Pokemon Court Chapter 1063

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1063 Zinnia's request, Astronomy
    Terrance look at the center of the laboratory on the big screen of the simulation screen, thoughtful, the text has been simulated dozens of times to open the wormhole experiment, dozens of times simulation, currently only once failed to successfully transfer meteorite to the place away from the planet, but even if not able to do, but also let meteorite Success deviates from the orbit of the planet, so in the simulation experiment of the text, the success rate of their plan scheme is per cent.

    "The results of these simulations are very important, but in the end, facing this Meteorite, you can't rely on just one space transfer device. I think Alliance will do other things."Steven nodded to Terrance and explained the next plan.

    Later, Steven prepared to personally escort the Professor Cozmo and the spacecraft to the Mossdeep City Space Center for another simulation, but at this time, there was a sudden noise outside the text.

    "Miss Zinnia!!!"

    Zionnia, a girl of Draconid Tribe, broke into the research room with the help of many security guards. The security guards were holding their foreheads and some desperate. Zinnia had a pass to the headquarters of the text and was a frequent visitor to the text, so they did not have any questions for Zinnia. Too precautionary, but who knows that this girl suddenly broke into the research area that is banned…

    Master Steven is still here…This time, it’s a trivial matter to criticize the penalty, and don’t be dismissed…

    It should be known that the last time the headquarters was invaded by the water fleet, the security forces at that time could have undergone a major exchange of blood. Although the situation was somewhat different, these security guards still had some worries.

    "Zinnia?"Terrance put down his plan and turned his head with Steven and Professor Cozmo to look at the panting girl.

    "Mr. Steven!"

    Zinnia waved with one hand and said: "I can't deny that infinite energy is extremely efficient energy, but the frequent use of this energy is re-enacting history, perhaps worse! So I hope that I can change the scheme to face this Meteorite crisis. Our Draconid Tribe has already predicted that it is the best way to summon Rayquaza according to the tips of the predecessors. ”

    "Please give us another chance."

    Rayquaza ……

    "But, in the last incidents of Groudon and Kyogre, your Draconid Tribe failed to summon Rayquaza. With this precedent, how can you get the text of Hoenn's fate in your hands?"Steven said plainly that although infinite energy has caused many damages in history, there is no doubt that it is the Trump Card technology of Devon, which is trusted by every member of the text.

    "I don't recognize…This time will certainly be successful, we have found a solution. ”

    Zinnia and Steven were arguing, but Steven didn't compromise, which made Zinnia look away from the Devon headquarters.

    During this time, Zinnia didn't look at Terrance because she already knew that Rayquaza was not really Rayquaza, but Mew changed.

    In this way, she is still the inheritor of Draconid Tribe, and now that the Meteorite disaster is coming, she must take on the big task.

    "Speaking of this, the advent of Meteorite is exactly the same as the prediction of Draconid Tribe a thousand years ago. Is it a coincidence?"After Zinnia left, Terrance was surprised.

    He hadn't thought of it before, but today Zinnia broke into the text, but let Terrance think of the allusion created by Sky Pillar.

    Thousands of years ago, the meteor fell to the current Sootopolis City, awakening Groudon and Kyogre. The inheritors of the Draconid Tribe stood on the rainbow Meteorite and returned to Wish Rayquaza. Wish made Rayquaza carry out the Mega Evolution! After Rayquaza fought with Groudon and Kyogre, Groudon and Kyogre were successfully repulsed back to the depths, and Rayquaza returned to Soaring in the sky. After this incident, Draconid Tribe established Sky Pillar to facilitate the later generations to summon their gods. Also painted murals, indicating that the meteor will soon be in the Tackle world after a thousand years, and plans to summon Rayquaza to protect the planet.

    The Draconid Tribe was an extremely powerful force throughout the world a thousand years ago, but it has now fallen.

    Zinnia is the inheritor of this generation. She is responsible and has a mission to wake up Rayquaza to protect the planet…

    It was a ridiculous prophecy, but as the great Meteorite really came, Terrance went across and found that the predictions of Draconid Tribe turned out to be true…

    "In fact, at the beginning of the text, I was shocked that the predictions of Draconid Tribe were really effective…But with regard to the predictions of Draconid Tribe, because time has passed too long, no one cares at all, and no one is expected to associate that ancient prophecy with this disaster. ”

    "Then why not give Draconid Tribe a chance?"Terrance wonders, isn't it possible to be more insured?

    "Things are not that simple, and the pressure on text is also great. As you can see in the last result, Draconid Tribe failed to summon Rayquaza, which led to the dissatisfaction of a congressman and made them ignore the ancient people more and more, this time if the text is still determined to summon Rayquaza, I'm afraid the space transfer program won't be so easy to recognize, so you can't put all your hopes on them, even if they did predict the disaster. ”

    "Before this program is not officially confirmed, it is better not to get a good job, and my father seems to be quite dissatisfied with Draconid Tribe…"Steven laughed.

    Right……If you mention the matter of Draconid Tribe, it may cause many Members to think about the previous things.

    During the violent walk between Groudon and Kyogre, he got the chance to win the opportunity for Draconid Tribe to summon Rayquaza, but Draconid Tribe failed to succeed. If it wasn't for the last time Terrance played a key role in this incident, he would have to turn it around. The text will definitely be detained by some people with a big hat that will delay the timing of the fight.

    Now,Still don't be greedy.

    However, Terrance is still a little surprised. Did the Draconid Tribe who predicted the crisis before the millennium, and the prophet like Olympia in the Kalos Region? This kind of means is really abnormal, and it can predict what happened after the millennium.

    "Terrance, can you please do something?"


    "Zinnia, the child, from the attitude of her departure, I am afraid that I will not give up, before the matter is resolved, can you monitor her to prevent her from making extreme actions."Steven looks serious.

    Terrance's brows are slightly wrinkled, and the mind should not be so serious…But in the end, I nodded and promised.

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