Pokemon Court Chapter 1073

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1073 rushes to the universe! Floating astronomy
    Zinnia and Steven are very incomparable, especially Zinnia, with their own Key Stone, I don't understand why I have Key Stone's own identity still not recognized by Rayquaza…Not just the Rayquaza that Mew turned into, even the real Rayquaza, they all look at Terrance, their own inheritor…Really competent?

    Thinking about it, Zinnia lowered her head.

    "Zinnia ……"

    Steven quickly discovered Zinnia's anomaly. As a Draconid Tribe, he couldn't get Rayquaza's approval. Zinnia's heart must have been hit hard.

    However, it was not Zinnia that made Steven more scrupulous at this time, but Rayquaza's request.

    The implication is not to have a human being accompanying it to the universe?

    How can humans be active in that place…

    When I heard Rayquaza's request, Terrance was also very wrong, and my heart was silent…This sounds like no matter how you look at it, there is no return to death.

    ButIt is not that there is no first-line vitality, and the danger is the opportunity.

    Fuck that!Without hesitation, looking at the fierce Rayquaza, Terrance smiled and forgot who said it. Except for the Rockets Meowth, there is no Pokémon that is “simple or bad”. Since Rayquaza dares to invite him, he will Have the guts to go with Rayquaza.

    Just right, he also wants to see for himself what is the secret of the Meteorite in the universe, in addition to…He has one more thing to ask. Rayquaza, which has a very important role to play in exploring the origins of fairy energy, and if this opportunity is missed, the human perception of fairy energy may not progress again for decades or even hundreds of of years, if this opportunity can be brought closer to the Rayquaza , then put forward that not too much request, should be able to get Rayquaza's consent.


    Terrance's decisiveness, let Steven can not help but stop, this is really too dangerous, the universe, do not say the powerful trainer, even if the legendary elves in the universe can not live, even if the strength is comparable to the ultra-ancient elves of the Mewtwo, I am afraid not to go out of the field of the planet, The reason is not that he is not a question of strength, but of race, just as a powerful charizard is hard to move freely in the water, moving in the universe is the exclusive preserve of certain creatures, obviously, which do not include humans.

    If something goes wrong, Terrance wants to go back to Ground, it will be difficult, almost nine deaths.

    After all, this time, I am not going to travel back in a circle, but to destroy Meteorite, who knows if there will be any changes.

    "Mr. Terrance?"Zinnia, who looked down, heard Terrance's words, looked up inexplicably, and faced Rayquaza's request, even though she was still considering the consequences, but Terrance took the lead in her thinking and agreed, which made Zinnia unable to understand. Looking at Terrance, he is not afraid.

    "I believe Rayquaza, if you can destroy Meteorite some time in advance, then the chances of Meteorite threatening Ground will be reduced a lot."Terrance smiled and looked at Rayquaza and said, "Rayquaza, then I will ask you."

    "Terrance, do you know the consequences of the accident?"Steven is serious.

    "no problem."Terrance nodded and gestured to his peace of mind.

    Seeing that Terrance was so quick, Rayquaza unexpectedly landed and hovered over the top of the Sky Pillar. Since Terrance himself agreed, it would also begin to digest the energy of the colorful Meteorite, even though the colorful Meteorite energy in front of it is not pure. But there is better than nothing.

    This time, also the time that Rayquaza left for Terrance to prepare, was not to let Terrance prepare for self-protection, but to let him figure out the specific location of Meteorite.

    "Do you have to be this way?"Look at Terrance's determination, Steven.

    PleaseTerrance also asked Steven for a variety of levels.

    "I will prepare space suits and supporting facilities for you immediately. Other things…You don't have to worry. ”

    "Thanks."Terrance nodded, although Rayquaza said he would protect himself, but if he didn't wear a space suit, Terrance wouldn't dare to go with it and fly to the universe…That is the dream he had since childhood, although not too strong, even to the point of forgetting, but who did not think so when he was a child.

    "Is it really going?"Zinnia is still somewhat difficult to understand at this time.


    After confirming with Terrance, Zinnia was silent and said: "Maybe…Maybe Mr. Terrance is more suitable for the identity of the inheritor than I am. ”

    Meteorite is expected to arrive tomorrow, when Meteorite is slowly moving towards the planet in the starry sky. Once it enters a certain range, it will be pulled by gravity, so it must not wait until that time, after Terrance decides, Steven took the communicator seriously and immediately contacted the Mossdeep City Space Center.

    Now that you are going, take the safety work well. In addition to the space suit, Terrance prepares some backhands as quickly as possible.

    Two hours later, Terrance not only got a space suit, but also got a special electronic lens to get in touch with the Mossdeep City Space Center in real time and get Meteorite intelligence.

    "I didn't think that things would have evolved into this…"

    Rao is Terrance, and I am a little nervous at this time.

    "Terrance, you will leave the planet an hour later. At that time, Meteorite will move to the area where the center of the universe is responsible for detection. At that time, the center of the universe will shield you and Rayquaza from destroying Meteorite's picture, although I don't know how long it will hide…But more preparation time is always good. ”

    I understand

    In this way, you can get news from LaRousse Group in a short period of time, and the news that Trainer rides Rayquaza into the universe can be temporarily kept secret.

    Terrance wore a space suit and became familiar with the operation and agreed to Rotom Pokédex's desire to enter the universe with him.

    "You will enter here by then."Terrance refers to a transparent part of the space suit, the road.

    The space suit can protect his life activities, and it can protect the human body from the environmental factors such as vacuum, high and low temperature, solar radiation and micro-meteor. In addition, Terrance is superior in its physical quality and there is no danger in theory unless there is a major accident.

    At this time Rayquaza has long absorbed the colorful meteorite energy, looking at the Terrance of the heavy preparation, there is nothing to say, rayquaza at first actually do not think that some people dare to fly with it to the universe, has been planning to spend a little time looking for meteorite, Make this request, but also just want to test the human be volume, the end result, it is also very unexpected, in fact, Rayquaza has not communicated with human beings for a long time, now Terrance success has aroused its interest.

    As Terrance got ready, Rayquaza got up too, and in a flash, the Sky Pillar changed, and Terrance rode on its neck under the direction of Rayquaza.

    "It’s really amazing…"Steven shook his head, and there was some envy in his heart. Rayquaza took the Trainer to the universe to destroy Meteorite's picture. If it spreads, I am afraid the whole world will be shocked.

    But the most important thing is to come back safely…

    At this time, Terrance did not know that it was this decision that drastically changed his destiny.

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