Pokemon Court Chapter 1056

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1056, the Y shape of the Mewtwo! Floating astronomy
    "Terrance, he…"

    In order not to affect the fall of the Ice Moon, Steven et al. evacuated to the other side, at a very different altitude from Terrance's direction.

    They should have been together for the first time, and then they will fight against Groudon and Kyogre to get time for Alliance, but Steven didn't think that Terrance took the lead after passing such a weird message.

    What happened was,Glacia asked.

    "Terrance sent intelligence to Alliance saying that this battle may have a turnaround, but he is not sure, Terrance has gone down alone."

    "With such a hole card, is there still room for fighting? What else did he hide? ”Wallace was surprised.

    Unable to understand, everyone nodded each other, immediately re-arranged the lineup, intends to go to support Terrance.

    Ferry, Steven, Sidney, Phoebe, and Glacia all have the obligation to be champions of Alliance Elite and Alliance. In this disaster, they must come forward to protect the masses. This is also the time when every Elite Four and Elite Four champion wins this status. Swearing, after learning that Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre began to resurrect, Sidney Elite and Phoebe Elite rushed back!

    Drake was silent for a long time and came back together. Although it was not Elite Four, he couldn't watch the Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre continue to wreak havoc.

    The same is true of Wallace, who is not Elite Four, but in order to protect Sootopolis City from volunteering with the Elite Four, there is no fear of the risk of doing so.

    Whether it is Drake, the top Trainer, or Wallace, the top coordinator, it shows the spirit of being a strong person.

    In midair, Mewtwo leaps down. Through the previous battles, it has long known the strength of two super-ancient elves. It can be said that these two elves are stronger than the Charon Dragon Giratina that it encounters in another world. This also made Mewtwo very satisfied with the two Rivals that Terrance was looking for.

    "Your Rival is me -"

    Seeing that there is no reason, I only know Groudon and Kyogre, who use the instinct to liberate the end of the land and the power of the origin of the sea, Mewtwo cold and proud to drink, with these powers, but bound by human thoughts, you are simply shackled!

    With the strong momentum of Mewtwo, Groudon and Kyogre also noticed the existence of Mewtwo, the anger of being attacked, and they were instantly vented to Mewtwo.

    Primal Groudon creates the earth, ascends to the top, and squirts a raging fire in the mouth. Eruption moves in its use, spits out the flames that can destroy the earth, and the anger and flames perfectly blend into the power of sunshine, making the flame seem like The sun is vying for Normal.

    Primal Kyogre double-fins, the ocean suddenly rolled, but it was rolled up, and the waves of the sky were turned into weapons. Kyogre's Surf moves have already had the power of the oversized tsunami.

    In the face of two powerful tricks, mewtwo a flash, the body instantly switched to another form, compared to the previous form, Mewtwo's physique has shrunk a lot, the pupil has changed to red, the tail and the purple of the abdomen all disappeared, the color above appears in the feet and hands above, the most obvious change, It was the presence of an organ on the head of the Mewtwo that resembles the "headset" Normal protuberance that replaced the tail.

    "Good Psywave moves Rotto."Rotom Pokédex, hiding in the chest of Terrance, suddenly sounded amazed.

    At this moment, the spiritual potential of Mewtwo was thoroughly explored and evolved into a form that was named y by itself!

    "that is……"

    Altaria deliberately avoided the attacks of Groudon and Kyogre, deviating from their attack direction, but Mewtwo was facing up. After seeing the transformation form, Mewtwo showed a blue light. The next moment, the blue Confusion wave ran like a strong wind Normal. The water flow and the flame are like what a huge resistance Normal is encountered, and it is squeezed in a moment to spread in all directions!

    Psychic, transformed by powerful spiritual power, directly ignores the tricks of two super-ancient elves. The change of the strength of Mewtwo makes Terrance unable to avoid it. He also noticed the way Mewtwo is now, this change…It's Mega Evolution. Undoubtedly, Mewtwo has really mastered the power of the autonomous Mega Evolution.

    will be shrouded in the entire half of the air of the powerful Confusion gas field spread, the success of the two tricks squeezed out of the moment, Mewtwo one hand a wave, Confusion field quickly turned to gravity field, strong pressure attack moment together with the trick back to two ultra-ancient elves, Water flow and flame doped confusion fluctuations caused by the huge pressure hit, sure enough caused a very frightening explosion, although not the power of the moon meteorite, but also far more than before the human strong and two ultra-ancient elves collide with each other when the scale of any fluctuation.

    The roaring energy fluctuations covered the two super-ancient elves, accompanied by a huge sound, and the situation in the 127th waters was once again known by the Hoenn Alliance, and everyone began to watch the changes in the battlefield with a stunned look.

    Well, it’s pretty clear

    Through the blurred screen, the Hoenn Alliance Rep. saw Mega Mewtwo y and Terrance.

    Under the protection of Mega Diancie, Terrance was not afraid of the aftermath of fighting with two super-ancient elves. Altaria also left Terrance at this time, and mastered the natural energy to melt into itself, the strength increased by more than 30%, between Altaria wings, Countless Dazzling Gleam burst out, and the attack of Mewtwo smashed the sea.

    "Mewtwo, don't fight, our main purpose is to get them back to Smelling Salts. Is there any way you have?"

    "Unfortunately, after I left New Island, my spiritual research was limited to destruction."Mewtwo said: "Let's go according to your original method, defeat them, and they will naturally withdraw from this form, and it will be easy to solve by then."

    Speaking of the last…Still have to fight…

    Terrance and Mewtwo Exchange room, Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre again furious, just attack, obviously successfully caused them to do effective harm, then, mewtwo a loud drink, hands open, Two ultra-ancient elves are immediately wrapped in blue confusion fluctuations, slowly pulled out of the sea, floating in the air, and with the confusion fluctuations of their bodies are constantly scratched out of the bruises …

    Seeing this, Mega Gallade, Mega Altaria, directly pursued the pursuit, aimed at the key parts of the settled Kyogre and Groudon, and launched the offensive again!

    When the scene at hand was passed through the still-running drone, the eyes of the world gathered again on Groudon and Kyogre, as well as Terrance and his elves! In particular, it was only able to suppress the spirits of Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre by themselves, and it received wide attention.

    Steven and others who came to see Terrance really suppressed Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre by themselves. The two super-ancient elves that returned to Primal were as easy as they were in the normal state, and they were very wrong.

    At the same time, the Kanto Region, the Rockets headquarters, Giovanni, watching the 127th sea, looked at the familiar look of Mega Mewtwo y, the subconscious Crush Grip took the cup in his hand, and then showed an incredible expression.

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