Pokemon Court Chapter 1076

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1076, Terrance, Moon, Astronomy
    After returning from the security of the universe, Terrance and Rayquaza went directly to Wallace with Mossdeep City. In addition to solving the Meteorite crisis, Terrance conquered Deoxys and brought back an important opportunity for humans.

    After arriving at the Universe Center in Mossdeep City, Terrance immediately told Steven about the experience of conquering Deoxys.

    "Is that elf still unconscious?"

    “I asked Rotom Pokédex to detect the interior of the Poké Ball, probably because it took a lot of effort to maneuver Meteorite, causing it to fall asleep directly under Rayquaza's storm.”

    At the Mossdeep City Space Center, under the leadership of Steven, Terrance entered a separate room and began to discuss the incident.

    "At present, various forces are looking for the secret of Meteorite's destruction. The Mossdeep City Space Center has been suspected and faces multiple pressures."Steven Road.

    "Can you hold it?"Terrance asked.

    "Of course I do."Steven nodded and had considerable confidence in the strength of the text.

    "But the first priority is to communicate with this elf. I have a few guesses, but I need its Help…"

    If you can get a partnership with the elves in this Meteorite, then the text will have the opportunity to pull down the LaRousse Group, and at the very least, it will make it badly hurt, and it will not be able to compete with the text.

    In addition, Terrance and Steven also talked about another thing, that is, Terrance got the consent of Rayquaza and qualified for free access to the ozone layer.

    In addition to the technical difficulties and the obstacles of Rayquaza, Rayquaza will be regarded as an enemy expulsion. Any human rocket will fall under the attack of Rayquaza. A certain number of people have died. Therefore, boarding the universe has become a very high-risk thing for human beings, so that the major forces will not try it easily.

    With so many years of hard work, humans have only two coincidences to break through the Hideki layer. It is conceivable how much Rayquaza has hindered human exploration of the universe.

    "Do you want to go to the moon?"

    For the idea that Terrance suddenly said, Steven's mouth opened slightly, obviously a bit surprised.

    "Yeah."This time I agreed to destroy Meteorite with Rayquaza, mainly because I wanted to ask for it. Fortunately, it agreed. ”Terrance smiled. Whether it was the study of Moon Rock or the further practice of the Star Altar, Terrance understood that if he wanted to deepen his understanding of Fairy Type, he had to go to the moon. On this planet, It's hard to let him explore Fairy energy more deeply.

    It can be said that Terrance took the risk to go to the universe with Rayquaza at the beginning, and he could hope to make a good deal with him so that he could not be blocked by Rayquaza when he landed on the moon.

    With the technical level of Devin, it is completely unnecessary to make a moon landing rocket. In this way, Terrance can freely practice between the moon and the moon.

    "I suddenly admire you more."Steven, stunned, didn't think that Terrance's ultimate goal at the beginning was actually here, going to the moon to practice…For Trainer, it is as difficult as going to Spiritual World, Reverse World, Parallel Time and Space, but for Terrance, who is recognized by Rayquaza, his risk of going to the moon is much smaller.

    WHERETerrance laughed, although the technology of the past life is not as developed as the world, but the lunar exploration is not a problem for the past humans, so Terrance does not understand Steven's surprise, but in fact, is free to go to the moon, in this world is already a Break through the big events of history.

    "No…The significance of this matter is very significant. ”Steven said, "I want to know that none of the parties in the current Region Alliance have a stable landing condition. That is to say, if you get Rayquaza to allow you to land on the moon, you can monopolize this. industry!"


    after day

    Location, in a treatment center on the private island of Devon Holdings Limited.

    In this place, a sudden intense mental storm broke out, and the numerous buildings around it were shattered in an instant, leaving only a ruin.

    During this period, two extremely violent mental storms were entangled with them and tried to confront.

    Both Terrance and Steven looked dignified and escorted the treatment center's staff safely away from the maddening Deoxys.

    In the treatment center, with Terrance's Gardevoir and Steven's Metasols as the core, the number of elves is able to withstand the anger-filled Deoxys. After the injury is restored, Poké Ball alone can't bind this Pokémon that has mastered the power of legend… …

    This point, the two knew from the beginning.

    One day ago, in order to communicate with Deoxys as soon as possible, the two went to secret treatment Deoxys here.

    In the process of resisting Deoxys, Terrance continued to communicate with the Deoxys in different ways, and Terrance and Steven were relieved that Metasols finally succeeded in understanding the language system of Deoxys with its superior computational analysis capabilities. I have analyzed some clues.

    Deoxys primarily uses the Thunder Wave for telepathy, the primary means of delivering information, which has now been gradually cracked by Steven's Metasols.

    That is,you guys……Destroyed Meteorite…you guys……It should be eliminated. ”

    Deoxys into attack mode, the power of strong directly makes the whole island volatile, but there are well-prepared Terrance, Steven two, the equivalent of two champion class, their squad, enough to suppress Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre That kind of legendary Pokémon for a while, this deoxys power accumulation time is too short, and there is no Groudon, kyogre such a shock of the natural force, after the outbreak, quickly weakened, directly by the Terrance, Steven two people suppressed.

    However, the resilience of Deoxys does indeed show its power of legendary legends. The ability to quickly recover from injuries and physical strength, if it continues, may also cause headaches for both Terrance and Steven.

    I'm gonnaFind it…ABSOLUTELY NOTYou hinder…Annihilation

    Because the language is unreasonable, even Rotom Pokédex can't understand it well. Deoxys expresses his feelings through Thunder Wave. Metasols also spent a lot of effort to translate what he wanted to express to Terrance and Steven. However, as Deoxys is passive, the language expression is in a neutral position, and the translation is not very clear.

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