Pokemon Court Chapter 1065

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1065, Steven and Terrance's suspicion, astronomy
    "The lava team and the remnant of the water fleet?"

    “Maxie and Archie have appeared?”

    When Terrance received the news, his face was wrong.

    Opposite the screen, Steven was a bitter smile: "This action is my mistake. They seem to be well prepared. They are very familiar with the location of each transport ship and each component that carries the space transfer device…"

    It is because of this that Steven will be counted, resulting in inadvertent failure to take care of every place, so that Thief has a chance.

    "Can that space transfer device still start?"

    "The stolen shifter is an important control component of the space transfer device. Without its space transfer device, I am afraid that there is no way to operate normally. Unfortunately, only a space transfer device has been created in the current text, and there is no backup. ."Steven shook his head.

    Why did the lava team and the water fleet reappear, and they also stolen the dimensional shifter…

    There are too many doubts about this matter.

    By the way The members of the lava team and the water fleet that I left have been tortured and forced to use Hypnosis, but the motives eventually point to the Revenge of Alliance. In the eyes of the members of the lava team and the water fleet, this action is For the Revenge Hoenn Alliance. ”

    Even if the space transfer device is stolen, the Elf Alliance will not be able to face this Meteorite. In order to let so many members sacrifice at a time, and reveal the information that they are still alive and in the mainland of Hoenn, Maxie and Archie have a bad brain. Lost?

    "Things are not so simple. It is very familiar to the two organizations and the location of several important parts of the Lock On space conveyor. The inner ghosts must have some real power in the text and know most of the secrets. Besides, I think their motivation is not Revenge."

    “Even in this, it is very likely that there will be third parties.”

    "Is there already a doubt?"

    "It's a pity that it's not there yet, but it will be there soon."

    The mistakes in the transportation space transfer device caused the stolen parts of the space transfer device, so that the only one passed through the Hoenn Alliance was immediately ruined. The next simulation experiment could not be carried out. The Hoenn Alliance can only reconvene a meeting for the first time. Second discussion.

    As Meteorite approaches, the time left for them is getting shorter and shorter.

    At the meeting, many members proposed to use taboo weapons, but Steven refuted it again, listing the options of "calling Rayquaza" and telling everyone about the predictions of Draconid Tribe.

    However, Steven's words have attracted a sneer. Nowadays, even if the writers are big, but they have done two things in a row, now they have proposed a plan that has failed once, even if they have a good deal with the text. The forces also expressed a silent attitude at this time.

    Steven has explicitly rejected Zinnia at Devon headquarters, denying the feasibility of summoning Rayquaza, but now at the meeting, he offered to suggest that Terrance was puzzled at first, but with the controversy at the meeting, Terrance began to take his hands. Take it out and reveal the original expression.

    The meeting mainly debated from two points. One point was to summon Rayquaza to destroy Meteorite. One point was to use taboo weapons to destroy Meteorite.

    The advantage of the former is that if Rayquaza is willing to help, it can effectively expel Meteorite Shard after destroying Meteorite, which is flexible and controllable. But the premise is that you can successfully summon Rayquaza and let the other party help.

    The latter's advantage is that it can be implemented at any time, but there is a drawback. Although the taboo weapon can destroy Meteorite, but the Meteorite Shard falls, it is also a disaster. It requires Alliance to spend a lot of manpower and resources everywhere to prevent these fragments from falling, causing small damage. .

    This small-scale destruction is also a result of comparison. It is very likely that countless towns have been destroyed.

    Among them, the factions that Deshi chose to summon Rayquaza's plan strongly opposed were mainly concentrated in two or three.

    "LaRousse Group."

    After leaving Ever Grande City, Steven's expression was dull and he couldn't see the anger.

    “LaRousse Group and Devon have a lot of profitable content, but they have been hindering the development of the text in business. I am afraid that this emerging force will replace the status of its technology Totem. At the previous meeting, LaRousse Group has repeatedly targeted the article. But this time, the LaRousse Group is a bit silent."Terrance said: "On the contrary, the few members who have dealt with the LaRousse Group have repeatedly refuted the plan to summon Rayquaza today and seem to be diverting our attention."


    When Steven and Terrance were preconceived, they looked like they were behind the scenes, and LaRousse Group was the most suspicious.

    Today, the representative of LaRousse Group did not respond to the text, and the behavior was silent, and it became a ghost in the heart.

    However, if the LaRousse Group performs as it has done in the past, it will definitely be regarded as a major suspicion by both Steven and Terrance…

    It can be said that the LaRousse Group can't be cleaned.

    "If it is really LaRousse Group, why should they destroy this plan? You know, if this Meteorite is unfortunately fallen, the foundation of their Larus will be completely destroyed…Is it just to make the text embarrassing? ”

    Despite doubts about the LaRousse Group, neither Steven nor Terrance found the exact motivation for each other.

    "Just to embarrass the text" and the lava team and the water fleet's "revenge behavior" is obviously the lowest level of action, really does not seem to be a sizeable large force to do things, after all, at great risk to do almost no fatal blow to the text of the Act, in terms of interest is a bit difficult to understand.

    As a result of the meeting, it is clear that the text has not received the support of the majority.

    Draconid Tribe, who has failed to hand over his fate to the illusory ritual and failed once, although the use of taboo weapons to destroy Meteorite may lead to unpredictable consequences, but should still be within the controllable range.

    Even if there is a loss, it is impossible for them to be the members of them, at most some ordinary people or Pokémon.

    Devon’s space transfer plan was destroyed, and the Lava team and the water fleet once again took the lead and brazen Taunt, letting Steven, the Alliance champion, the heir to the text, could not swallow this breath anyway.

    Please waitAt this point, Terrance suddenly got Ash's communication request.

    The picture was connected, and Terrance immediately saw Ash's face. From the expression, Ash seemed to be panicking at this time.

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