Pokemon Court Chapter 1053

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1053 lost the signal, unknown results, floating astronomy
    So far, knowing that the "Falling Moon Plan" is only the top elves of the Alliance elite, only the major Alliance executives who can pay attention to the battlefield changes, the masses are still unaware of the implementation of this plan, and the understanding of the scene is only text, picture description and The dictation of the live Reporter.

    Before this key plan was carried out, the Hoenn Alliance obtained the consent of Terrance and decided to disclose the moment of the icefall to the masses.

    A total of 36 long-range drones have been prepared from a variety of locations, aiming to capture the final key dynamics.

    The helicopter, where Hoenn Alliance Media is located, acts as the home base for commanding drones and controls everything from a distance.

    This is to inform everyone of the essence of the Alliance, but also to pass on the results of this plan. If the two super-ancient elves can still be safe under such an attack, then no matter what means the Hoenn Alliance can do, it can be maximized. Forgive me.

    So this is also an opportunity for the Hoenn Alliance to find a reason for itself.

    The smell of lava and seawater-doped steam does not scatter, and the entire ice continent is chaotic. However, if the battlefield is slightly broken, it will be immediately completed and the terrain will be absolutely intact.

    At this point, it seems that Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre have the upper hand, but in fact, they are in the hands of the Alliance Elite and Alliance champions.

    Although it is impossible to fight for a long time, in a certain period of time, in order to achieve the goal, Wallace, Du, Steven, Glacia and others have all erupted a complete foundation, and truly competed against the legend.

    The battle time is not long, but the record is not enough. This opportunity is not available to every Trainer. Even among the champions of the past, there are very few people who have fought with the legendary elves of Groudon and Kyogre. It is enough to make the names of several people praised in later generations.

    Steven looked up and looked at the Soaring in the sky covered by Mist. Some expectation, although covered by the mist, he can still feel the oppression above Soaring in the sky.

    After crossing the cloak that had been wet, and standing behind Steven, Wallace and Glacia were also close to each other.

    "The hair is messed up…"

    Glacia Elite said something like a joke, but the expression is still very serious, even if the hair is messed up, then there can be no mistakes.


    "Began ————" above the clouds, Terrance face solemn, with Altaria and ninetales a long cry, the ice slowly sank toward the ocean, at the same time, Kyogre immediately from the deep sea straight up meteor Mash continued to push into the air, Then suffered double hit in the air to fly over, the next moment, ice and snow energy gathered, Kyogre instantly frozen up, at the same time, Groudon also instantly by the shocking water curtain wrapped, and then by the Wallace Water Legion absolutely frozen.

    This series of operations, four people tried several times in different ways, take ultra-ancient elves as experimental products to try tactics, I am afraid that only the Alliance champions have this background, huge ice above, frozen kyogre ice like a hideous dragon, swept from the ice half empty, Groudon After a stunning water curtain package, the body is tightly sealed and unable to move by a layer, two layers, and three layers of freezing to varying degrees.

    But now everyone knows that this is not the end, with the power of two ultra-ancient elves, you can break free and re-vent your power without 5 seconds.

    But then it's not their business, with the cooperation of Sidney, Phoebe, Drake Elite, Steven, Watanabe, Wallace, Glacia and others completed several experiments to ensure that the plan was not started until it was foolproof, and now the initial success of the plan is seen as a follow-up development, In the instant of Steven's Metagross confusion, which wraps the entire ice continent, countless flashes of light flashed, and several of the top strong and their elves instantly moved above the very high soaring in the sky, and in confusion Under the protection of the field continued to fly above the height of the rice.

    During this period, countless Poké Balls shimmered, and as the people regained their main force, they also saw the slowly sinking super-large ice moon from Soaring in the sky…



    "I am Mira, and I will post a news for you."

    Most TV stations can see such a news at the same time, wearing the professional report of the Alliance Reporter Mira, is excited to explain.

    "After the finalization of Hoenn Alliance, in order to prevent the violent ultra-ancient elves Groudon and Kyogre into the human habitat of the town, by the two Alliance champion, four Alliance elite, a former Alliance elite And a combination of co-masters implemented the ' Falling Moon plan ', which aims to exhaust the strength of two ultra-ancient elves so that they have to dive into the deep sea to sleep, thus avoiding disaster. ”

    “At the same time, in order to avoid the impact of the Lunar New Year process on nearby towns, the Hoenn Navy has established a multi-layered defense line, and please feel that people who are fluctuating strongly do not worry.”

    Falling Moon Plan ?

    Many people have had strong doubts when they heard the name.

    Sootopolis City, countless people are not at home, but gathered on the street, in the square, because the more people there, the more they feel safe, not only the ordinary people of Sootopolis City, but also the moment of the Falling Moon Plan. The Sootopolis City executives also stopped the debate and paid close attention to the plan.

    The public screens of Sootopolis City have become places of worship for Sootopolis City citizens.

    Looking at the remote shooting drone sent over the picture, the crowd suffocated, ultra-ancient elves Kyogre and ultra-ancient elves Groudon in the minds of many people are invincible strong existence, is only in the myth and legend of the creature, looking at such a creature was frozen up the picture, some people can not help but a great increase in confidence, However, some people are aware of the wrong, you know, fairy Elite Terrance But the use of more cumbersome means to suppress the two elves, so that they can not control them, just the current ice line?

    The answer is no, the next picture, but two or three seconds, the ice of the frozen ancient elves will appear innumerable cracks in an instant, seeing here, everyone's heart instantly accelerates to jump…

    In the next moment, the picture is divided into four parts, one is a close-up of Groudon, the other is a close-up of Kyogre, part of…It is a close-up of a massive icemoon that has fallen from Soaring in the sky and reached a diameter of 71.6 meters!

    When the picture is divided, the super-large ice moon is in the eyes, many people have not realized it, but when they combine the third picture with the fourth panoramic picture, everyone instantly reveals a shocking expression, and the fallen Compared with the ultra-large-scale icemoon, the two super-ancient elves seem to be extremely small…

    The moment when the two super-ancient elves broke the ice, the ice moon has fallen to the ultra-low altitude very close to the ice continent.


    As Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre reacted, looking up at the huge ice moon that covered Soaring in the sky, it was already too late, and the broken ice moon was compressed to the ultimate Fairy energy, which broke out instantly. When the ice moon touched the two super-ancient elves, a wave of energy that destroyed the earth was erupted.

    The picture was first occupied by a strong light…Followed by…Live pictures all over the world lose their signals!

    During this period, the citizens of Sootopolis City felt a strong vibration and even felt a strong wind from the waters of No. 127, and could see a strong light shining from it.

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