Pokemon Court Chapter 1067

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1067, Professor Lund, Astronomy
    In the city of Larus, the entire city, whether it is cleaning, security or registration of outsiders, is managed by artificial intelligence.

    After the advent of Deoxys, Deoxys' Thunder Wave continued to affect the operation of most of the power facilities, causing the city management system to have to make its own decisions and shut down some of the machine's power operation to prevent accidents.


    Ash threw out the communicator and watched the blast of fire, and he swallowed his mouth.

    "Good danger…I should have listened to the radio announcement just now, and I will not use electrical equipment. ”May is worried.

    "It's okay, I'm okay, I feel that the communicator is getting hot and thrown away…"Ash patted his chest. "Tho Pokémon is so weird. I want to let Terrance know anyway, maybe he can find a solution."

    "Terrance…Is that the Elite Four's Terrance? ”Next to Ash, in addition to Xiaosheng, May, Xiaogang, there is also a boy with light blue hair, named Tory, who is Ash's new friend in the city.

    "Yes, the last incident of Groudon and Kyogre was solved by Brother Terrance. I told you that he is a Mega Trainer."

    "Well, Ash, if you don't take refuge again, we shouldn't be able to catch up."Xiaogang glanced at the outside, anxiously, they are now in the Larus City Botanical Garden, far from the safe area.

    Xiao Gang’s reminder, let a few people react quickly, Ash, May, Xiaosheng also showed a sense of urgency, but the Tory around them seems a bit silent.

    He is different from Ash and others. He knows the name and origin of Deoxys.

    Tory is a well-known scientist who studies the elves and was the child of Professor Lund, who was the highest-level head of the high-tech research facility in Larus, and Professor Lund, one of the core members of the Meteorite research team.

    The boy named Tory was there at the time, but for some reason, Professor Lund began to prevent him from mentioning things at that time…

    Including Professor Lund himself, it is said that due to the research work of Deoxys, there is a disagreement with his companions and he is no longer responsible for the high-tech research facilities in Larus.

    "No, I can't open it!"

    When Ash and others wanted to open the electronic door, it was difficult to accept that the power system had completely failed, that is, they were trapped in the botanical garden.


    That was four years ago.

    Deoxys Meteorite's research team found that there are two core members, one is Professor Lund, who was the top leader of the high-tech research facility in Larus, and one is Professor Sans, who is now working on Deoxys.

    Due to differences in ideas, the former no longer studied Deoxys, while the latter continued to help DeRousse Group to study Deoxys. Today, in the LaRousse Group headquarters building, next to LaRousse Group President Ian, is Professor Sans.

    "You said Professor Lund, he might leak this?"President Ian looked puzzled at Professor Sans.

    "Professor Lund, he used to study Deoxys with me, but he withdrew from the study after the Arctic changed. He knows less about Deoxys than me. If he reveals key information from him, he might be thought of in the universe. The connection between Meteorite and this Deoxys."

    "Although I don't study Deoxys anymore, he is a high-level LaRousse Group. The interests are closely related to LaRousse Group. It shouldn't be so unconstrained."Ian Road, President of LaRousse Group.

    "He is a man who is innocent and afraid of anything."

    “What is Professor Lund now?”

    "It seems to be heading towards the botanical garden."

    Professor Lund is similar to Tory and has been busy with the public's emergency asylum work. However, after he found out that his child, Tory, was not out of danger, he immediately went out from the headquarters building with the assistant's help. Tory.

    At this time, the city of Larus again issued a warning to allow unvaccinated people to quickly enter emergency shelters everywhere.

    On the streets, people everywhere can be seen running away, including the Rockets trio, and they are also hiding in Tibet.

    In the city of Larus, there was chaos. The police representative Office Jenny was stunned and boarded the Larus headquarters building. The police’s network system was completely shielded. In addition to the information originally drafted, what happened in the city of Larus Did not pass it out.

    "President Ian, do you know the origin of this elf?"

    "Unclear, but it should be the Psychic elf. At present, the signal of Larus has been interrupted by it. It is impossible to contact the outside world. On the edge of Larus, it is covered by a huge Confusion field. Going out can't enter."

    Ian, the head of LaRousse Group, looked at Office Jenny and waved her hand to call the old man next to him.

    "Officer Jenny, this is Professor Sans, has detected most of the information about the elf, and then assists him in completing the eviction of this elf."

    “Fine.Officer Jenny frowned, but couldn't say anything more. In the city of Larus, the police were really weak. The law and order here was maintained by LaRousse Group's high-tech robots, and the police could not be used.


    "Is it still not connected?"

    Terrance, who is rushing to Larus, is frowning and listening to Rotom Pokédex's report.

    He had wanted to get a little more information from Ash, but this time he couldn't contact Ash anymore.

    In addition, what makes Terrance strange is that the entire Larus city signal seems to have been blocked, leaving the outside world lost contact with the city of Larus.

    "No, Terrance Elite, still can't contact the city of Larus."

    The Hoenn Alliance also got news from Terrance and quickly noticed the city of Larus, but the final test found that the city of Larus was being covered by a huge Confusion field, and no information could be passed on.

    Realizing that things are getting worse, Terrance and Altaria are rushing, Ever Grande City is not far from Larus and not far from the sea. It is not long before Terrance arrives here.

    At the same time, he also found a huge dome covering the entire city of Larus, this dome is the Confusion field.

    The Confusion field is endless, just like the intelligence, covering the entire city of Larus. This scale makes Terrance somewhat incomprehensible.

    "With the power of Pokémon, can this be done? I am afraid that even if it is Mewtwo, it is very difficult to do it…"

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