Pokemon Court Chapter 1060

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1060, Alliance turbulence, floating astronomy
    It’s been a day since eight top human powerhouses and dreams have succeeded in quelling Groudon and Kyogre.

    Lavaridge Town On the way to the Naplu Road Museum, a man and a woman are walking side by side. Breeder Xiaojing holds the honor trophy presented by the police to Troie. He smiles and said: "You see, you are still in the newspaper, though only Take up a small area."

    The comprehensive report on the incident spread throughout the Hoenn the next day, with a strong compliment to the eight trainer who bravely took on Groudon and Kyogre, with Terrance alone to suppress Groudon, kyogre to buy time, and then to Watanabe, Steven, Phoebe, Glacia, Drake, Sidney, Wallace and other people have been shot, the implementation of falling Moon Plan for the end, every detail praised these rescued the whole Hoenn hero trainer, as for Terrance Control Rayqu Aza things are naturally deliberately avoided, even the existence of Mewtwo has been a lump, vague treatment.

    These are the requirements of Terrance himself.

    However, there are still many people who have seen this war with their own eyes and worship Terrance.

    "I heard that Terrance Elite is the biggest contributor to this incident. If it wasn't for him to suppress two super-ancient elves first, then launch the Falling Moon Plan to reinvent them. Maybe the end result is not like this. Also, I heard that Terrance Elite even directed the temporary arrival of Rayquaza, I don't know if it is true. ”

    Xiaojing continued, the words did not cover up his worship of Terrance. After that, she pointed to the corner of the newspaper and read it carefully: "But Troie, you are also very great, I read it to you, Trainer Troie, at Mt. . Chimney assisted the police against the Lava team and performed well. It defeated many members of the Lava team and was hailed as the most powerful dark horse of the Evergrande Conference. ”

    "Still a long way to go……"Troie listened to Xiaojing's compliments and shook his head. A three-level hero model, Ribbon, although it sounds handsome, but the Trainer himself, which Terrance has pulled up, can be complacent.

    "It’s coming to the Napru Hall. You haven’t been wondering why I left the Fallabor Gym to the final challenge.”With the challenge of Fallabor Gym, Troie knew that he couldn't hide it, and said this travel companion.


    "Because I started traveling from Fallabor Gym, this time, it was a battle for me to test the results of the trip! Fallabor Gym…Very important to meTroie looks serious.

    you are…Fallarbor Road…Taoist apprentice? !

    Wen Yan, Xiao Jing instantly showed a surprised expression.

    Due to the need to deal with the follow-up events of Groudon and Kyogre, Terrance did not return to the Naplu Road Museum for the first time. At this time, most of the entire Hoenn Alliance was dispatched, and the already-blocked Hoenn waters were searched and searched for water. The remnant of the fleet and the lava team.

    Terrance is also involved and is responsible for leading the action.

    "Mewtwo may have been recognized."On a battleship, Terrance was a headache. He was threatened by Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre. He thought so much about it. Now think about it. If the Rockets are concerned about this battle, how would they think of Mewtwo? At Hoenn, also fight alongside Terrance?

    You know, in the Rockets' information, Mewtwo is missing on New Island.

    Although the Mewtwo Mega Evolution is different, it still retains several features. It is not difficult for people familiar with it to guess the connection between the two.

    "Compared to that, you should pay more attention to the improvement of strength Rotto."Rotom Pokédex Road.

    "The stronger the strength, the less people dare to your idea. You mean this, but it is too difficult to continue to improve at this moment."Terrance sighed helplessly, fighting Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon, and now it is a grievance to recall, his entire Fairy Legion, only a month of a stroke to reinvent them.

    If you let Altaria fight against one of the two alone, you might be defeated for ten minutes.

    Moreover, Terrance thought that his growth experience was legendary, but he did not expect that the guy of Mewtwo was more enchanting. He didn't mention the two Mega Evolution modes. The power was so exaggerated. Afterwards, Rotom Pokédex had a painful egg and Mewtwo. Compared with Altaria, I almost made Altaria angry with myocardial infarction.

    "Hey, when do you think about going to the altar of the stars, Rotto."

    "First release, this mission is over, let's go there again."

    Groudon from Mt. Chimney stepped out, absorbed the natural energy of the red orbs to stimulate the end of the Ability, let the Terrance cultivated Power Herb all withered, even the grass spirits use the Grassy Terrain moves did not save the Power Herb, Terrance distressed After a while, only a batch can be replanted.

    In this way, he has only a way to improve his strength in a short time.

    The growth of Lunatone has begun to take shape, and now that it is gaining momentum, the reputation of using the Star Altar should be reduced.

    After the battle with Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre, it was so difficult for Terrance to solve the disaster in Hoenn Region. How terrible is the double disaster in Xerneas? I have already promised to help myself…



    At the same time, apart from Hoenn, the various Region Alliances began to discuss the incident.

    However, the core of the discussion is mostly the three words of "May Mewtwo".

    In the Indigo Alliance, a white-bearded old man took the lead and smiled. "I think this kid is good, just let it go."

    "The point is not this, the mysterious elf should be the artificial wizard of the Rockets, Mewtwo! This elf is said to have done a lot of evil things for the Rockets, and it is temperamental and bloodthirsty. Terrance is Elite Four. It is not appropriate to go with such an elf. I think Alliance should work together to destroy this artificial elf. Put an end to all hidden dangers! ”The representative of Silver said.

    "Don't think that I don't know that you are also involved in the study of Mewtwo's plan. I advise you to be honest. Otherwise, it is easy to use the power of Mewtwo to make your headquarters building a breeze, or to say that from one Are you afraid of Mewtwo's Revenge?"An office worker, Jenny, about 50 years old, said that her words instantly made Silver look pretty.

    "For the calculation of the ice moon, the core competence should be the power of the legendary Elven Xerneas in the Kalos Region. The Terrance Elite is superior to Fairy. It seems to have come from this. He has been to Elite Four before. The experience of the Kalos Region, and the mysterious disappearance after a while, it is difficult to make people doubt."A monk from the Bell Tower said: "Besides, Terrance Elite is also related to Mew. It's amazing."

    "The guardian of Michina Ruins is said to have been recognized by the elves such as Dialga and Palkia. These people are really lucky…"

    It is not an exaggeration to get approval from Legendary Pokémon.

    Terrance showed the power of taboos, but also with Xerneas, Mewtwo, Mew links, suddenly triggered the unrest of the alliance, perhaps the No. 127th waters incident for ordinary people secret too much, but for the alliance hierarchy to get some details too easy, Not only Indigo Alliance headquarters, many Alliance forces are in awe of Terrance three points, this grassroots rise of the trainer, after this war seems far from the surface so simple, it can be said that now Terrance a person's existence, Can sustain the long-term interests of a high-level faction.

    Marriage, woo, gift, and so on, countless means to turn to Terrance, even if you look at his dissatisfied forces, do not dare to openly say anything extreme, because Terrance's own strength can already make most people fear, he The strength of the war has surpassed the Normal Elite Four champion. Moreover, Terrance is currently relying on the text, and the text is to control the invisible weapons powered by infinite energy, which makes the various Alliance factions have no power to dare to win the text, the little Terrance.

    However, these forces on the bright side did not dare to move hands and feet, but the secret forces were active. In the Rockets, a Mewtwo capture plan, which was personally developed by Giovanni, was officially finalized.

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