Pokemon Court Chapter 1066

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1066 Deoxys appears, floating astronomy
    "Terrance Big Brother…Oh no! There is no news on your side. There is a strange elf suddenly appearing in the city of Larus. It has been destroying the surroundings. It seems that no one can stop it. There is a bunch of robots that are holding back its destruction. ”

    "You are in the city of Larus?"Terrance frowned.

    "Yeah."After Ash finished, he pointed the camera at the outside world, and Terrance saw the ruins in the next moment.

    Steven and Terrance looked at each other and used the Elite Medal and the Champion Medal to immediately discover the changes in the city of Larus.

    This change does not know when it happened, and now there is no sound on the network.

    "With such a big deal, there is no news on the Internet."

    “And the LaRousse Group and the local police did not ask for assistance from Alliance. It’s a bit weird.”

    Terrance quickly captured the strange elf in the mouth of Ash, which made Terrance feel inexplicably familiar.

    On behalf of what is coming, it seems to be the elf in the animated theatrical version. Because there are not many plays and not as popular as Mewtwo, the Terraine passerby has no impression at all.

    However, it is enough to think of this content, the elf that can be related to the animated theatrical version, there is no fuel-efficient lamp, not the legendary elf is the magical elf.

    "Ash, listen, now you are looking for a safe place to hide, don't be ignorant, take your own safety as the priority, I will rush over immediately."


    After closing the communication with Ash, Terrance looked in the direction of Larus and told Steven: "If you have only doubts about LaRousse Group before, now I think they have major suspicions."

    "Things, some coincidences."

    "Although I didn't understand…But is it sure? ”Steven Road.

    “If it’s really done by LaRousse Group, then it’s an ugly deal with the water fleet and the lava team. With the evils of the lava team and the water fleet, the LaRousse Group will have a hard time turning over.”

    Although Steven is a man of peace, but for the competition of Rival, there is no Hold Back idea, especially the LaRousse Group now has a plan to destroy the text, and the suspicion of collusion with the lava team and the water fleet, it is even more difficult to let go.

    "There is the courage to let the water fleet and the lava team openly intercept the ship. I am afraid that the LaRousse Group has destroyed all the evidence of conviction. Even without evidence, even Archie and Maxie said that they have a relationship with Larus. Alliance has no way to punish…"

    After all, the LaRousse Group is too big, and like Kanto's Rockets, no one wants to tear them off directly.

    "That Meteorite, maybe the key."

    Terrance said and said his plan.

    He very hard to recall a bit, but the mind of the important plot of animation, but there is no meteorite hit the planet, it is difficult to break the Terrance, but Terrance always have a nerve in the touch, he felt, if it is normal, Larus city appeared to change, meteorite attack, These two things may not be connected at all, but now, combined with Ash's important condition in the city of Larus, things have to be complicated.

    “Let Zinnia go directly to summon Rayquaza?”

    "Well, in secret, if the call fails, no one knows that if Rayquaza succeeds, it should not sit back and watch meteorite fall, so that when things are settled, outsiders will not be able to pursue anything, even if pursued, can also be cleared of responsibility, Just find a scapegoat, I'm thinking, risking a lot of risk to steal parts of a space transmission device, and if there's not enough interest, it's not worth doing at all, assuming the culprit is Larousse Group, What conditions do you think would allow them to take the risk of being found to be in collusion with the lava team and the water fleet to obstruct the text? ”

    "Even if it is a billion-dollar interest, it is not worthwhile for them to do so. The only possibility is that if they don't, LaRousse Group may fall into catastrophe."

    “Now there is a change in the city of Larus. Do you think there is a point in the LaRousse Group that is suffering from the catastrophe?”

    "They intend to slow down the speed of this change. The intention is self-evident. It is to fear that outsiders know what should not be known, and the unfavorable conditions continue to expand. The strange elves that are now destroyed in the city of Larus are the most important. The entry point."

    "Zinnia, she seems to be looking for something when I leave."

    "It should be Key Stone, Draconid Tribe wants to use the power of Key Stone and Meteorite to activate the colorful Meteorite again to complete the summoning ceremony, but they only have one Key Stone, and they can't finish the ceremony. This Zinnia actually told me, but The text did not prepare Key Stone for them."

    "So, I am going to the city of Larus, you go to Zinnia."

    Terrance and Steven soon split the work, Steven went to Zinnia, and Terrance went to see the truth about the city of Larus.



    City of Larus.

    The city of Larus has been damaged by Deoxys. Although most people have already entered emergency shelters, looking at the crystallization of the LaRousse Group, the technology city representing Hoenn's highest level of technology is running out, and the current president of the LaRousse Group can't help but be angry.

    At this time, he was seriously questioning what happened to the team that looked at Deoxys, but he got a dispensable answer.

    MayIt may be that this Deoxys felt the call of the companion, awakened the new power to break free from the shackles and ran away…"

    Larousse Group in charge of Deoxys Professor terrified way, Deoxys suddenly broke free from the shackles, from the slumber to wake up, this is not expected by all, the power of the yoke, is based on the strength of the deoxys of the upper limit again strengthened to complete, In theory will always limit the thought and life activities of Deoxys, but just now, Deoxys seems to break through the limits of life, from which successfully fled out.

    It is important to know that the Larus research team has been recording the energy changes of Deoxys and gradually perfecting the shackles. This energy surge has never been seen before.

    "No matter what, this must be suppressed, and this Deoxys must also be recycled."

    President Larus is in a building with the highest defensive facilities, watching the scene of Deoxys being forced into a desperate situation by many high-tech equipment, revealing a serious expression.

    YesI hope that the sudden madness of this Deoxys will not have any huge impact on the LaRousse Group.

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