Pokemon Court Chapter 1077

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1077, teaming up with Deoxys, Astronomy
    "I know that you are looking for a companion who is exactly the same as you. We know where it is and can help you. Please calm down first. We want to be your friend more than the enemy."Steven said, the next moment, Mega Metagross's well-developed brain instantly transformed it into a language that Deoxys could understand.

    Some scholars believe that Alakazam's IQ is very high, but Metasross is not bad. It not only has four brains, but also connected by highly complex neural networks. Its developed brain power is said to surpass the Mega computer…Of course, this is just a rumor. It is possible to surpass the main computer of a small business, but the Mega computer that is mastered by the top forces to make cutting-edge technology is hard to surpass the computing power of the living body.

    Terrance's Gardevoir and Rotom Pokédex have more computing power than the well-developed elves in the brains of Alakazam and Metagos, which are in the top-level field, but the computing power is still weak compared to Steven's Mega Metagross.

    It was said that this Metasols had mastered the language of Deoxys in a short time, and Gardevoir failed to do so.

    "It is said that Mega Metagross seems to have eight brain regions. Although it has not been confirmed, it is enough to show that Mega Metagross's computing power is strong…I remember Steven's Mega Metagross seems to have a comparison with Devin's Mega computer…What is the result…"

    Gardevoir's computing power wants to catch up with Steven's Metasols, and I'm afraid there will be only a glimmer of hope after Mega Evolution.

    In Terrance Thoughts a trance, Deoxys has calmed down, as born from the Cosmic virus elves, Deoxys can master the strong of the psychic, IQ is naturally very high, it can even feel the life of the Psywave movement to distinguish the other's good and evil, It has been strange from the beginning, and these people have been passive defense from beginning to end, and then holding it back, without harming its meaning, which makes Deoxys have long been aware of something wrong, but it really can not find the reason to believe Terrance and others.

    However, with the Rotom Pokédex critical moment projection of the previous preserved in the city of Larus another Deoxys image, in front of this deoxys instant pupil shrinkage, strong the spirit of the pressure again hit, two Deoxys still have some differences, The crystal color of the chest in the city of Larus is green, and this one, the crystal color of the chest is purple, so after seeing the companion images projected Rotom Pokédex, the Deoxys is immediately confirmed, and these people do know where another companion is.

    However, Terrance and others are enemies and friends. Deoxys has not made a judgment, because Terrance and others may also be enemies that lure it.

    However, the possibility that Terrance and others are enemies is not to be explained by Terrance et al. After deciding, Deoxys came to the conclusion that if Terrance and others are enemies, then there is no need to heal them. It is asleep, and the other party has plenty of time to control himself like controlling his peers.

    "you guys……Noadversary

    The intermittent subjective consciousness flowed into the minds of both Terrance and Steven, and they nodded both.

    "Just a day ago, your companion escaped from the person who arrested it, but after Thrash, he was arrested and returned."Steven Road.

    Upon hearing this, Deoxys' body suddenly trembled involuntarily.

    "You have to understand that since they can get your companions back, then that means your presence is not very threatening for humans, and your manipulation of meteorite can do a lot of damage here, but there are many solutions for humans, so to speak, If we did not destroy the meteorite you brought before, then you have been reduced to ashes with meteorite, do not doubt that human beings have such destructive weapons. ”

    Meteorite was destroyed, Deoxys' plan was shattered, it should have been angry, but with the details recalled, Deoxys was silent.

    Fortunately, Deoxys is not a genie, or it is a very smart elf, so Terrance will soon be able to communicate with Deoxys.

    "You have to be clear that your enemies only have people who have captured your companions, not all human beings. Your previous practice can only put you in a more dangerous situation. I think, maybe you want to achieve something else than to let Meteorite hit? ”

    beltcompanion……go back


    "The power of catching your companion is called Larousse Group, and it's no secret that you changed the meteorite orbit, which has long been detected by humans, Larousse Group may have known it was you who manipulated meteorite, have been trying to destroy you and meteorite with a deadly weapon, for which they have even offended others and even shot at us, so that we and they are also enemies, there is a word do not know if you can understand, the enemy of the enemy is a friend, with your strength, Reckless shots can cause them a lot of damage, but it's hard to save your partner and get out of the body, but if we can work together, the chances of you rescuing your partner will rise indefinitely. ”

    The purpose of Deoxys is to bring back the companions back to the universe. If the Elf Alliance has long known the cause and effect, knowing that the huge Meteorite crisis is caused by a small move by the LaRousse Group, I am afraid that the LaRousse Group will be put pressure on the collective.

    It is not too late, the text retains another deoxys in the city of Larus part of the photo, at that time there are many local residents have seen Deoxys, so that as long as the text to Rayquaza and Terrance together to destroy meteorite, the emergence of a second Deoxys Video to do some articles, then all public opinion will be inclined to Larousse group, so that many forces together to pressure Larousse Group, in the public opinion of the supremacy of the present, even if Larousse Group has a strong scientific and technological strength, but there is no way to face such pressure, and most importantly, The overall strength of the text is stronger than Larousse Group, by the Wencao hand, can be said to be foolproof.

    However, it is not the ultimate goal of Terrance and Steven to just pressure LaRousse Group to give up that Deoxys and lose some of its benefits.

    Now that the whole point is directed at the LaRousse Group, the lava team and the water fleet may not be able to get in touch with them. The 127th waters incident has not passed. If this matter can be investigated and exposed, then the text will have the opportunity to annex the LaRousse Group. Let them fall into a situation of eternal annihilation.

    "As one of the top executives of Alliance, it is involved in illegal organizations such as the lava team and the water fleet. It should be punished."Terrance's eyes are cold, regardless of whether the lava team or the water fleet concept is correct, but he only knows that the lava team has taken the life of the Bug Type elf in the Napru Road Hall in order to capture Groudon, and even openly attacked Fallabor Gym. At one point, Terrance cannot be forgiven.

    Deoxys's gaze turned to Steven and Terrance. It seems that they are considering the possibility of working with these people. After a while, Deoxys recovered from the attack form to the normal state, showing a calm look.

    Seeing this, Terrance smiled instantly:

    "Happy cooperation."

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