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Pokemon Court Chapter 1068

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1068, imprisoned Ash, a group of people, astronomy
    "Tory, I finally found you."

    Professor Lund opened the electronic door of the botanical garden with his own authority and found Tory, who was trapped in the botanical garden with Ash and others, could not help but feel a little excited.

    Four years ago, the North Pole, Tory and the LaRousse Group's research team accompanied him, involved in the Deoxys incident, fierce battle, so that the Astonish wounds of Tory's mind at that time have not recovered, this is a disease in the heart of Professor Lund, now Deoxys Reappeared, Professor Lund said nothing to worry about Tory.

    Even if I risked it, I came in person.

    FatherWhen I saw Professor Lund, Tory also showed his head and some surprises.

    "It's okay…"

    "Right, you are a friend of Tory. Thank you for staying with him. I am Tory's father. It is very dangerous here. Then come with me."Professor Lund took a toss of Tory and smiled and said to Ash and others.


    Ash and others looked at each other, then excitedly jumped out and finally got out of this ghost place.

    Under the leadership of Professor Lund, Ash and others were in danger of entering the safest place in Larus, the LaRousse Group headquarters building, which has the largest defense facility in Larus, but due to limited space, it is impossible to undertake All the citizens can get in here, and Ash and others are also the light of Tory.

    ButWhat the elf is, I always feel that it is looking for something. ”

    The myriad of Deoxys's avatars are still raging. As for the ontology, they are fighting the high-tech robots in the city of Larus. When they think of the outside scene, even if they come to the LaRousse Group's headquarters building, Ash still feels uncomfortable and has a snoop. The inner thought of the elf.

    "Professor Lund, do you know what the elf is?"

    In the face of Ash's inquiry, Professor Lund silenced and thought that this was not something that should be concealed. He just wanted to answer, but the door was suddenly pushed open and several security personnel quickly sneaked in.

    Shua! Shua! Shua!

    Six security guards armed with weapons quickly surrounded Professor Lund, one of the leaders seriously said: "Professor Lund, you are now suspected of revealing company secrets, please take a look at us temporarily."

    * * “WHO” – – > is the “YOU?” Why take the Professor Lund? ! ”

    Seeing that the six people came in indiscriminately and wanted to take away the Professor Lund, Ash instantly retorted, and how the Professor Lund who took them to take refuge could be a bad person.


    Xiao Gang quickly smashed Ash and let him see the situation. In the face of these security personnel who suddenly broke in, Professor Lund apparently did not expect that, looking at these strange faces, Professor Lund was cold. .

    The reason why these people took him away at this time is nothing more than fear that he will reveal the relationship between Deoxys and LaRousse Group.

    There have been many casualties in this chaos. If you know that Deoxys is the experimental wizard of LaRousse Group, the material loss of LaRousse Group is small and the reputation is big.

    However, Professor Lund still did not think that for this reason, LaRousse Group has to limit the freedom of others.

    "I want to see President Ian."

    "After washing the suspect, you can naturally see, Professor Lund, we are also carrying out the task, I hope you can cooperate, so that everyone is good."

    After all, the security guard headed up, but suddenly he was slammed into a power Tackle and saw the son of Professor Lund, Tory. I didn’t know when it came out, withstood the security guard and shouted. Road: "My father did not do bad things at all."

    Dealing with children, this security guard did not move rough, nodded to others, said: "Professor Lund ……"

    "I know, but they are just ordinary people. Please let them go out after the city is safe."Professor Lund, after silence, said.

    "Of course, if they have no problems, they can leave after the security of Larus."


    On the other hand, Terrance looked at the Confusion dome and let Rotom Pokédex perceive its energy response, and could not help but reveal a contemplative expression.

    "The Confusion field of this intensity and range not only requires a lot of mental energy, but it is also very labor-intensive to maintain. If the elf can not only maintain such a Confusion field, but also destroy it in the city of Solaceon, it would be terrible. Rotto ."

    It is this Confusion field that hinders communication within and outside the city, slowing down the speed of information transfer. If it wasn't for the Pokémon, who else could build it to cover the entire dome of Larus?

    Will it be technology…As more discoveries, the LaRousse Group is getting darker in the eyes of Terrance.

    "Let's go in."


    Terrance's eyes condensed, and he called out Gardevoir. Gardevoir took the lead in trying to use Teleport in the past, but was bounced back from the Confusion field. After three attempts, Gardevoir finally found the hole in the Confusion field with powerful computing power. Successfully left Confusion coordinates on the opposite side.

    Although it can be broken, in order not to pay attention, Terrance chose to sneak into the city of Larus, the secret of Gardevoir and Mismagius.

    I have to say that although the whole city is in turmoil, under the help of high technology, the order of the fleeing people has been very good, and there has not been a case of trampling and congestion caused by panic.

    When Terrance entered the city of Larus, what surprised Terrance was that the danger warning of the city was suddenly announced and the Confusion field that they had just crossed disappeared.

    With the city's broadcast, Terrance knew that the mysterious elves who had been in the city of Larus had been subdued.

    "Are you late?"Terrance frowned and directly let Gardevoir feel the place where Ash was. Wherever they went, Gardevoir's Confusion swept straight out to perceive it. Although the city has layers of defense, due to the noise of Deoxys, these shielding facilities have already It's hard to get it all right, which makes Gardevoir feel a lot of hidden places.

    About a minute later, Terrance discovered the location of Ash and others. What made Terrance Rage was that Ash and others were imprisoned and were being held in an underground prison.

    Well, it’s pretty clear

    Although I still don't know the cause and effect, Ash and others were imprisoned, and Terrance was a little angry. "I hope it is not what I think."After all, Terrance directly let Gardevoir take himself to the place where Ash and others were detained.

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