Pokemon Court Chapter 1058

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1058, True and False Airspace, Delta Airflow, Astronomy
    In the waters of No. 127, the situation continued to escalate.

    The death of Vanilluxe made Glacia Elite feel like a knife, but for the sake of the big picture, Glacia Elite did not act calmly.

    "Glacia Elite."

    Steven and Terrance quickly protected Glacia Elite, holding back the madness of Primal Groudon.

    "I'm fine, you are careful."

    Coming to Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre, the hearts of the people are sinking and the spirit of concentration is more cautious. Mewtwo and Primal Kyogre are inextricably linked, but the speed of Mewtwo's self-recovery is fast, with strong physical fitness, hard to suppress Primal Kyogre has a hope of winning.

    Mewtwo's destructive power strong incomparable, the move can effectively injure the ultra-ancient elves, is the most critical link to reduce casualties, this Terrance quickly please Mewtwo, request to change tactics to fight, that is, hope Mewtwo can temporarily listen to his command, to Mewtwo Pride, Terrance did not think Mewtwo will easily agree, but Mewtwo but reply to a sentence let Terrance quite puzzled words.

    "It's also coming…"


    Still not waiting for Terrance to think, Soaring in the sky suddenly changed, the sea of clouds continued to roll, like a sea of rushing, followed by a green dragon quickly galloping down.

    In just a few seconds, many people were shocked.

    Sky Pillar, the grandfather of Draconid Tribe broke into the top, pulling up Zinnia, who was still piously praying for a day and night without a Rest.

    Hoenn Alliance, in front of the huge round table, the lawmakers showed amazed expressions, constantly comparing the green dragon with a legendary elf.

    Sootopolis City, through the drone capture, after the public saw the dragon, many people also remembered the ancient legend.

    This green dragon has many features, including a yellow ring pattern on the body and overhead, and the rudder-like wings and fins on the tail make it look majestic. This elf is Hoenn. Rayquaza is considered a leader in the ultra-ancient elves! !

    Legend has it that Rayquaza's best-known ability is to soothe them when fighting with two other ultra-ancient elves, to repel them with greater force, to be the strongest, rayquaza, and to let the whole soaring in the sky change dramatically, and countless airflow surges wildly , the remaining dark clouds and sunny days began to dissipate, its appearance, let Terrance instantly a Zheng.

    When did Mewtwo know Rayquaza?

    Zinnia ……Did you successfully summon Rayquaza, why didn't he get the news? !

    In a very short time, it was too late to think about Terrance, but in an instant, he got the prompt of Mewtwo again.

    Because of the extremely oppressive sensation, Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon violently fired and forced the people around me. Mewtwo did not re-engage with Primal Kyogre this time, but watched the flying quietly. Rayquaza, with a contemplative expression.

    Mew this guy…Follow it again.

    Mew ……

    This rayquaza, is not a real rayquaza, but by the Mew into, master the "Transform" style of Mew, with that bizarre adaptability, so that its "Transform" style than ditto to be perfect hundred times, once Mew In the new island on the transform has become Mega Altaria, Mega Gallade, even Terrance this trainer is difficult to distinguish out, now, Mew unexpectedly turned into a rayquaza look meddling in the battlefield …

    Soaring in the sky.

    Mew became Rayquaza and escaped Groudon's sunshine flames and Kyogre's Orgin Pulse, dropping the dragon star group toward Groudon and Kyogre, but was backed by Groudon's Eruption and Kyogre's Orgin Pulse. Get it involved.

    Although Mew completed the perfect Transform, in fact it didn't understand Rayquaza at all. It just saw Rayquaza in the blink of an eye thousands of years ago. It is still very strange to Rayquaza's power, and only instinctive can sense it. The great potential of Rayquaza in the body.

    It was hit by Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre, but Mew was safe and sound, and a smog in the smoke quickly swept away, kicking Kyogre in one fell swoop, letting his body hit the Groudon body along the destruction.

    “Altaria, Diancie, Gallade, protect me from Rayquaza!”

    Terrance's crazy move made Steven and others horrified, even if they didn't have a spectator at the scene, they also showed an incomprehensible expression.

    Fairy Elite ……Is it crazy?

    However, what everyone didn't think was that under the protection of the three elves, Terrance actually came to Rayquaza and even jumped to Rayquaza.

    During this period, it was obvious that Terrance's mouth shape changed. Then, when Rayquaza's body swayed, the green skin shimmered like an emerald, and the head and body extended several pieces like the flame Normal dragon whisker. The body looks more explosive.

    Mega Evolution ?

    Rayquaza's changes are clearly the Mega Evolution, Steven and Wallace are incredible, Mewtwo is cold, and people around the world have a shocking expression.

    Not shocking Rayquaza's Mega Evolution, but shocking someone to ride it and direct it!

    Why can Fairy Elite Terrance command Rayquaza?

    "After condensing life energy into that organ, the body will have a life-level transition. Rayquaza's body structure is different from that of ordinary Pokémon. Next, try to activate the ability to suppress the weather before. It should have New changes."

    Terrance took the risk and also sent Mew the message of how to wake up the real power of Rayquaza.

    With Mew's resilience, it is entirely possible to simulate the power of Rayquaza. Five years ago, Terrance took the opportunity of “Meteorite” and the Weather Institute researcher, Steven, to discuss how to use Meteorite energy to suppress weather changes and solve the Hoenn climate hazard.

    In the end, everyone came to the conclusion that Meteorite may be related to Rayquaza, and Rayquaza has the ability to suppress weather changes. This ability can also be seen as the Ability, Mega Evolution, Rayquaza, which will be upgraded again. This is the Draconid Tribe 2000 years ago. Witness the conclusions reached.

    How does the church Mew activate Rayquaza's Emperor's organ, and after completing the Mega Evolution, Groudon's Precipice Blades came in!

    The sturdy Precipice Blades went straight into the sky, and at the same time as Rayquaza hit, Terrance patted its body, Rayquaza suddenly took the trick and the whole body glowed green, with the fierce and fast Dragon Ascent, from Groudon Passing by, while hitting Kyogre.

    At the same time, Gallade teleported to another place with Terrance.

    Dragon Ascent process, Rayquaza body in addition to diffuse green light, the surrounding airflow fluctuations rapidly spread, crazy condensation, formed a magical air field, seems to be able to effectively suppress the power of the end of the land and the source of the sea power, Delta Airflow show up, the entire 127th sea area of the soaring in The sky appears to be in turbulence, and the power of the Sea of origin and the land of the end is completely suppressed!!

    “Can a few words make Mew do this in a few words?”Mewtwo asked indifferently.

    "Knowledge is the most rare thing."Terrance Road.

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