Pokemon Court Chapter 1059

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1059, Hoenn's heroes, Astronomy
    "Rayquaza…Even Mega Evolution…"


    Sky Pillar, watching Terrance direct Rayquaza to complete the Mega Evolution, Zinnia showed a blank expression.

    Can it be said that Terrance Elite can be strongly embarrassed with Rayquaza? So, what does it mean for her to inherit the name of the inheritor in order to get the approval of Rayquaza?

    Fairy Elite Terrance's command of the Rayquaza Mega Evolution is not only Zinnia's incomprehensibility, but it is beyond the reach of most people.

    Pressed by the Delta Airstream, the forces of Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre, which have consumed a lot of physical strength, simply could not be played out. Under the Mega Ascent of Mega Rayquaza, which was turned into Mew, it was forced to withdraw from the Primal form.

    At the same time, Mewtwo quickly turned into the y form, and under a violent drink, the tyrannical blue spirit energy directly turned into a storm running through the bodies of two super-ancient elves, and they were once again driven into the deep sea.

    “Can you use the method of washing away memories?”

    "In a word, I have to give it a try. Now they are exhausted and lose their natural energy. The spiritual level is unprepared. With your spiritual strength, it should not be difficult to get them out of the influence of external forces."Terrance Road.

    "Rayquaza" stuck to the ocean, and after flying a distance, he quickly took off and then looked at the two super-ancient elves, showing a tired expression.

    At this moment, the impact of "Rayquaza" and the spirit of Mewtwo's eviction has become the focus of Terrance et al.

    Steven, Wat, Wallace and others came together and watched the movements in the sea. With the bang, Groudon took the lead out of the sea.

    Compared to the previous Contest Condition, the unnatural dissent in Groudon's eyes disappeared. In addition to Groudon, Kyogre slowly floated out of the sea and looked around.

    The earth, the magma, the glaciers, the whirlpools, and everything that survived made Groudon and Kyogre quickly understand what was going on here.

    "Groudon, Kyogre, go back to where you belong."In the face of Groudon and Kyogre, Steven stood up and shouted that although Groudon and Kyogre caused massive damage, humans simply did not have the ability to pursue anything. The water fleet and the lava team were obviously more than sprinkling gas on Groudon and Kyogre. More suitable airing objects.

    Groudon and Kyogre were exhausted at this time, and they couldn't wait to fall asleep, take a break, and after a new look at Rayquaza, Kyogre slowly sank into the deep sea and swam in the unknown direction. Groudon also began to walk in the ocean. Find a new Volcano habitat.

    The pictures that Groudon and Kyogre left, so that most people did not respond, everything came so suddenly.

    "Are we saved?"Sootopolis City citizens, all face each other, some can't believe it, the shock in their minds still stays at the moment when Terrance directs Rayquaza.

    Mayor of Sootopolis City, Juan of Taoopolis, quickly took advantage of this great opportunity to bring the entire Sootopolis City to a carnival. No one was happier than their two native Sootopolis City.

    “There is no doubt that they saved the hero of Sootopolis City and the entire Hoenn, especially the Fairy Elite.”The old Coordinator Juan himself was very curious about the second coordinator except his own apprentice. Now that he sees the dazzling performance of Terrance, he can't help but smile. Then he will give these young people to fight.

    "Terrance this bastard, he…What the hell is going on. ”

    Riean stunned and stunned Bai Cheng, who stopped at the screen and watched the black and white flashing no signal, saying: "It's the same as what you see."

    Bai Chengzhen, after admiring a few words, quickly ran to study his masters schedule.

    At the same time, the TV screen that lost the signal in the middle of the road, the ecstasy expression of Reporter Mira appeared again, her face was quickly attached to the lens, for fear that others did not know her happy expression, this scene was also intercepted by the heart. , causing Mira's expression pack to quickly become popular.

    "Just just…"

    In this great moment of victory, it is natural that the news is not reported, and the loss of this incident was temporarily intercepted by the Hoenn Alliance. In the waters of No. 127, with Groudon and Kyogre receding, everyone looked at the battlefield, and there was no speech.

    Although it is only a short day, but for everyone, it is as long as a world, and now it is very thrilling to recall.

    Glacia Elite looked at Soaring in the sky, and Vanilluxe appeared unconsciously in front of her eyes. Her other elves, involuntarily gathered together, screamed Growl.

    Although other Elite, the champion's elves are more or less injured, but the real death, can not be saved, but only Glacia Elite's Vanilluxe.

    The force of magma broke out in the hands of Groudon, and the ice system Vanilluxe immediately became Mist, and the traces were wiped out.

    "Glacia sister…"

    Phoebe slowly came forward and pulled up the hand of Glacia Elite.

    Several big men like Terrance didn't go forward, and they felt a little sad in their hearts, but at this moment, with the arrival of a smart Growl and the elves of Glacia Elite, everyone quickly moved toward Soaring in the Sky look.


    I found that so many people looked at themselves, looks like a pink kitten, and Pokémon, whose tail length is about twice the height, quickly returned to Vanilluxe and made a laugh.

    The original atmosphere should be sad, but no one feels awkward about the little Mew's laughter. Looking at the familiar elf, Glacia was trembling with the hand held by Phoebe.

    "busy body."Beside Terrance, Mewtwo glanced at Mew and snorted and turned around. Terrance just wanted to stop, but Mewtwo was already flying.

    "I am very satisfied, I hope that you will be able to experience the joy of this battle when you meet next time."

    You are a fighting man

    The departure of Mewtwo allowed Mew to "turn" and then immediately pushed Vanilluxe towards Glacia Elite and quickly chased it towards Mewtwo.

    Vanilluxe was re-examined by Mew from the sacred sea, resurrected with magical means, reappeared in front of Glacia Elite, and looked at Glacia Elite, who was crying with Vanilluxe, and several people looked in the direction of Mew's departure.

    "The elf is nothing…"

    "Yeah, it's Help. We've calmed Groudon and Kyogre's 'Rayquaza'."Terrance smiled and gratefully watched Mewtwo and Mew leave.

    At the same time, Soaring in the sky, in the sea, numerous Hoenn Alliance warships, submarines, helicopters, and planes that stayed in the surrounding area gathered together to meet the heroes who saved Hoenn.

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