Pokemon Court Chapter 1054

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1054, The Moonlight, Astronomy
    Obviously, the fluctuations in the fall of the ice, even in Sootopolis City, can be clearly felt.

    However, because the Hoenn Navy has done a lot of protection around Sootopolis City, and the ice moon contains pure Fairy energy, the impact is not great, and there are no such things as energy radiation and energy pollution.

    After two seconds of losing the signal, the picture was reloaded. Just now, some of the drones that were closer to the location of the icemoon were directly destroyed. As for the far distance, they were also affected by the spread of fluctuations. , temporarily lost the signal.

    The Ice moon explosion, in the Hoenn Alliance estimate, as well as close to the smallest taboo weapon, the explosion of the hurricane pressure at the detonation point directly below or even the ocean out of a deep up to hundreds of meters of whirlpool, facing up, fairy light shining to thousands of meters high, if not Steven Waiting for people to know in advance the power of the ice moon, has fled to a safe position, I am afraid powerless and Groudon and Kyogre together bear the power of this falling ice moon.


    In Sootopolis City, the masses saw this picture and suddenly lost their mind. Just now, Sootopolis City, even with the protection of the measures, still inevitably produced small-scale aftershocks. It is conceivable that the power of the icemoon has fallen. powerful. And now when the masses find that Groudon and Kyogre can't be found in the picture, they all can't help but suffocate.

    "Win it…"

    "It should be a win. Under that attack, how could Groudon and Kyogre be safe?"

    “Are the Alliance Elites killing Groudon and Kyogre?”

    Realizing this, many people are stunned, and some look at the whirlpool that is constantly rotating. Is this the power that Trainer can master?

    The games that are usually seen on TV, juniors such as Evergrande Conference, intermediates such as the Masters, seniors such as the Elite Challenge, the Championship Challenge, the power of Trainer's Pokémon, no matter how exaggerated, will not spread to the venue. In addition, this picture in front of us has really impacted the power concept of most people.

    This can't be called Trainer at all…This is simply the power of the gods.

    Of course, a small number of people have remained sensible, such as the mayor of Sootopolis City and the Taoopolis Taoist Temple. Although they are equally shocked by the destructive power of the Falling Moon Plan, they are not as ignorant of power as most people. But it is because of knowing too much, so a thought comes together in their minds…

    Hoenn Alliance, really do not use taboo weapons?

    This destruction in front of you…Is it purely done by Trainer?

    At the beginning of the establishment of the Elf Alliance, the status of the community of interests is not prominent, most of the human beings also with certain elves as faith, as a totem, at that time a variety of religions, the legendary elves countless, in general, most of the human beings are very in awe of the power of the Elves, Although there are some people who control the power of the elves to wage war, but also only for ordinary Pokémon, and in the face of the legendary elves, almost no one dares to contend.

    Before the Elf Alliance was established, when the technology had not yet developed, there were very few people who dared to play the legendary elves.

    However, with the conduct of a detonation experiment at that time, Elf Alliance completely consolidated its status as a human hegemony, countless faith elves of the religion suffered repression, the legendary elves are no longer invincible, in the south of the World, Elf Alliance in the middle of the air detonated a super-large-scale taboo weapon, At the time of the explosion, the fireball had a radius of more than 4,000 meters, and the flame had exceeded the height of the detonation, so the fireball quickly swept through the ground and quickly spread to the height of the fling, when flames could be seen nearly 900-kilometer kilometers away. Even the scorpion cloud generated by the explosion is nearly 35 kilometers wide and about 59 kilometers high…The power is terrible.

    Although it was an aerial detonation, the taboo weapon still caused massive earthquake, and even the electromagnetic pulse wave after the explosion caused a one-hour radio communication empty window period, and then the Hideki disturbance caused by the explosion surrounded the planet nearly three times, during which countless legendary elves were alarmed and awakened , mankind has since entered the era of the alliance regime and embarked on the road of modernization.

    However, taboo weapons are ultimately a deterrent and cannot be used as a conventional weapon. Since then, Alliance has rarely shown such a legacy. Terrance's lunar new moon, although not very large in scale, has exceeded the damage that ordinary power can cause. It is no wonder that the mayor of Sootopolis City and others believe that Alliance has used small-scale taboo weapons.

    The disappearance of Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre has caused people around the world to pay attention to the 127th waters to start silence.

    Then, the deep sea whirlpool slowly calmed down and everything seemed quiet.

    The major alliance, repositioned the status of Terrance.

    "Everyone, according to our tests, this ice month has been a relatively small-scale taboo weapon, that is, Terrance Elite has mastered the power of taboo…"

    The whole process of the Falling Moon Plan also appeared in front of the real powers of the world.

    For the first time, they have such a complicated mood. The taboo weapons that are alive can be different from those of the dead. It can be said that Alliance's taboo weapons can't even be dealt with by an Elite-level Trainer. A top Trainer is deeply rooted in people's places. Who dares? Order Fling to taboo weapons? Taboo weapons are powerful, but the environmental impact is extremely bad. Easy use may cause some of the Legendary Pokémon's counter-attacks, and if they are harmless, they will be condemned by the people.

    However, when Terrance is such a living taboo weapon, the meaning is different in a moment. Although the moon is in need of cover and preparation time, it is much more flexible than other taboo weapons.

    No matter what, the international status of the Hoenn Alliance will definitely be greatly improved. Even if it is comparable to the Indigo Alliance, even the championship exchange and the Elite exchange will be saved.

    "Everyone is alright."

    Although the effect of the New Moon is shocking and the world sees the power of the New Moon, most of the members of Terrance's Fairy Army are exhausted, and as a party, Terrance is not optimistic because he feels that things are not so simple and will end. ……

    The power of the moon is not as strong as he imagined, and it is hard to break Groudon and Kyogre.

    "Terrance, Steven, Glacia, Wat, Wallace, are you five people listening?"

    “Just right, Groudon and Kyogre were detected…”

    "Revisit the ocean!!"

    As Groudon and Kyogre resurfaced, the Sootopolis City citizens, who had been immersed in the rest of the robbery, suddenly showed an incredible expression.

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