Pokemon Court Chapter 1052

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 1032 chapter of the taboo weapon, floating astronomy
    Above the sky.

    Ninetales has shaped a massive ice age of about 71.6 meters in diameter as a carrier of countless Fairy energy.

    Then, 24 Lunatone, 48 Togetic, and 49 Ribombee, all made their own tricks.

    Whether it is Dazzling Gleam or Moonblast, it greatly enhances the energy of the ice moon.

    In addition to them, Gardevoir, Mawile, Mismagius, and Togekiss also released a huge amount of Fairy energy.

    As one of the cores of the Icemoon tactics, Mega Altaria began to use Fairy Aura while adjusting hundreds of Fairy moves –

    If it was before, Altaria couldn't do it, but after Tapu?The special training of the fin fins, after completing the special training of “Fairy Control”, has reached a very high level of control over Fairy's energy, plus the follow-up special trainings of “Life Control” and “Nature Control”. Altaria's Fairy Aura has undergone a qualitative change and it is not difficult to accomplish this feat today.

    Nearly a hundred elves surround this super-large icemoon, and each elf gathers a dazzling Fairy energy. Under the adjustment of the Fairy Aura that wraps the entire Soaring in the sky, these Fairy energy slowly becomes A little bit of light, like the Tail Glow bug Normal drilled into the ice moon.

    As Fairy's energy gathers, the ice is getting brighter and brighter, and the color is getting closer to the color of Fairy's energy.

    "This…"On the Alliance media helicopter, Reporter Mira looked at the ice moon, swallowed his mouth, and then trembled.

    The whole helicopter was very small in front of this ice moon. She felt like she saw the real moon Normal. When the Fairy energy gathered, the ice moon gave her a very sacred feeling.

    The inflow of Fairy energy also represents the passage of time…

    Every elf releases the Fairy energy very slowly, because Altaria has limited energy, and if it is too fast, it may cause it to be underpowered and unable to take into account the details, thus failing.

    With the top seven top players competing for time, Terrance strives to be in place once and does not allow any errors in the middle.

    And with the physical strength of Ninetales, I am afraid I can't condense the second ice moon of this scale…

    "Be sure to record the moment it fell!!"Mira shouted in his heart.

    She has realized the madness of this Falling Moon Plan…This may be the biggest news of Hoenn in recent years, the next hot spot!

    At this moment, when the ice gathers energy, Rotom Pokédex is also detecting how much energy is in it and transmitting it to the Hoenn Alliance headquarters in code form.

    Hoenn Alliance has a taboo weapon, has an independent set of power calculation formula, which involves materials science and energy science and its branches, including energy fusion, energy reactivity and other learning, if the original unit of energy can only explode the power of "10", But when this energy and a unit of specific energy are combined and condensed, there is a good chance that it will explode beyond the conventional hundreds of thousands of times times, and the destructive power is very frightening.

    “The energy response is intense and the level of response is currently rising.”

    In the Hoenn Alliance, many members of Parliament have been paying attention to the formation of this super-large ice age. With the increase of energy response, the ice moon contains more and more energy, and everyone's face has a touch of movement.

    The energy after the detonation of this icemoon has reached one-tenth of the Hoenn Alliance's least powerful contraindication weapon.

    Even if it continues, it can match the pressure of some small Region's Elf Alliance.

    Those taboo weapons are weapons with a powerful deterrent that can give some power great potential for war and a prominent world position, more than a sense of meaning, more than a alliance champion, but, by contrast, a alliance champion may be more flexible in its actions, Not those rigid weapons can be compared, so in addition to deterrence, these taboo weapons with great adverse effects have little room to play, more often, on behalf of the top human war is the Alliance champion.

    After all, the biggest feature of this taboo weapon is its powerful tyrannical power. It does not distinguish between the enemy and the enemy, and it cannot be controlled after launching. Otherwise, it will not be taboo.

    In the waters of No. 127, above the ocean, Wallace and Glacia Elite interacted with each other, and an ice continent was born. The battle area between the people and Kyogre was successfully narrowed to the waters leading to the sea in the center of the ice continent.

    This is Kyogre's own smashing, and the battlefield that Wallace and others specially prepared for it.

    On the other hand, the Dragon Enchanter, the Hoenn Alliance champion Steven, has won the battle and succeeded in suppressing the Primal Groudon by the double force, giving the Elite plenty of cushioning time.

    After Phoebe, Sidney, and Drake completed the cooperation, they took the lead to evacuate. At the same time, there were many Alliance fleets in No. 127 waters, leaving only two remotely operated suicide warships as the last means to interfere with the two super-ancient elves. In case of emergency.

    "Can you freeze them for a few seconds?"

    "In terms of the results of five attempts, Groudon can melt the ice in about 3 seconds, and Kyogre takes about 4 seconds to break free."

    That's enough

    Being able to get this answer has already made Terrance satisfied. In 3 or 4 seconds, it is the withdrawal time of the Alliance Elite and the champions. It is also the time of the icemoon.

    As time went by, many human powerhouses and the ancient elves experienced numerous rounds of battle, they have already figured out their fighting style and determined their mode of action, so the Icemoon plan is about to begin.

    At high altitude, the fluctuation of the ice-moon energy response has reached its limit. In the data obtained by the Hoenn Alliance, the energy response of this ice moon is very close to the minimum-sized taboo weapon.

    How much time did Terrance prepare during this time?

    Nearly half an hour and half an hour created a benign weapon that was comparable to the taboo weapon. This efficiency shocked the entire Elf Alliance.

    "This is a living taboo weapon."

    "The potential of this core tactic…"

    Kanto Region, Indigo Plateau, Agatha, sitting in a chair watching the war, shook her head. She lived for most of her life, and she was the first to see such an exaggerated trick.

    "It's more mature than when he first used it."

    "It seems that it is Xerneas."The Kalos Region, Big Celebrity and Alliance champion Diantha is also watching here. If Terrance is the deepest study of Fairy Type in the Trainer, then Diantha is likely to be the second person.

    Her Trump Card Gardevoir, with the two Attributes of Super and Fairy. When fighting with Terrance, Diantha was very curious about Altaria's special power to suppress Gardevoir. Now, her guess is finally confirmed.

    Inherit the Trainer.

    The Trainer, who got the power of the legendary elves, is called the Heritage Trainer. They are not necessarily strong, but everyone has an unusual ability. The earliest one of the Trainers is the three hundred years. Former Ecruteak City who can contact Ho-Oh.

    The meaning of taboo weapons lies in deterrence. It is not only a deterrent to human beings, but also an elf in the deterrent legend. The two are equal in status, and only the power of the legendary elves can match the taboo weapons. This is the root cause for Diantha to be sure of his judgment.

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