Pokemon Court Chapter 1074

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1074, The Mysterious Black Triangle, the Elf in Meteorite! Floating astronomy
    It is undoubtedly very difficult to break through the Hideki layer with the human body.

    The planet of the Elven world is like the Earth. The height of the Hideki layer is thousands of kilometers. The temperature changes are extremely exaggerated and become an important obstacle for human exploration of the universe.

    But the Hideki layer is also very important. If the Hideki layer disappears, the Ground water will be turned into nothing overnight, life will be exhausted, Ground will be the same as the Moon and Mars, leaving only the Rock…Rayquaza took off with Terrance, but the tyrannical Terrance didn't feel anything.

    "Great, I almost thought I was wearing an Oreburgh suit…"

    The impact of the wind and the colder temperatures in the troposphere did not make Terrance feel uncomfortable. Rayquaza snarled and asked Terrance how it felt, but Terrance really felt good and didn't mean to be with Rayquaza.

    However, as the height rose, Rayquaza began to feel uneasy, fearing that he would kill Terrance and consciously create a mysterious light that wrapped the whole body.

    this is theProtection moves? ”

    Terrance smiled, the original Rayquaza is to rely on "protection" moves as a barrier to ensure his safety, rayquaza protection moves coupled with this company and the center of the universe combined with the development of multi-functional space clothing, can indeed give people a great sense of security, now Terrance The spacesuit is not an ordinary spacesuit, but is not intended for the kind of astronaut who is carried by a rocket into the starry sky, but for trainer.

    Because of the extraordinary power of the ELF World, the human way to explore the universe is not limited to science and technology, others put forward the assist Elf power to explore the universe's point of view, after all, there are many elves in academia is considered to come from the universe, if the elves can freely survive in the universe, then as long as the survival of the trainer problem , the two sides will be able to rely on each other and explore together in the universe.

    Like the silver armor Normal space suit can withstand most of the impact and temperature changes, but even so, let Terrance and Rayquaza fly to the universe together, the text is still very worried.

    If the troposphere more and more high over the cold, then when the Terrance and rayquaza into the outer layer of the Hideki, the temperature has reached thousands of degrees, but the ultra-high temperature, but even rayquaza protection moves have not been destroyed, and there is no chance to contact Terrance wearing the space suit, According to Terrance originally read the instructions, the material of this spacesuit can absolutely withstand such a high temperature, but there is rayquaza protection, Terrance also did not want to try the idea.

    What does the universe look like? The narrow definition of the universe is the space and matter outside the Hideki layer of the planet. When Rayleighza breaks through the Hideki layer and rushes to the universe, Terrance immediately feels the vastness of the universe, which is different from the senses of the universe seen from documentaries and photographs. Only when you see it with your own eyes can you understand the greatness of the universe.

    Terrance patted Rayquaza and gestured it. In the electronic glasses worn by Terrance, a holographic clear road map appeared from the beginning, indicating the direction of their movement and the location of Meteorite. Assist is a breakthrough in Hideki. At the same time, Terrance easily directed Rayquaza to the nearest place to Meteorite.

    TimeThere are still 67 seconds. ”As Terrance whispered to himself, he couldn't help but get excited.

    He should be the first one, riding the Pokémon to the universe's Trainer, which is much harder than the honor of the Alliance Elite and Alliance champions. As time goes by, Terrance once again gives Rayquaza directions, and he himself It’s time to catch up with Rayquaza all the time, for fear that he will fall off accidentally.

    Hoenn Region, Mossdeep City Cosmos Center, a number of cosmic center staff sitting at work saw an incredible picture from the Mossdeep City launch to the "Clefairy II" in the universe.

    The huge Meteorite, six kilometers in diameter, slowly appeared on the screen. The Meteorite is still slowly moving towards the earth, getting closer and closer, like a reminder to the staff of these cosmic centers.

    The head of the Mossdeep City Cosmic Center, a middle-aged man with glasses and a white coat, looked at the satellite from the deep eyes, silent in his heart, waiting for the miracle to happen.

    "Mr. Steven…Are you serious?

    "Well, no matter what you see, the video must be saved and it is strictly forbidden to leak."

    At this time in this spacious room, in addition to the center of the universe with the head of the walk into a total of 8 people, all are the center of the universe elite staff, with a series of trained expert figures, with the picture pulled away, so that a few people can not sit on the scene finally appeared, saw the Blue planet, suddenly a flash Across, into a straight meteor directly through, and the goal, nature is the threat of the entire elf world of the huge meteorite!!

    Terrance is in a bad mood now.

    He imagined a variety of Rayquaza methods of destroying Meteorite, but he did not expect Rayquaza to be so simple and rude.

    Rayquaza's mighty torsion between the body, the "Dragon Ascent" moves to activate the Emperor's organs, the body exudes strong energy fluctuations to complete the Mega Evolution, the more explosive body appeared, let Terrance swallow, then he began to regret and Rayquaza is together…

    Extrreme Speed ! !

    Rayquaza this guy…I actually want to use the Extreme Speed move to crash Meteorite.

    The only thing that made Terrance feel like he was still in "protection" and was not affected by Rayquaza's exaggerated Flying speed, but the picture that was filled with light was really the most exciting moment of Terrance's life.

    No sound, no perception…Everything seems to be in the infinite glory. When Terrance reacts, there are countless Meteorite pieces of different sizes and sizes.

    Really destroyed…

    Meteorite, which has not been accelerated by gravitation, is not a threat. Mega Rayquaza hits Extreme Speed and Meteorite breaks directly, losing the mysterious power of the guide, and Meteorite fragments begin to move irregularly…

    "Things are not over!!"Terrance screamed and slammed Rayquaza hard, no matter if it could be heard. In the Meteorite layer, a black triangle suddenly began to move in the universe, followed by…Turned into a life that makes Terrance and Steven, who is walking into the monitoring room of the Mossdeep Universe Center, extremely shocked!

    The orange-red body, the blue-green face, and the purple trachea running through the face and the crystallization of the chest, directly recognized Terrance. Isn't this the mysterious elf who made a huge storm in Larus? !

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