Pokemon Court Chapter 1072

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1072…lead the way? ! Floating astronomy
    Rayquaza has always had a strong legend in the history of Hoenn Region. As a battle to calm Groudon and Kyogre and rescue Hoenn, it is said that the strongest elf in Hoenn's mythology system is not too much.

    Mew Transform's Rayquaza has the power to suppress two super-ancient elves, not to mention Rayquaza itself, although it is only normal, but with the advent of Rayquaza, it gave the Terrance three a very strong sense of deterrence.

    The oncoming wind blew through the body, causing the three to step back, while at the same time being deterred from the soul. Looking at the majestic appearance of Rayquaza, Zinnia first smiled.

    If it's Rayquaza, it's not a problem to quell the Meteorite disaster!


    Above the Sky Pillar, in the chaotic airstream, Rayquaza danced in the air, and the legs with three claws were aimed at Terrance and others. His face was sullen and fierce, and his appearance was not pleasing.

    "Really summoned…"Steven looked at the shining colorful Meteorite and was a little excited.

    The same is true for Terrance. When you see the Rayquaza deity, then just telling it that there will be Meteorite breaking through the ozone layer and coming to Hoenn, Rayquaza has a good chance of helping the human to destroy the Meteorite. After all, Meteorite will also invade it. territory.

    Rayquaza had been sleeping in the ozone layer before, but the colorful meteorite of intense energy fluctuations had attracted the attention of Rayquaza, and there were few meteorite in the planet's ozone layer that could provide rayquaza energy, All in the long years by it devoured, sometimes, Rayquaza can only rush to the universe, in the vast expanse of the starry sky to find food, this time stumbled upon the Sky pillar came from a strong meteorite energy fluctuations, rayquaza think did not want to fly.

    But let Rayquaza not think that there is human existence here.

    Just a moment of reaction, Rayquaza figured out the cause and effect. This place, it has the impression that thousands of years ago, it was attracted by a group of humans, only to discover Groudon and Kyogre who are fighting for natural energy.

    Looking at Zinnia, Steven, and Terrance, Rayquaza roared, questioning, and deterrence.

    Zinnia took the first step and took out Key Stone hanging around her neck. She shouted: "Rayquaza, do you remember this Key Stone? A thousand years ago, you absorbed the energy in the colorful Meteorite, and Meteorite broke the corner. Separated from the colorful Meteorite, you gave it to the ancestor."

    "I am his descendant, Draconid Tribe Zinnia."

    "Rayquaza adults, there is a piece of Meteorite in the universe that is coming to the planet. I beg you to see it in our ancestors. Help us to stop the Meteorite from falling, or the whole Hoenn will be destroyed. Please, Rayquaza. —"

    Key Stone ?

    Rayquaza eyes on Key Stone in Zinnia's hand, his face is still fierce but his heart is stunned, it…I don't remember.

    It’s no impression when it’s given to humans. But on this Key Stone, it’s right.

    The battle between Groudon and Kyogre thousands of years ago was indeed recognized by the colorful Meteorite, but to calm the battle of the two guys, Rayquaza was not because of human prayer.

    The ozone layer in which it resides varies with seasons and weather, and Normal means that the ozone layer in the Four Seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter can make rayquaza comfortable, but once primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre battle to the most intense, the ozone layer will be destroyed, So Rayquaza is for their own sleep to stop the Groudon and kyogre those two guys fight, and human prayer has little to do.

    Draconid Tribe prays, Rayquaza descends, calms down the disaster…It's a coincidence, but Draconid Tribe doesn't think so. Over time, Rayquaza became the faith of Draconid Tribe.

    Looking at Zinnia, who is holding Key Stone and asking for help, Rayquaza looked at it plainly, but did not refuse it, because these humans also brought good news to it, that is, with Meteorite coming to the planet .

    Just waking up from a deep sleep, Rayquaza’s Hoothoot, who is already hungry at the moment, is called. If these humans don’t remind it, it might miss the Meteorite, causing Meteorite to crash into Ground and then evaporate because of the massive heat. Meteorite can't be eaten.

    The planet is a sphere. Rayquaza has no energy to observe every moment. Therefore, humans with several satellites and astronomical telescopes in the universe are more aware of the things in the universe than Rayquaza. The power of science is great.

    Realizing the magic of mankind, Rayquaza immediately got an idea…These people just can guide themselves, and they are looking for themselves everywhere.

    Rayquaza thought so, his eyes became fierce again, but his eyes were removed directly from Zinnia, and this human female could not be misunderstood. Otherwise, someone would look at it with this stone in the future. It doesn't want to be bothered. .

    Among Steven, Terrance, Zinnia, Rayquaza's gaze, Lock On is on Terrance, or Lock On is on something on Terrance, with Rayquaza singing Roar, scaring Rotom Pokédex in his arms. Quick translation.

    "Rayquaza, do you want this?"Terrance took out his piece of meteorite, a little dazed, and then a little relieved, this piece of meteorite and ordinary meteorite different, once from the ordinary meteorite to glowing, to the appearance of color experienced several changes, was weather The Institute believes that and Sky Pillar's colorful meteorite a variety, seems to have can let Rayquaza Mega Evolution energy, Terrance bite teeth, anyway, this piece of meteorite is no use at the moment, Looking at the Rayquaza, Terrance directly threw, lost to Rayquaza, at the same time: "Sent you, Rayquaza, but also ask you to help human destruction meteorite." ”

    The body was easily twisted, and Rayquaza swallowed Meteorite thrown by Terrance. It was in a good mood. Although the volume was small, the external energy was almost nothing, but the core energy was incomparably pure, and the concentration was still in the huge colorful Meteorite. Above, it is also an unexpected gain.

    Fortunately, Rayquaza waved his claws and danced the air. Solaceon nodded. By the way, Terrance was also pleasing to the eye. Whether it was spiritual energy or body performance, the long-term Calm Mind and Wavewalking Terrance were superior to ordinary people. Let Rayquaza look for Terrance and intend to let Terrance lead the way.

    With such a physique, under its protection, it can move freely even in the universe.

    “Rayquaza said, to…I want you to lead the way to Rotto…"Rotom Pokédex was so screaming, yelling out, and staring at Terrance and Rayquaza incredibly.

    This is too strong for people.

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