Pokemon Court Chapter 1050

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 1050th chapter Wallace and crossing, floating astronomy
    Sootopolis City, most residents are in a hurry.

    Although the Hoenn Alliance has repeatedly guaranteed that Groudon and Kyogre will not threaten Sootopolis City, it is an instinct for human beings to seek help. Most people want to leave Sootopolis City for the time being, but in terms of the total population of Sootopolis City, This is a project that is almost impossible to complete in a short time.

    The Mayor of Sootopolis City and Juan of the Sootopolis Road Museum made a half-hour reassurance speech, which only slightly eased the concerns of the general public.

    "I heard that Master Wallace has already gone to the front line…"

    Sootopolis City regards Wallace as a pride. The behavior of Wallace has affected many people. In fact, the root cause of this escape idea is not the previous turmoil, but the early withdrawal of some middle and upper classes to arouse the weakness of most people. As a result, the number of followers has changed little, and eventually all citizens hope to temporarily escape from Sootopolis City.

    In a conference room.

    With the decision of the mayor of Sootopolis City, Wallace's master Juan first agreed, and the concept of "swearing to live with Sootopolis City" was put forward, and the high-level representatives representing Sootopolis City will always be in the sight of the masses as a relief. Their centering pin.

    “Sootopolis City was originally my home, and I don’t have a reason to leave it alone.”Juan shook his head.

    Except for the Mayor of Sootopolis City and Mr. Juan, most of the high-level Sootopolis City is silent. Although this is the only way to solve the panic, it is easy to say. At the crucial moment, I am afraid that no one is willing to die with these citizens. There is a good future.

    This proposal appeared, the meeting room exploded in an instant, and the harsh objection continued to sound.

    Some people are pessimistic, considering the worst results, and some are optimistic, I believe that Hoenn Alliance can solve the problems of Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre perfectly.

    Steven and Glacia, Phoebe, Drake, Sidney and other Elite are still commanding 26 elves and two ultra-ancient elves to fight bloody, although the battle is bigger than Terrance's suppression of two ultra-ancient elves, but two The strength of the ultra-ancient elves is different from the past.

    Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre, a more common metaphor, can be understood as Altania's full-life Contest Condition.

    The previous Groudon and Kyogre can be seen as the normal state of Altaria.

    During the period, I experienced the Mega Evolution and the blessing of natural energy, which led to the fact that the strength of the two ultra-ancient elves can break the Fairy Domain in a flash.

    "Sidney Elite, can you still stick?"

    With five of people being hit hard by the main situation, their tactical intentions are no longer complete, Terrance also sent elves to relieve their pressure, as for their cooperation, although temporarily unable to come up with what can suppress the ultra-ancient elves of the top tactics, but with the experience and insight of several people, Complete some advanced cooperation to share with each other under pressure or to do.

    "It hurts to die."Sidney arm in the battle by the heat wave winding, bloodied up, fortunately the elves treatment in time, otherwise he will probably lose this arm, fighting in the ocean, Sidney Elite advantage is really not, no flat field caused his own tactical core can not play out, but also very good protection of their own , because in this way, he became the first injured in the top trainer.

    "Support to Mr. Lance and Wallace are coming, we can breathe a sigh of relief for a while, and then stick to it…"

    Steven looks tired, although none of his elves are currently seriously injured, but their physical exertion is huge. So far, Groudon and Kyogre have not had obvious injuries, but they have been printed with some traces. I want to know how many people have suffered.

    The excitement at the beginning was gradually being wiped out under such a huge gap that did not see hope.

    If it is on land…

    Several people have this idea. If they are on land, their combat power can be expanded by at least several times. There are more elves to choose from. More tactics can be matched, and more combat can be done. How can it be so wrong now?

    Unfortunately, except for the previous Dream Island, there is only the island where Sootopolis City is located. Dream Island has been sunk by two elves. Steven and others can't bring the two elves to Sootopolis City, which leads to their battle. You can fight if you fight without fighting.

    As the two sides continued to fight, soon after, a Milotic and a red Mega Gyarados entered the battlefield, followed by more water elves and dragon spirits.

    This is……Wallace's Water Legion and the Dragon's Legion. ”

    Seeing these two groups of elves, the nearby Alliance members instantly showed a happy color.

    Speaking of fighting at sea, Wallace can be said to be Hoenn's strongest.

    Alliance Champion Steven and Coordinator Wallace have had many private mock battles. The two sides have a win and a loss. The difference between the two is not big. Even if Steven is strong, it will not let Wallace see the hope of victory. It can be said that Wallace The strength is close to the championship, and even the strength can easily suppress the champion of some small Region.

    In fact, in the original book, it was the position of Steven who was replaced by Wallace. The strength of the two was not much different, but the venue for the battle actually limited the play of Wallace. In the sea, it was the home of his water master.

    So when I saw Wallace coming, Steven was relieved.

    In addition, Watanabe has also attracted much attention, he came from the Blackthorn City taming Dragon Division, with his back to Dragon's Den, Johto Region in the eyes of some ancient forces is considered to be and Hoenn Draconid Tribe, Unova The Township of the Dragon is one of the three orthodoxy of the strongest dragon system, the background is very powerful, in fact, in addition to some of the legendary Dragon Elves, the Dragon Legion includes all the species of Dragon Elves, even some non-dragon type but has the dragon gene of the powerful elves he also has breeder.

    Usually in some competitions, most of the time, only the Johto Region native elves are used. Among them, there are very few pure dragons, but even then, he shows invincible posture, and only the strong players who play the same strength will show the true The bottom line, it can be said that the young ferry strength has exceeded Drake, the old dragon Elite too much.

    Ferry, Steven, Wallace, can be regarded as three Alliance champions, plus Glacia Elite can also play a good role in marine operations, the Trainer side can be said to have a strong strength, Drake Elite, Phoebe Elite, Sidney Elite Nodded and gave the main attack position to Wallace and Ferry.

    "I have a proposal."

    After the pressure eased, the Terrance Express Road.

    "My Fairy Legion can bring Fairy energy together and converge into a Mega trick, but if you want to succeed and reach the ultimate in power, I need time to cover and take time."

    "To what extent can I damage Groudon and Kyogre?"

    "If you try your best and have enough time to prepare, at least it will be much stronger than the power of Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre."I think I can gamble and maybe have a chance to hit them. ”Terrance Road.

    Soon, everyone agreed with Terrance's proposal, and now with Wallace and the addition, Terrance has more confidence to prepare for that blow.

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