Pokemon Court Chapter 1069

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1069 Who gave you the courage? Floating astronomy
    LaRousse Group, a hidden underground prison.

    Ash, Xiaogang, Xiaosheng, May's constant Struggle, while Struggle, Ash shouted.

    "We seem to be involved in something that is incredible."Xiao Gang's face is low, and the brain has been tidying up the cause and effect of this incident.

    Professor Lund was taken away, his children Tory also imprisoned, and then they were imprisoned, and if there was no reason why Xiao Gang did not believe, there was no reason to imprison citizens, even the police did not have this power, unless they broke the law, but They have just arrived in Larus city for a day and have done nothing but Ash and Tory in a doubles match.


    At this time, the door was opened, and an old man wearing a research suit walked in directly and led by Ash and other people to the side of Ash and others.

    "You are not their boss, let us go, or I will never spare you."Xiaosheng shouted.

    “Hehhuh”Don't panic, you may be a misunderstanding. You only need to answer one of my questions. ”Professor Sans smiled and said: "Professor Lund and the child named Tory, have you said anything?" As long as you answer truthfully, I will let you go. ”

    Bah! Who is going to answer your question. ”Ash spit directly on the mouth, but the range was not enough to cause effective damage.

    "You little devil…"Professor Sans is not angry. He was not prepared to believe the words of Ash and others. He has already prepared the hypnosis instrument. When he confirms that Ash and others are unaware of it, he can wash away the memory and let it go.

    Quickly picking up an instrument like the emitter Normal from the pocket, Professor Sans whispered, "You are all good kids, it's best to cooperate, or don't blame me for being thick."

    "So how do you want to move?"Not waiting for Professor Sans to use the hypnotic instrument, his hand was suddenly pinched by a huge force. The old Professor could withstand this power, and immediately screamed out, and his eyes were crazy to see who was right. I am unreasonable.

    At first glance, he did not recognize who was holding his arm.

    However, when Ash and others were pleasantly shouted out of Terrance's name, Professor Sans's pupils shrank instantly.

    "Terrance Elite -"

    The security guard who heard the sound, immediately after hearing the name, stopped at the door of the room and did not dare to move.

    Terrance smashed out, along with this force, Professor Sans "噔", "噔" and "噔" stepped back a few steps, some taboo and fearful look at Terrance, said: "Terrance Elite, why do you appear in Here."

    "I heard that there was a disaster in the city of Larus and came to support, but I did not expect that the city of Larus had solved it perfectly."Terrance shook his head and said: "But compared to that, why should these people be imprisoned?"

    At this time, Rotom Pokédex has taken a photo of Professor Sans and said to Terrance: “Shanji Daisuke, Larus University of Technology Graduate, now works at LaRousse Group for elf research.”

    “It turned out to be Professor Sans. So, are these people imprisoned by your LaRousse Group?”

    "Terrance Elite, there may be misunderstandings. These people are suspected of stealing the trade secrets of LaRousse Group. At present, we are only asking questions. If they are innocent, we will naturally let people go…Moreover, corresponding compensation will be given. ”Professor Sans predestined to be a calm road.

    "Terrance Elite, this is our LaRousse Group. Even if you are an Alliance Elite, there is no reason to intervene in our LaRousse Group business dispute."

    “I don’t remember the power of privately imprisoned citizens in addition to the specific positions of the Alliance and the police.”Terrance was indifferent, and at this moment, the shackles of Ash and others were smashed under the Confusion smash of Gardevoir and turned directly into powder.

    "you!!"Professor Sans takes a step back.

    "Terrance Big Brother, Professor Lund and Tory are also locked up by them, I believe they are innocent."Ash said quickly.

    As Ash and others continued to speak, Professor Sans was sweating. He didn’t know that Ash and others knew the secret of Deoxys at this time, but both Professor Lund and Tory must not be handed over. All finished.

    "Among others."Terrance smiled.

    "Terrance Elite, you better not to gossip, this is not something you can do with an Alliance Elite."Professor Sans is angry.

    If it is a small and medium-sized enterprise, it is naturally afraid of Alliance Elite, but the comprehensive strength of LaRousse Group is close to the text. Alliance also has representatives who have real powers. In addition, there are many good members and interest partners. The bottom of the gas.

    "Who gave you the courage?"Terrance swept over and Gardevoir's Confusion directly took all the people in front of Ground. "I am suspected of imprisoning citizens privately. I am arresting you as Alliance Elite, Professor Sans, do you want to resist?"


    With the heavy lock of Fairy's lock, Professor Sans bit his teeth, hateful, and finally subdued Deoxys, how to kill such a madman.

    "Ash, take me to the two people you said."


    LaRousse Group's imprisonment of irrelevant people made Terrance sneer. This is simply not a trick. If you can't find any major clues along this line, you can definitely get other important information. LaRousse Group dares to imprison. Citizens, to say that there is nothing inside, Terrance said nothing.




    In the process of Terrance and others looking for Tory, countless large and small square-shaped robots quickly surrounded and stood in front of Terrance and others.

    With the quick combination, four of the robots formed a Black screen, and the next moment, the Black screen lit up and a figure appeared.

    "LaRousse Group Head…President Ian. ”

    Terrance looked up at the plain-looking man and said, "President Ian, don't know if you don't deal with the mess in Larus and find out what I do?"

    "Terrance Elite, stop your meaningless move, put on the Professional Sans, or I will see you as an intruder."President Ian looks serious.

    I have no idea what you're talking about…Terrance Road.

    “Pallet Town Ash, the former owner of the Nibi Road Pavilion, Xiao Gang, the two children of Mr. Norman…I admit that imprisoning them is our mistake. Afterwards, I will explain to you that you can leave with them. As for the other things inside our LaRousse Group, we have also signed a contract with Professor Lund, which is a normal restriction. This involves the trade secrets of the LaRousse Group, and even the Alliance Elite has no right to interfere. ”

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