Pokemon Court Chapter 1048

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 1048th broken Fairy Domain, floating astronomy
    Night, it’s too quiet, although it’s not without a little sound, it’s because of these sounds that it makes the night more peaceful. Inside and outside the Fairy Domain, Moonlight is like the mist of silver yarn, which makes it dyed here. A mysterious color.

    The reason why I feel calm now is that most people have a hunch that they may have a huge change in the future. It is just the tranquility of Hurricane before the rain.

    The sky is already dark, the night is over the sea, but the Fairy Domain is still shining…

    Lunatone, Ribombee, and Togetic, the three large numbers of elves, have never had a break since they came in. The main elves of Fairy Domain are even more bitter. Some elves even have to be multi-tasking, and they must ensure the accuracy of their behavior. Trainer, Terrance has also struggled at the forefront, staying up all night.

    Even if it was dark, he remained on the Fairy Domain, and Rotom Pokédex continued to improve the tactics during the crackdown.

    “Terrance Elite has no Rest at night?”

    Early the next morning, on the helicopter, Alliance Reporter Mira blinked and asked.

    “Not only is Terrance Elite himself, but many people don’t have a Rest at night. Except for some positions that are strict with the Spirit Contest Condition, all the people in Water No. 127 are on the alert all night.”

    As the day dawned, Terrance and others began to repeat the program yesterday. Compared to yesterday, the Fairy Domain is more stable. The powerful computing power of Rotom Pokédex is almost always analyzing the changes of the Fairy Domain. And command the elves to adjust to the most perfect level, but the return speed of natural energy around Hoenn is beyond the reach of Terrance and its imagination.

    Just one night, Hoenn's multiple Volcano signs were active, and the Weather Institute also detected that starting at 8:00 today, the temperature may rise to 40c and continue to heat up, as to how much will not be detected.

    In addition, the sea water movement in the Hoenn sea area began to rise sharply, and the ocean current began to undergo frequent and unstable changes.

    “It’s getting more and more disturbing.”Terrance looked at the quiet Groudon and Kyogre, and had some doubts. Groudon and Kyogre were so quiet. Have you already replied to Smelling Salts? However, before he was confirmed, he did not dare to act rashly. For their current Contest Condition, Terrance did not have any good judgment. However, these two ultra-ancient elves have been mobilizing natural energy and trying to break free from the suppression of Fairy Domain. definite.

    Every once in a while, Terrance has to exchange information with Hoenn Alliance, but this time during the exchange of information, Terrance suddenly changed his face, found two of terrorist energy suddenly condensed, jerked fairy Domain occurred a violent wobble, Change is not only so simple, in addition to the fairy domain above the rapid condensation of the dark clouds and through the dark clouds into the strong sunlight, to fairy domain as the center, the surrounding sea water is also constantly beginning to boil and concussion up.

    Looking at Soaring in the sky, the coexisting clouds and hot days, Terrance didn't expect Groudon and Kyogre to be able to do so in a repressed situation.

    Is the concentration of natural energy around it enough to make Groudon and Kyogre create a weather that affects the Fairy Domain?

    Inside the dark clouds, the sun is full of horrible energy. Although there seems to be no floating bubbles, they have the weather trick to Contest, but from the source, the impact of the two is absolutely different.

    In the waters of No. 127, the power of the sea of origin and the end of the world collided with each other, creating a powerful tearing force, instantly crushing the magic mirror made by Mega Diancie and the ice mirror made by Ninetales.

    At the moment when the fragments of the magic mirror and the ice mirror fell into the ocean, Lunatone was all caught in the explosion, and the Mismagius swam in the mirror was also bombed and hit hard.

    The natural energy symbolized by the sea of origin and the end of the land is too suitable for destruction. The role of Fairy Aura is suppressed to a minimum in an instant, or it may be because of the immaturity of Altaria. As Fairy Aura is suppressed, Gardevoir is condensed. Fairy's lock was suddenly broken, re-formed into a rolling mist, and dispersed in the air.

    As for the power of the snow and the floating bubble, in the face of the complete outbreak of Groudon and Kyogre, it is even more vulnerable!

    As he broke free from the crackdown, Groudon made a resounding scream, and the “Ω” icon pattern gradually appeared on the circular part of the root of the arm. The seams of the skin were gradually changed to a yellow material like a magma.

    Not only has Groudon changed, Kyogre's forehead and wing-like fins have a similar "a" pattern, and the red stripes on the back and torso of the fins are all converted to the same color, which means Kyogre and Groudon are completely back. Primal, changed back to its original appearance.

    "Primal Groudon! Primal Kyogre! ”

    The two super-ancient elves' eyes snapped to Terrance, when the Hoenn Alliance champion Steven, Hoenn Alliance Elite Four Sidney, Phoebe, Glacia and the previous Elite Four Drake shot together, and after numerous Poké Ball projections, Terrance's Fairy Legion Under the cover of many forces, he successfully retreated.

    "Terrance, let us go, let's take a break."

    The Fairy Regiment suppressed two super ancient elves one day and one night, five top trainer all saw the exhaustion of Terrance and his elves, and just now Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre burst out of the powerful power, by directly letting Fairy Domain Broken Way hit Terrance Elves, a short period of time Fairy Legion may not be able to adjust over, Fairy Legion's main elves Although there is no problem, but Lunatone, togetic, Ribombee problems are more serious.

    "Give it to you."Terrance glanced at Steven and others and nodded.

    During his time of suppressing Groudon and Kyogre, Steven and the four Elites studied a lot of tactics together in this situation. After a long period of running-in, the five top powers are now attacking together, and the two sides may not have the possibility of competing. .

    As for Terrance, it is better to take the time to adjust the Fairy Legion than to join it now, in case it is needed.

    After all, Fairy Domain's strong personal tactics are really not suitable for others to fight, and only Terrance alone can play the strongest.

    For a moment, the waters of No. 127, the whole battle that ignited the entire Hoenn opened –

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