Pokemon Court Chapter 1071

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1071, Real Rayquaza, Astronomy
    As the city of Larus subsided, Terrance and Ash left, and on the other side, Sky Pillar.

    Zinnia is in a strange mood and re-enters here.

    "Mr. Steven, believe me, this time I will be able to successfully summon Rayquaza."

    She did not think that, suddenly, Devin was willing to come up with three evolutionary Key Stone to help her summon Rayquaza. With these three Key Stones, the possibility of successfully summoning Rayquaza will rise to the extreme.

    Zinnia couldn't help but look forward to thinking about the mission and working with Rayquaza to solve the Meteorite disaster.

    "When did the ceremony begin?"

    "No hurry, wait for someone first."Steven indulged, waiting for Terrance to arrive.

    He has already learned about the situation in Larus from Terrance. There is no way for the LaRousse Group to be shameless. Steven has no way to face the top forces like the LaRousse Group. Even if it is worth it, Terrance has long been tough. Means to force the other party to submit.

    After being separated from the Ash group, Terrance rushed in, and Steven, who had found Zinnia and prepared the ceremonial offering, was on the Sky Pillar.

    You've had a long day

    When Terrance arrived, Steven said immediately.

    "Unfortunately, it is still a step later. Not only is the key person controlled by LaRousse Group, but even the mysterious elf is the first to succeed."Terrance shook his head and lamented that he had not tried to take Deoxys and Professor Lund from Larousse Group, and that there was no justification, even if he was alliance Elite, that if he did, Then Larousse Group is qualified to fight back, in that environment, Terrance Power can not play half, in the city, they such a top trainer limit too much, and, will also be condemned by public opinion.

    When he heard this, Steven sighed.

    "In short, the LaRousse Group is definitely hiding something, but it is impossible to investigate the truth in a short time."

    "Next, the solution is to solve the fast approaching Meteorite in the universe!"

    LaRousse Group seems to be very fond of this Meteorite, and wants to destroy it. Terrance and Steven naturally can't make the LaRousse Group feel good. Since the taboo weapon can't be used, the power of Assist Rayquaza is the best choice.

    In fact, neither of them believes that the use of taboo weapons is the best solution. The strength of Legendary Pokémon is also more reliable than uncontrollable contraindications, which can minimize casualties and risks.

    "Zinnia is already waiting on the upper level, let's go up."


    Sky Pillar top.

    The three of Steven, Terrance, and Zinnia stepped into this place. This time, Rayquaza was summoned. No one but three people knew it.

    That is to say, whether it is successful or not, Steven and Terrance intend to act in secret and do not intend to be as high-profile as last time.

    "Zinnia, this is Key Stone, and it's up to you."

    "Alright!"After taking Key Stone, Zinnia took a deep breath.

    “Actually, the method that Draconid Tribe summoned Rayquaza was also given the guidance of a weirdo.”On the eve of summoning Rayquaza, Zinnia spoke out the secrets that others didn't know except the Draconid Tribe.

    A thousand years ago, Rayquaza absorbed the energy of the colorful Meteorite after the arrival of the colorful Meteorite. At that time, many people witnessed the performance of Mega Rayquaza. One of the tall, exotic men left a sentence. Let the Draconid Tribe at the time keep it in mind and continually explore the mystery of this sentence.

    "This thing was born from the chaos of the world, also known as Delta. Combined with people's prayers and stone, it will quell the scourge of the world. ”This evaluation is out of the mouth of the mysterious alien man. The specific information is no longer available, but with this sentence, Draconid Tribe created the prayer ceremony to summon Rayquaza and the method of awakening the colorful Meteorite, and continued the identity of the inheritor. It’s down.

    "My Key Stone is actually polished by the corners of the colorful Meteorite. Only the inheritors of the previous Draconid Tribe can inherit. It is said that people who hold it can control Rayquaza with it if they have the ability to be recognized by Rayquaza. Let the disaster be quelled together!"Zinnia said with his own evolutionary Key Stone.

    "There is still such a secret…This thing…Is it Mega Megaquaza? ConfusionDelta…Could it be that Mega Rayquaza's special ability? ”Steven is curious.

    Steven, who is a tall, exotic man, has some impressions, but Wallace once told him that the big tree in front of the Sootopolis City Cave of Origin is the "giant from the Kalos Region" thousands of years ago. I don’t know if they said that they are the same person.

    After a little relaxation, Zinnia started moving.

    After Meteorite and Key Stone were placed, Zinnia showed a serious expression and began the summoning ceremony.

    Although she failed last time, Zinnia believes that her prayers are the most sincere. She looks at Soaring in the sky and directly launches the ceremony to activate the colorful Meteorite.

    This time, unlike the previous one, Steven's gifted Key Stone also shines with Meteorite, which is placed to activate the colorful Meteorite. Under these Flash, the colorful Meteorite quickly recovers from dim colors. Colorful and colorful.

    “Can it be successful?”

    Playing in the heart of Terrance, if you can get Rayquaza's help, it is the safest and safest way to change the track or break it before Meteorite does not approach the planet.

    In addition, the secret of the Meteorite hidden in the universe, why suddenly changed the orbit to the planet, is what Terrance wants to figure out.

    LaRousse Group is so desperate to destroy Meteorite. It may be related to Meteorite's change of orbit. Now that LaRousse Group has the suspicion of colluding with the lava team and the water fleet, Terrance Rest will not be stable without finding the key evidence to get rid of each other.

    A lava team and a water fleet are not terrible, but if they have a large group of support behind them, it is dangerous. Maybe one day they will sweep up and bring another disaster.

    "This is not good!"

    As the prayer progressed, Steven suddenly changed his face and saw that with the radiance of the colorful Meteorite, the entire Sky Pillar began to tremble.

    This reaction…Significantly more intense than the last time!

    At this time, Zinnia was unmoved, as if he did not feel the external stimulus Normal, still praying, and suddenly, Soaring in the sky above Sky Pillar, countless clouds suddenly fluttered.

    In the ozone layer, a green dragon dances constantly, and the Lock On is in the direction of Sky Pillar. With a long sound, the green dragon quickly falls.

    This time the coming elf is not the Rayquaza that Mew has become, but the authentic ancient superhero Rayquaza, the dragon god that Draconid Tribe believes!

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