Pokemon Court Chapter 1057

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1057, another form, the mysterious elf appeared, floating astronomy
    Mewtwo through Calm Mind, the huge spiritual ocean accumulated, it is its strong heritage, after its successful control of the body's destruction factor, the destructive power of this spiritual power has reached an unprecedented height.

    In the face of Mewtwo's Psychic, Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre began to struggle with Struggle. One body exuded a heavy power, one showed the qualities that could swallow everything. Under the resistance of the two forces, Psychic began to disintegrate, and Mewtwo's forehead also There are a few flaws.

    After giving Terrance a gesture, Altaria and Gallade quickly retreated, and with the counterattacks of Groudon and Kyogre, Mewtwo's powerful Psychic began to materialize and turned into a Psyshock to break the past.

    At this moment, Groudon and Kyogre seemed to be detonated Normal, wrapped in a huge smog and then re-falling into the ocean.

    The existence of Mewtwo, Groudon and Kyogre did not anticipate that after the Mewtwo joined the battle, the two ultra-ancient elves were defeated one after another.

    However, the adaptability of two ultra-ancient elves is also extremely frightening, and soon they began to try to use the power of ability to corrode confusion, to form their own protection, the end of the land ability add body, close to Groudon psywave movement will instantly burn up, The origin of the sea ability add body, kyogre as if with the sea into one, their own start aqua ring to create a psywave movement difficult to run through the curtain.

    “Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre once they use the Ability, the physical exertion will be faster, and the natural energy loss will be faster. If they are given enough pressure, they will have no energy to ignite more natural energy, and then they will be forced. Exiting the Primal form, the outcome is all after that!"Terrance shouted.

    Got it

    Like most creatures, Groudon and Kyogre suffered from a crisis and a stronger instinct. They became stronger, but it became stronger by Terrance, which meant that they began to consume a lot of energy. Even if many human powers forced them together, they did not force them to this. It must be said that now The situation really turned around!

    Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre used flames and water flow as a hindrance, weakening the role of Confusion, causing Mewtwo's Psystrike to be broken up by both elves even after running through the flames and water.

    The two sides began to establish a attack and defense war, high-intensity collision, let Mewtwo cold humming, no longer willing to carry out this passive battle, the next moment, its shape again transformed, as if the appearance of "hood" "armor" and other elements composed of organs, this is its muscle burst, the body of powerful proof, different from the previous petite form, This form of Mewtwo gives a fighting the illusion of a series of elves, strong Hideki blood instead of spiritual energy,

    Single Hand condensation thunder Punch, into the form of X Mewtwo no longer rely on mental strength, with a strong force and speed burst out, the front hard touch contains the power of the source of the Aqua ring, it is unmatched, punching as there is lightning Pentium, constantly forcing Kyogre, close and Kyogre The single fin carried out a mega collision, it was clear that it had given up with the intention of one enemy two, decided to take the lead in defeating one of them.

    Primal Groudon This side, Altaria was strong Blaise, had to wrap the whole body wrapped in the fire of life to fight, with fairy Aura, this has to fight Primal Groudon qualification, Mega Diancie itself can become a great help, Although it grew short time, but also as a legend, the war force in the Terrance team even Gallade is not as good, but now in order to protect Terrance with Gallade, Diancie can not end in person to fight, Mega Altaria, Mega Diancie, Mega Gallade, Terrance's three big Trump Card, now all out, although the division of labor is different, but it shows the Terrance of a strong background.

    "Let's help you!"

    Frozen light, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Dragon Rage, Hydro Pump, Grating Cannon, numerous moves, each containing a huge amount of energy that can interfere with Primal Groudon, the addition of Steven and others, so that Terrance pressure instantly ease.

    "We have to change the perception that the backstop could be a trap from which the UK could not escape," May told EU leaders, according to Downing Street.There is hope! ! ”

    If people in any part of the world are most concerned about the outcome of this war, then there is no doubt that the Sootopolis city citizens, the location of this war is too close to Sootopolis city, even the fallout can affect Sootopolis city, It is conceivable that if the real power of the two super-ancient elves is released, then Sootopolis City will suffer how to be destroyed, then, Sootopolis City Most ordinary people, I am afraid it is difficult to escape.

    The situation twists and turns, from fairy Elite Terrance crackdown Ultra-ancient elves, and then ultra-ancient elves out of trouble, and then to a number of top trainer to fight together, the launch of falling Moon Plan fruitless, sootopolis City citizens mentality is gradually disintegrated, has reached the brink of collapse, falling Moon plan failed, most of sootopolis City citizens have intended to abandon themselves, do not choose all means to escape, but when Terrance led Mewtwo again into the battlefield, as well as a number of Alliance Elite, The entry of the Alliance champion and Wallace, however, left them uncontrollably stopping all their actions.

    These Trainers…Have not given up yet.

    Sootopolis City, a little Stephanie, saw the picture of Terrance fighting, could not help but cry out, and then shouted:

    "Come on! Terrance Elite ! ! ”

    "Come on!! Master Wallace! ! ! ”

    As the battle started again, Sootopolis City spurred a layer of sound, and countless people shouted in tears and cheers, cheering, Trainers.

    In the waters of No. 127, Terrance and others did not feel the changes in the minds of Sootopolis City citizens, and they did not know how to treat this war around the world, but each of them had to make every effort to stop Groudon and Kyogre.

    Mewtwo suppressed Primal Kyogre and gradually expanded its advantage. Alliance Elite successfully suppressed Primal Groudon. As a result, Terrance and others were pleasantly surprised, but the pressure was getting bigger and bigger. Because of the near disadvantage, Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre both instinctively There has been an increasing force to squeeze out the time to return to Primal.

    Although the human side has an absolute advantage at the moment, with Groudon and Kyogre desperate, casualties should be inevitable.

    But after realizing this, even Sidney Elite, who had been injured before, did not back down, still biting his teeth and calming down to do the command.

    According to Rotom Pokédex's calculations, the energy response of Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon is declining, indicating that the injuries they have caused to Groudon and Kyogre before Mewtwo have begun to deteriorate, and now Groudon and Kyogre are under strong pressure and have to start using them. The power of the source.

    “Vanilluxe !!”With the extreme persecution of many elves, Groudon suffered numerous attacks, the whole body burst out of the magma burst out, wise the great let the situation turn around instantly, at this time Groudon physical strength fell sharply, like activating a similar "fierce fire ability" "Reversal style" Normal The ability to start a vigorous counterattack, the magma covered, Groudon unexpectedly burst out of astonishing speed and strength, stoutly in two strands of confusion obstruction, successfully waving the arm out, the nearest vanilluxe from their own hard grasp, magma flowing in the palm, re-pinch, Vanilluxe directly melted and died.

    The death of Vanilluxe of Glacia Elite represents the loss of control. Primal Kyogre has also exerted tremendous power under the pressure of Mewtwo. The energy response of No. 127 waters began to soar. At the Weather Institute, many researchers looked dignified. , began to worry about the safety of many Alliance Elite.

    NextWill be the most critical step.

    Damn it…Terrance clenched his fists and was depressed. Although he found the way to break the game, he thought of the sacrifices, but it made Terrance not happy. It seemed to be the feeling of Terrance, the pink elf that had just returned from Sootopolis City, 歪After the gimmick, after a glimpse of the eye, it began to change into a whole body that was mostly green.

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