Pokemon Court Chapter 1062

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1062 Space Transfer, Astronomy
    "Is Hoenn Region not being Curse? Everyone knows the prediction results. The location of this Meteorite should be somewhere on the mainland of Hoenn. According to the scale of this Meteorite, after the fall, the entire Hoenn continent will disappear immediately! For Hoenn Region, Meteorite's threat even surpassed the previous two super-ancient elves! ”

    Ever Grande City, Hoenn Alliance headquarters, in the huge round-table conference room, 18 members representing the major factions, plus four Alliance Elite and one Alliance champion formed the decision-making team of this meeting. As for the meeting, Choose a solution that can effectively respond to this disaster.

    “Hoenn Region has just experienced the violent incidents of Groudon and Kyogre, and now it is the first to face such a disaster. It’s really…”

    This time Meteorite fell, affecting not only the Hoenn Region, but the civilization of the entire planet will be affected, but according to the Meteorite track, the Hoenn Region may be the primary victim. So compared with other Alliances, Hoenn Alliance has to be more focused on this incident.

    “Indigo Alliance, Hoenn Alliance, Sinnoh Alliance, Unova Alliance, Kalos Alliance…The taboo weapons that all the Alliances can use have been listed…"

    "Please take a look, how to choose?"

    Launching the taboo weapon into the universe, crushing the huge Meteorite, forcibly changing its trajectory or scale, this is the only way to do so now.

    "Don't mention how to successfully launch the taboo weapon to such a height. Even if you change the trajectory of Meteorite, the fragments generated by their collision with each other are enough to destroy several continents."In the academic world, a Taishan Beidou-level Professor said: "And, in the universe, whether taboo weapons can be effective or not is a problem."

    "What else is there besides this?!"

    A variety of contraindicated weapons, different in power and different in function, among them are weapons that can destroy this Meteorite, but they are not controlled by Alliance, which means that the taboo weapon will drop Meteorite Shard to where it is, completely random, which is for the whole planet. It is not a good thing.

    So far, the major Alliances have not yet grasped the controllable taboo weapons, and the taboo weapons are still a double-edged sword.


    Just as everyone was arguing over a variety of choices, Hoenn Alliance champion Steven slowly spoke.

    “I have a plan that is not in the option here.”

    Alliance Champion Steven's speech caught everyone's attention instantly. In the face of Meteorite, which is 6 miles in diameter, Members chose to ignore the power of Trainer, even the most powerful damage record caused by Trainer in Hoenn Alliance so far. "Falling Moon Plan "In the face of such Meteorite, it is difficult to pick up any storms."

    Steven's contemplative speech after a long time represents the attitude of getting the text, and instead of giving the fate to others, it is better to solve the disaster yourself.

    In addition to being the Alliance champion, Steven is also the heir to Devon Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and the technical level of Devon is also the world's cutting-edge.

    The next moment, with Steven's instructions, a complete plan proposal appeared on the special display in front of the members' desktops.

    "At present, Devon has developed a perfect space transmission technology. The core energy is infinite energy. With a reasonable match, you can open a space wormhole that is enough to transport this Meteorite and send it away from the planet."

    "The only technical difficulty is just how far it should be sent."

    oh shitWhat is this technology.

    Although I have already learned a little, but after listening to Steven again, Terrance still has some headaches.

    He sat on the sidelines, salted fish to nothing can be inserted, he has seen the proposal book, now in attendance, but also for the final decision when the voting link, this kind of thing, only one or two people can not be finalised, even if the text has a complete plan, but also have to obtain the consent of most people to implement.

    Looking at this clear plan proposal, the various members of the parliament face each other.

    Using special equipment to open the space channel to transfer Meteorite to other places, this is indeed the most economical solution in theory, and it will hardly affect the planet. It is just such cutting-edge technology, even if the members present are present. Not heard.

    Dewen's scientific and technological strength…Is it so strong?

    "I agree with this plan."

    "I also agree with this plan."

    Steven dialect fell, the crowd carefully read the detailed plan proposal after the nod, half of them have been the first to say hello to the text, now in Hoenn Alliance status is extraordinary, control the main voice, coupled with indeed no other better choice, Hoenn Alliance this side directly finalised the text of the plan, but this is only hoenn this side of the unilateral finalization, as to whether it can be implemented, the text also has to show a more detailed implementation plan to the major Alliance for two approvals to ensure that the plan is foolproof.

    In addition, the plan book is only a plan book after all. The result of the Mega computer simulation of this action is the main condition for the final implementation of this plan.

    Rustboro City, the headquarters building of Devon Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Terrance was invited by Steven to visit here, where he also met an unexpected acquaintance.

    “Professor Cozmo ?”

    "Terrance Elite, I haven't seen you for a long time."

    In the lab, Professor Cozmo wiped his glasses and smiled at Terrance.

    “There are two crucial conditions for opening a wormhole, and of course there are other conditions that are indispensable. One of them is that Meteorite Shard with special energy is needed as a medium to open the wormhole.”Steven Road.

    "So, said that Professor Cozmo is also involved?"Terrance asked, and Professor Cozmo, was honored to nod.

    But Terrance still has some doubts: "Can infinite energy really blend with the human energy passed in Key Stone?"

    Although the core energy of the space transfer device is infinite energy, the most important part is that the infinite energy is integrated with the human energy transmitted from the Key Stone.

    "Yes, and you must have the perfect combination of these two energies to have the opportunity to open the wormhole. This technology is currently only available in the text. Don't worry, we have tried many times. As long as there is enough energy, it should be properly solved in theory. This incident."Steven said.

    For energy, Devon has hired countless people to go to Meteor Falls, Mt. Moon and other places collected Meteorite and even Meteorite Shard, and even began to buy these stones publicly, and the price of the text is sure to make most people feel at ease.

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