Pokemon Court Chapter 1047

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 10th chapter of the Togetic Army, floating astronomy
    "Is it a failure to summon Rayquaza…"

    When Terrance got the message, his face sank instantly.

    Although I made a lot of worst plans, but when I really learned that I would continue to support it, Terrance was a little weak.

    "Groudon and Kyogre are no longer Struggle, but the inflow of natural energy is several times faster. It seems that they know that they can't break free from the existing forces and start trying to return to the level of life, inspiring stronger power and being forced. Waiting for us is not good…"

    “Is there no facility that can block natural energy?”Terrance asked.

    “Yes, but not many, and it’s hard to get together in a short time. The scope of the Fairy Domain is too big. It’s almost impossible to perfectly surround this area…”In addition to the Hoenn Alliance champion Steven, Ghost is the Elite Phoebe, the evil Elite Sidney, and the ice Elite Glacia. The highest fighting power of these Alliances is all in the 127 waters. In addition, even the retired dragon Elite Drake, After learning the news, I quickly came to support.

    Glacia Elite is responsible for freezing the waters leading to Sootopolis City and is continually reinforced to try to create a huge iceberg that blocks the ocean to prevent Groudon and Kyogre from moving in that direction after getting out of trouble.

    Sidney Elite, Phoebe Elite followed the nearby sea and traced the water fleet and lava team to prevent them from messing up again.

    It’s a reassuring thing to have a lot of Elite strongmen, but things are not that simple. It’s faster when Rotom Pokédex detects that the inflow of natural energy has increased by about half an hour. stand up.

    Even Altaria uses the means of controlling natural energy to suppress the proximity of other natural energies, and it has no effect at all.

    Although suppressed by the Fairy Legion, Groudon and Kyogre use natural energy, but far from Altaria, the strongest Contest Condition of two super-ancient elves, the natural energy that can be mobilized enough to affect the entire Hoenn continent, and Altaria, mobilized Natural energy, I am afraid, can't make Moonlight shine in a big city.

    Compared with Groudon and Kyogre, who have lived for at least several hundred million years, Altaria inherits the Fairy Aura of Xerneas, but it is still too tender. Even if Xerneas arrives, it is difficult to suppress the Grodon and Kyogre in the heyday. Terrance is getting more and more stressed.

    “Although Groudon and Kyogre seem calm, the Fairy Domain is gradually unstable. In this way, the two ultra-ancient elves may break free from the suppression of the Fairy Domain.”

    After the information was transmitted to the Hoenn Alliance, the members of the House of Representatives suddenly quarreled. The former members who wanted to apply for the use of large-scale war weapons also voted. However, because there were too many abstentions, they could not be implemented. Many Members really do not want to be the decision makers of this kind of matter and temporarily retreat.

    The presence of the Elite Four Group, including Steven, felt that most of the members were weak, but in this case, the Elite Four and even Terrance could not think of a better solution.

    On the fight, the presence of trainer are proficient, but on the governance of a region, so that a region stable development, control the masses of public opinion, the impact of events suppressed to the smallest, they are not good at this time Hoenn Alliance headquarters, Many members of the quarrel did not discuss a suitable outcome for half a day, it is really no matter how to solve this matter, the subsequent results are uncontrollable, after all, can let the ultra-ancient elves Groudon and Kyogre smelling Salts to come over the way too little.

    "At the moment, only one solution has been discussed. After suppressing Groudon and Kyogre, use large-scale hypnotic weapons and try to make Groudon and Kyogre recover their minds by sleeping."

    "Hypnosis? Can it be successful? ”

    Terrance said to himself, looking at Mismagius, the level of hypnosis reached the level of Mismagius, almost reached the extreme, but its hypnosis, even under the constraints of other triple shackles, at the same time get numerous enhancements, the role played Not very big, even if you use large-scale hypnotic weapons, it may not work…

    At present, this is the least influential solution. It is the means by which the Hoenn Alliance is temporarily thrown out to relieve stress. As for the most critical moment, I am afraid that not many Members dare to implement the plan to use large-scale war weapons.

    Those weapons, which rival the earth's nuclear weapons and even surpass nuclear weapons in terms of power and variety diversity, are easily contradicted and have a very large taboo.

    With this weapon against the legendary elves, the Hoenn Alliance will be under great pressure for success or not.

    When the pressure on Terrance became bigger, the elves of Togepi Paradise finally came.

    Togekiss led 48 elf forces that have evolved into Togetic in the Assist Togepi paradise to help out.

    Through the live broadcast of TV Station, many people saw the Togetic army flying neatly from the Flying device. Under the leadership of a Togekiss, these elves flew neatly to the Fairy Domain.

    "Mom, so many Togetic…"

    "And what about this order? Are they all the elves of Terrance Elite?"

    With the call of Terrance, Togekiss did not play sloppy eyes. After communicating with Mira's ancestral room, the winner quickly pulled the Togetic army of Togepi Park to relieve the pressure on Terrance.

    "It’s time to come."Terrance See Togekiss, nodded, if is the alliance transferred over the other Fairy elves, Terrance use really is not very reassuring, after all, into the fairy Domain is not a simple thing, but these togetic, But are in accordance with Terrance's breeder program Unified breeder, compared to other Fairy Elves, command is much easier, and fairy Domain adaptability is also stronger.

    This guy……How many elves are raised, is Elite Four so rich?"Bai Cheng and Riean, who are far away from Ever Grande City, stayed together and watched this battle. At this time, Bai Cheng had no interest in caring about Terrance's strength over him. Terrance was able to return safely without hesitation.

    With the addition of the Togekiss and Togetic forces, the stability of the Fairy Domain has improved slightly. The most important thing is that the time to suppress the ultra-ancient elves may be maintained longer. Terrance only hopes that someone can think about it during this period. Other solutions.

    He doesn't want to stick to the other elites when they fight against Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre…

    "I don't know if I can use z moves in my current physique, but even if I use them, it is estimated that Altaria will be stronger than them…"


    "Mewtwo this guy…I don't know if I heard the call of Gardevoir…"

    The day passed quickly, calm to a terrible night, but many people couldn't sleep, still suppressing the Terrance of the ancient elves, and got the blessings of all Hoenn people. At dusk, Elite Four Terrance guarded the most. The figure on the front line makes countless people feel sad.

    At this time, the elite Elites of each Region knew that Hoenn had a powerful Trainer who could simultaneously suppress two legendary elves.

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