Pokemon Court Chapter 1064

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1064, Steven, astronomical
    According to Draconid Tribe's speculation, the last time I failed to summon Rayquaza because the colorful Meteorite failed to return to its original appearance.

    "Meteorite alone is not enough…The sacrifice ceremony also requires the item Key Stone. ”

    After leaving the text, Zinnia looked at the evolutionary Key Stone in her hand and bite her teeth. At present, Draconid Tribe only has her piece of Key Stone, which can't activate such a big colorful Meteorite. This time she came to ask for help, but she was Refused, let Zinnia have the idea of Snatch others Key Stone.

    Steven's guess is not wrong. Zinnia does have extreme ideas. Although it hasn't formed yet, it may get worse over time.

    Terrance walked out of the picture and looked at Zinnia, heading for the outskirts of Rustboro City, with a contemplative expression.

    Spirit flash

    The city of Larus, a place known as the technology capital of Hoenn.

    In the top floor of the LaRousse Group building, a luxurious Laboratory has a nutrient-like device filled with green nutrient solution, which is wrapped in a peculiar Pokémon.

    The shape of this elf is like the alien Normal, full of mystery and surprise.

    The orange body, blue-green face, has three blue-green dots on the back. The facial features are very strong, with a purple stripe running through it. In addition, the chest has a special crystallization trachea, two arms, just like two tentacles entangled.

    At this time, the dimly labeled Laboratory door was opened, and an old man in a research suit and a serious face-faced man came in.

    "Is it already determined?"

    "It has been determined that the Meteorite hit in the universe is the Deoxys that escaped from us."

    The old researcher coughed: "The waveform of Meteorite is very strange. If we have not captured a Deoxys, I am afraid I can't come to such a positive conclusion."

    A few years ago, two small Meteorite landed in the Hoenn Region. Since Meteorite was very small, it was not noticed at the time.

    The two Meteorites were acquired by the LaRousse Group's research team. After using the instruments that were carried with them at the time, the LaRousse Group's research team discovered the amazing thing. These two Meteorites have signs of life. It seems that there are two living bodies attached. In the above.

    Under the long study of LaRousse Group, they finally found that the living body on Meteorite is the mutated life of the DNA of the cosmic virus under laser irradiation. Because of this phenomenon, LaRousse Group immediately began to secretly cultivate these two living bodies and gave It is called Deoxys.

    Undoubtedly, these two accidental births have the same magical power as Pokémon, and their potential is huge and their growth is extremely high, which makes LaRousse Group a treasure.

    In a short period of time, the spiritual data of these two cosmic elves has grown to the top level, and even to break through the boundaries, to the extent of the legendary elf.

    But what Larousse Group did not think was that, as it grew, two of elves born from the cosmic virus gained a high IQ, learned to psychic, and learned to emit powerful strong laser attacks from the crystal body of the chest, and, with wisdom, Deoxys Naturally wanted to escape the control of Larousse Group, but Larousse Group was reluctant to let go of such a potentially powerful elf, which eventually took place in a major battle at the Larousse Group's research station, which was founded in the Arctic.

    In that battle, both Deoxys were hit hard by LaRousse Group's technology, one was captured, and the other escaped.

    During this time, the LaRousse Group has been looking for another Deoxys trail, but it has never been harvested.

    Over time, LaRousse Group once again detected the energy waveform of another Deoxys, but what made them tremble was that the Deoxys not only came back, but also brought back a huge Meteorite that could destroy Hoenn.

    "That Deoxys seems to have escaped back to the universe…"

    "After getting enough power, it brings us to Revenge with hatred…"LaRousse Group is the current power, and the middle-aged man looks at another Deoxys in the nutrition compartment and muttered to himself.

    "President, we can't let Dewen successfully implement the plan."

    "I know.

    Using the space transfer device to transfer the huge Meteorite, the remedy is not a cure, the Hoenn Alliance is not clear, and the root cause of the disaster is not that Meteorite, but the Deoxys that has been attacked by Meteorite and can be compared with the legendary elves!

    "Even if the plan is successful, Deoxys will not die. After all, it will be our hidden danger. So the only way is to let the plan to use Meteorite to use taboo weapons to pass the approval of major Alliances. Only in this way can we guarantee that Deoxys is wiped out!"

    "Yes, if the major Alliance knows that this Meteorite disaster was caused by our LaRousse Group, the consequences are unimaginable, and this Deoxys, I am afraid it is difficult to keep…"

    LaRousse Group's Moen Professor of Deoxys was serious, and across from him, the current president of the LaRousse Group took out his mobile phone and received an expedited message.

    “Devin is ready to transport the spacecraft to the Mossdeep Space Center for the final experiment, and must destroy their experiments, so destroying Meteorite with taboo weapons is the only way.”

    OK, how?

    "We have invested in the lava team and the water fleet for so long. Now the two organizations are fleeing like a mourning dog. It is really ugly. They want to make a comeback and can only turn to our LaRousse Group. This time, they are the best pieces. ."

    "The lava team and the water fleet? They have not been completely annihilated? ”

    “Archie and Maxie are first-class trainers. It’s so easy to get arrested. They’ve got our Help and are hidden, but they don’t even know each other. Our LaRousse Group has both organizations. contact."President Larus snorted. These years, the Lava team and the water fleet brought huge benefits to the LaRousse Group, and they did not invest in them. Now the two organizations are defeated, but they are still worth a little bit of use. ……The transactions between them do not allow other factions to capture evidence, otherwise LaRousse Group will also face difficult problems.

    "This action is not difficult, and in the text, there is a real-level executive who is actually the Executive of the Water Fleet. He is very well hidden and very loyal…"

    On this day, the team that escorted the space transfer device was attacked by the lava team and the remnant of the water fleet. Alliance champion Steven made a move to the mountain and caused a part of the space transfer device to be stolen.

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