top Trainers, looking at the nearly perfect Fairy Domain, these people have a stunning expression, I don't know how Terrance grew to this point in such a short time as the Elite. of.

    "This kid has grown a lot more than the prison island. I am afraid I can already pose a threat to the Rockets…"At the Rockets headquarters, Giovanni pondered. When Terrance appeared on the prison island, Terrance was not worthy of too much attention for Giovanni, but for now, it is a good choice to not continue to communicate with Terrance.

    After that, James, Jessie and Meowth, who were responsible for bringing the relationship closer to Terrance, also made a deal to solve the energy core problem of the Rockets Rainbow Project, which can be said to Terrance half of the credit, if not Terrance, The Rockets ' rainbow plan may not have proceeded smoothly, referring to the three big Immortals, Giovanni suddenly a Leng, at this time he actually received three big Immortals Urgent report …

    "What? Are you not far from the waters of 127? ”

    With more and more people gathering in the 127 waters, the situation has become more complicated. Terrance has seen more than a dozen Hoenn warships nearby, but he is not optimistic about such heavy weapons.

    If Groudon and Kyogre are not under his control, those warships may not be able to sustain a round and will be smashed by two elves.

    "How is the situation around Sky Pillar?"

    “Zinnia has arrived at Sky Pillar and is about to start the ceremony to summon Rayquaza.”Steven said.

    At the same time, Sky Pillar, Zinnia, has been at the top of the list with the help of Draconid Tribe and Devon.

    Sky Pillar was created by the Draconid Tribe to enshrine a giant colorful Meteorite that created Sootopolis City. This colorful Meteorite contains magical energy that resonates with Rayquaza's special organs called the Emperor's organs.

    The Emperor's functional storage Rayquaza relies on the energy of Meteorite instinctively swallowed in the Hideki layer. When Rayquaza performed the Mega Evolution, the Emperor's organ acted as Rayquaza's Mega Stone and Key Stone to resonate with it, enhancing Rayquaza's life level, completing the Mega Evolution, a Raygarza-independent way of autonomous Mega Evolution.

    The colorful Meteorite that created Sootopolis City is very special. The energy is very different from the ordinary Meteorite. The Dragicid Tribe is using this Meteorite's unique energy fluctuations to successfully induct the colorful Meteorite and Rayquaza's Emperor's organs by 2000. , successfully summoned Rayquaza's.

    "Colorful Meteorite, it's up to you."

    Zinnia is actually very embarrassing. Since the use of the colorful Meteorite to summon Rayquaza once in 2000, the colorful Meteorite has returned to the ordinary. Of course, the Dragonid Tribe has no chance to summon Rayquaza again, by studying other ordinary Meteorite. Created a special ritual that will temporarily bring this colorful Meteorite back to its original state.

    Since the establishment of Sky pillar, only Draconid Tribe has been eligible to enter Sky Pillar, but with the establishment of Elf Alliance, although Draconid Tribe shoulders the mission of guarding the entrance imprison, the call to Rayquaza is at stake , Elf Alliance is unlikely to let Draconid Tribe alone control of this means, so after the time they themselves have not been allowed to enter the tower, but now, the situation crisis, Zinnia in Steven's strength, finally won the Hoenn Alliance's permission, Otherwise, it would be difficult for her to enter Sky Pillar for a summoning ceremony.

    This is the second time that Draconid Tribe has summoned Rayquaza.

    Zinnia took a deep breath and started the summoning ceremony as he set up the formation with ordinary Meteorite, and at the same time, the originally faint huge colorful Meteorite began to gradually restore its original brilliance.

    Zinnia is very devout, and in fact, as the Draconid Tribe, her belief is Rayquaza, and piety is not disguise.


    As time passed, the colorful Meteorite was still dazzling, but there was no movement above the Sky Pillar, when Zinnia's expression began to be unnatural.

    The crowd waiting for the completion of the summoning ceremony also showed a puzzled expression.

    "Grandma, can you explain what is going on here?"

    Zinnia's grandmother, Draconid Tribe's elder, faced the questioning of the one side of the text, she shook her head: "Perhaps the meteorite energy used to activate the colorful meteorite is not enough, can not restore the colorful meteorite original appearance, The failure to allow Rayquaza's emperor's organs to feel called from Sky Pillar, or to Rayquaza not to inhabit the ozone layer, is now far from the planet and may prevent Rayquaza from discovering the changes here. ”

    "That is to say, summoning Rayquaza failed?"The person who got the text looked serious: "Do you know that we have spent a lot of effort to win this opportunity to call you Rayquaza."

    “The history of saving Hoenn’s crisis is Rayquaza. Now that Hoenn is in crisis again, I also hope that Rayquaza will come again.”Draconid Tribe's elders lost their way: "Today, I can only let Zinnia hold this child for a while, maybe there will be a turnaround."

    I can't summon Rayquaza, although the elders of Draconid Tribe didn't say much, but the bottom of my heart was lost than anyone else. At the top of Sky Pillar, Zinnia became flustered and looked at Soaring in the sky. She was puzzled why she couldn't let it Rayquaza responded…



    "I have already said that how to blame Rayquaza for such ridiculous things can be successful, and only if you get the text can you come up with it."Although there is indeed a myth that Rayquaza has quelled the struggle between Groudon and Kyogre in history, the senator is more convinced of the power of technology than the myth.

    “Now Elite Four Terrance has successfully cracked down on Groudon and Kyogre. It is the best time to use two large war weapons to reinvent the two elves. I applied to use war weapons.”

    The representative of LaRousse Group, a high-tech researcher at Hoenn Region, said.

    "No, I reject, those weapons of war have high intensity of radiation, the history of the use of weapons of war results are hardly good, let some elves mutation irrational example is not not seen, who knows whether these weapons will make Groudon and kyogre more violent, not to mention, The radiation of these weapons will surely turn the entire 127th waters into the Dead Sea, and may even spill over into Sootopolis City, leading to the death of countless water elves, which is inhumane and will allow ' elf protectors ' to protest strongly and resolutely fail to use those weapons until the last minute. ”

    "Don't make a noise, there is a new change in the waters of 127."

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