Pokemon Court Chapter 1061

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1061, the loss of Mossdeep City, floating astronomy
    "Terrance Elite, this…"

    "Meteorite?"Terrance took a bag from underneath, revealing an unexpected expression.

    Inside is a pile of Meteorite, Terrance picked and picked, and took a piece out of it to make the most special one.

    "Come and come, you will eventually return to my hand."

    Although the Meteorite was dimmed, Terrance judged it at a glance. It was the piece of Meteorite that the lava team had taken from the Fallabor Gym.

    In order to find the power source of the Volcano project, the Lava team grabbed Meteorite and grabbed him. They were also being chased by Terrance and fleeing.

    Terrance's stingy increased the cleaning of the lava team, and the task of cleaning the water fleet was given to other Elite leaders, in order to solve the problem.

    Half a month later, the lava team had dozens of elite members on the net, Executive Blaise was also arrested, and only the Maxie and Courtney left the top.

    The situation on the water fleet was also quite the same. The leader Archie didn't know where to go. The Hoenn Alliance executives agreed that they had died in the disaster. After all, Maxie and Archie were indeed attacked by Groudon and Kyogre, but part of it. The lava team and the members of the water fleet are tough to say that their leader is still alive…

    "The mission period is coming, although I still want to stay in the sea for a while, but Glacia Elite insists that I have to rest for a while."

    "Yeah, she said that you have been tired of Rotto this time."Rotom Pokédex Road.

    "I couldn't find Maxie and Courtney. I still can't feel at ease. The most difficult thing about me in the lava team is that they are two."Terrance shook his head. "But forget it. I haven't searched it for so long. I think they might have escaped Hoenn."

    After all, Terrance opened the window and finally looked at the sea.

    After the mission period, Glacia Elite took over the work of Terrance and continued to be responsible for the search for the lava team.

    Terrance returned to the Napru Hall, and the long-lost and olde Green House reunited. In the fear of Ellen's grandmother, Terrance smiled and said that he would not do dangerous things.

    "Troie was still looking for you to challenge, but you are not in the pavilion."

    "So, did he finally challenge the pavilion?"Terrance looked at Kathrine, the road.

    "Well, I managed to take Badge out of my hands and be better than any challenger I have ever seen."Kathrine held her chin with one hand and meditated: "I see, the Ash you are optimistic about may be easily defeated by Troie~"

    "Troie…"Terrance at Mt. Chimney has seen Troie, the kid's growth is really fast, but the elf who has the hand, it seems that there is only one Heracross, if Ash recalls the main force, the victory is not necessarily true, there is still some time since the opening of the Evergrande Conference. I don't know if he can accumulate some details again and force the true strength of the electric bead god.

    Thinking about it, Terrance smiled and smiled. He is now an "older generation" figure. He even cares about the things of the younger generation. Although he is not old, his experience and insights have brought Terrance to the front.

    This time Terrance stayed at the Napru Road Hall for about a month.

    Mainly to re-cultivate Power Herb, and continue to study Fairy Type, this research does not matter, Terrance immediately indulged in, scratching his head every day, thinking about Calm Mind, can not extricate themselves.

    Moonlight is the radiant product of sunlight. Fairy energy is the conversion product of Moonlight. If you can directly convert the amount of solar energy into Fairy energy, simplify the process, or directly use the amount of solar energy, Altaria's efficiency in using natural energy will increase a lot.

    However, although Rotom Pokédex collected a lot of research from researchers and Professors on Moon Rock, Terrance was implemented, but it was impossible to understand. The understanding of the sun and the moon is not enough.

    After encountering the problem, Terrance simply chose to leave the Napru Road Hall and take the many Fairy Department Elites and Lunatones to the city of Seven Mile.

    Terrance wants to enter the ultra-ancient altar of the city of VII, Assist Pokémon's Cosmic Power move, trying to get a close look at the moon and try it out. Maybe it will be rewarded.

    After he came to Qiyu City, he immediately received the warm invitation from the old leader of the Yanyan Runway Field and the Jiaqiu Runway Field. In the face of acquaintances, Terrance was very unbearable, but his main goal was the Star Altar.

    To this end, the old leader of the rock and rock flow field, Jia Lan, the leader of the wind fist flow field, immediately issued an invitation to other Taoist leaders to collude with Terrance to enter the Star Altar.

    If it is before, Terrance want to enter the star altar, the major dojo will also sell a face, each dojo out of some force, together for the Terrance preparation resources, but now the situation has been reversed, although one months have passed, but Hoenn 127th waters of the "Battle of God" But has not lost influence, know the Terrance Record of the Dojo Alliance, immediately agreed to work together for Terrance to open the highest scale of the star altar.

    Although Terrance comes with Lunatone, it is better to add the help of other dojos, so Terrance has not refused, and he has already prepared a gift for each dojo, not too cheap.

    At the end of 216, when Alliance was about to have an 18th birthday, he officially stepped into the altar of stars.

    Time is fleeting, one weeks in the blink of an eye, the dojo combined to help, with hundreds of cosmic Power moves of the elves, the star altar has been running so far, originally Terrance did not want to stay in it for too long, but with his discovery here can really resonate with the moon, contact, Terrance instantly addicted to go in, see Terrance so serious, the major dojo although flesh pain, but also did not say anything.

    But in this quiet, the Mossdeep City Cosmic Center has detected an extremely shocking picture.

    In the icy and dark universe, a huge Meteorite suddenly changed its orbit and is heading towards their planet.

    "Hey…"With the accurate detection of the size of this Meteorite, the on-site inspector suddenly showed a desperate expression.

    Meteorite diameter…6 miles!

    "6 miles in diameter?!"Terrance, in the city of Chiayi, got this information, and instantly burst into cold sweat, silent in the world's disasters, 6 miles in diameter, which means that the elf Alliance is the most powerful taboo weapon than the Meteorite Tackle. Destructive force generated at Ground.

    You know, the past life also had a 6-mile diameter Meteorite Tackle across the earth. After that Tackle, Meteorite evaporated completely, releasing up to 120 trillion tons of yellow explosive energy, and quickly triggered a tsunami that caused a lot of dust. Entering the Hideki layer, completely covering the sun, changing the global climate, causing nuclear winter!

    The planet world of the Elven world is more Arnold than the Earth. It is hard for Terrance to imagine what kind of consequences would be caused if Meteorite really fell, but it is no accident that destroying human civilization and elf civilization can be done unless there is What power prevented the attack of Meteorite.

    "Meteorite, Meteorite…"Terrance remembered the piece of Meteorite that he carried with him, and suddenly smiled, if the Meteorite in the whole world is so big, it would be great.

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