Pokemon Court Chapter 1070

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1070, LaRousse Group's calm, astronomical
    Upon hearing the head of the LaRousse Group, Terrance was unmoved and still repeated his point of view.

    "As an Alliance Elite, I have the power to doubt whether your speech is true. I will release Professor Lund and Tory. I will personally identify the truth, President Ian, and reject the investigation of Alliance Elite. Do you want to break the law?"

    Professor Lund and Tory were separated. According to Ash et al., they were arrested after this change. In combination with LaRousse Group's attitude, Terrance felt that the two must be in possession of vital information. Ian wants to let Terrance easily let go, and this kind of linguistic obstacle alone is not going to work.

    After becoming Elite Four for a while, Terrance confronted the Rockets, confronted the poaching organizations, and the lava team met with the water fleet and even the legendary elves. The big scenes were much more obvious and naturally would not be caught by Ian.

    "Ha ha ha ha…"

    On the screen, President Ian couldn't help but smile: "Terrance Elite, I really don't know how to say hello, you are the first person to show off the power in front of me, very good, then I will let you talk face to face."

    "Is he willing to let go?"

    Ash and others gathered around Terrance and poked their heads to exclaim.

    For Terrance's aggressiveness, the LaRousse Group's President Ian shook his head, and then the high-tech robot turned into a guiding sign, leading the way for Terrance et al.

    “I always feel that something is wrong…”

    Xiaogang looked at the guiding signs that began to move. After frowning in his mind, he frowned. He looked at the low-looking Terrance and couldn’t help but say: “Terrance, what to do next.”

    "Come up."The other party was so happy that he agreed to his own requirements and made Terrance have a bad feeling, but in any case, LaRousse Group must go once.


    LaRousse Group headquarters building, a reception room.

    When Terrance and Ash arrived, Professor Lund and Tory were already sitting here, as well as Ian, the president of LaRousse Group.

    "Terrance Elite, please forgive me for the hospitality."President Ian made a "please" action, indicating that Terrance and others were seated.

    "So Terrance Elite, Professor Lund and Tory are in front of you, can you misunderstand it?"

    Terrance didn't sit down and didn't answer the words of President Ian. Instead, she looked at both Professor Lund and Tory. From the expression of the two, Terrance clearly saw that it was unnatural.

    "Tory, you are going to say, why are they shutting you up?"

    After seeing Tory, Ash asked urgently, but in the face of Ash's questioning, Tory showed a distressed attitude, only to see him shake his head and shook his head: "This is not your business, it is my own reason. ”

    When the words fell, Ash and others immediately revealed an incomprehensible expression.

    "Terrance Elite, this is something inside our LaRousse Group. Before I was just suspected by President Ian, I am now misunderstood and there is nothing wrong with it."Looking at Terrance, Professor Lund also shook his head.

    "How, Terrance Elite, and then ask about the business secrets of our LaRousse Group. Is this also going to tell you?"President Ian said with a smile: "If you still don't believe it, then we can talk through legal procedures, or is it that Terrance Elite is going to be hard?"

    This bastard…

    "Professor Lund, can you talk in one step."Ian ignored Ian, Terrance said.

    "Sorry, Terrance Elite, Larus City has just gone through a disaster, I still need to complete the repair of the city management system, time is not a delay, if Terrance Elite doesn't mind, when I finish the work, I can talk to Terrance Elite at any time. ."Professor Lund.

    OK, I understandTerrance looked at President Ian and said: "This is not mentioned for the time being. In addition, what does President Ian intend to deal with your LaRousse Group privately imprisoning citizens."

    "This incident is purely a misunderstanding. If you want to go through the legal process, we will accompany it to the end. If we want to ask for compensation, our LaRousse Group can satisfy most of the needs and will not be embarrassed."President Ian smiled and looked at Ash and others.

    Ian was still puzzled when I got the news. I don't understand why Terrance came to Larus, and saved Ash and others even at the LaRousse Group…Now he knew all about it, that Stephanie and the little boy did not mention that it was Norman's child, and Norman, who was Hoenn the Supreme Chancellor of the Alliance, and the silly boy, with Kanto Region The representative of the academic pie Professor Oak Relationship is shallow, grew up in Professor Oak under the nose, and the last one black skin squinting, but also has the curriculum of trainer's resume, the background of the museum family, such a combination, they larousse Group can only eat flat.

    Fortunately, in the question and answer with Professor Lund and Tory, he learned that Ash and others don't know about Deoxys, otherwise things are really difficult to deal with at the end of the day.

    "I hope President Ian can remember what you said, Ash, let's go."

    "This is gone? But,Ash looked at Tory, but Tory obviously didn't want to see Ash and moved his sight directly.

    Terrance is silent. Obviously, whether it is because the person is threatened or because of the benefits, in general, Professor Lund does not seem to want to talk to Terrance, then it is natural for Terrance to get information from him.

    Terrance ignored a point. Professor Lund, after all, is a LaRousse Group employee. It is closer to the LaRousse Group than the Terrans outsider. Although they learned from Ash that they had been tough by LaRousse Group before, what happened during this period? Terrance is not at all clear.

    In this case, especially at Ian's side, it is harder for Terrance to get any useful information, but it is enough for Terrance to judge this situation, although I can't get any valuable evidence. But the attitude of the LaRousse Group is also a reminder to Terrance.

    "Terrance Big Brother…Did we leave like this? ”

    "Tory he…Obviously it is threatened, he must have something to say. ”

    Just out of the headquarters of LaRousse Group, Ash immediately said.

    "Since I know, then we continue to force him to ask nothing, but it will be counterproductive, leading us to become disadvantageous parties."Terrance took a look at Ash, and his heart was helpless. He now represents a decent article. If the reckless impulse will make things harder to do, it must be handled calmly.

    The contradiction between people is sometimes difficult to solve with a fist.

    "Ash, let's leave Larus first, I have something to ask you."

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