Pokemon Court Chapter 1078

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1078, Ash's Mega Evolution, Astronomy
    After deciding to establish a joint relationship with Deoxys, Dewen began to prepare for the secret.

    In addition, during this period, because the Meteorite was completely ruined, the network system of the Mossdeep City Cosmos Center suffered many intrusions, and countless forces wanted to find out the truth here, but they all ended in failure, and even commercial espionage Here, but also blocked by the powerful security system of the Mossdeep City Space Center.

    "The secret is not yet announced."Whenever the Mossdeep City Cosmos Center was invaded, the person in charge here would subconsciously hold down the glasses, revealing the look of expectation.

    On the fourth day, the major TV stations finally reported the Meteorite crisis to the whole world. When many people knew that the world almost passed away with death, they all scared a cold sweat.

    "Hello everyone, here is Marshtomp TV Station. According to the latest news, this Meteorite crisis is not a natural factor, but caused by external forces. Hoenn Region, Larousse Group, which specialises in high-tech products, has studied the cosmic virus in an attempt to breeder the life body ' Deoxys ', which was born out of the cosmic virus, and has conducted numerous inhumane elf experiments that have led to the resistance of the elves named ' Deoxys ' to escape, and information is now known , Deoxys has a total of two, one of which has appeared in the city of Larus, a violent walk caused a large number of casualties, so that the city of Larus economic losses serious, the other one, in four years ago fled to the universe, a number of days before the attack of the huge meteorite, is this only deoxys in order to revenge by Larousse Group. ”

    “The inhumanity of the LaRousse Group's elf experiment has had a bad influence. Now the LaRousse Group is facing a strong protest from the general public in Larus. The follow-up will continue to follow up…”

    If the LaRousse Group had the courage to admit that Deoxys escaped from the LaRousse Group and actively compensated and reflected, perhaps not so passive now, LaRousse Group concealed the facts and suffered not only the numerous citizens of Larus who had economic losses. The demonstrations also faced the question of the police forces in Larus.

    When the police asked the LaRousse Group for specific information, LaRousse Group concealed it and declared that it was not clear about the origin of Deoxys. It refused to pass it on to the police and controlled it alone. Now, after the truth was revealed, it was immediately attacked by the police of Larus. Rebound.

    "Although the process is tortuous, the Meteorite crisis is finally over. Thank you, I think I will spend some time trying to find out if there is any possibility of a new start, in order to lose something until our next encounter, so Please also accept the identity of the inheritor Zinnia."

    Mossdeep City, Terrance took a paper envelope and slowly browsed the text and silenced it.

    “Zinnia hasn’t returned to the gathering place of Draconid Tribe since she left Sky Pillar. I think it’s time to go to a new practice. I don’t know when I will see her.”Steven Road.

    “She is still young and will definitely be a good Trainer in the future. It is not impossible to get approval from Rayquaza.”Terrance Road.

    "Don't say this, let's talk about it now."

    Against the LaRousse Group, it is not suitable for suppression by force. Terrance has almost no chance to shoot, so this matter has been handled by the Steven-based company, and now in a short period of time, another Deoxys has been taken from LaRousse Group took it and reunited the two Deoxys. This efficiency, even Terrance did not expect.

    "There is a special sense between the two Deoxys, the first to be imprisoned by Larousse Group is by the Deoxys of the universe called to wake Up and break free of control, we in Deoxys help, the success of lock on the city of Larus that Deoxys , and through a special police investigation to carry out this operation, in the face of the police and Alliance champion intervention, those Larus employees simply dare not resist, in addition, we have collected some evidence by other means, which will have the opportunity to make this to let Larousse Group Hundred hard to argue about the storm of public opinion. ”

    Steven said: "In fact, LaRousse Group has noticed something wrong. It has already started to secretly leave this Deoxys and leave Larus, but they did not expect us to cooperate with another Deoxys, so no matter how secret they hide, they can't escape. Track down."

    In this Meteorite storm, Terrance's ride on Rayquaza to destroy Meteorite has been actively exposed by them. After all, it won't last long. Over time, the forces of all parties will determine that the Mossdeep Cosmic Center is engaging in ghosts and increasing pressure, so it is better to become passive and take the initiative. If it is used well, this matter can also become a special weapon against the LaRousse Group and Terrance.

    In addition to denounced the LaRousse Group, the identity of the Trainer riding Rayquaza has become a topic of speculation.

    Most people think that the person is Fairy Elite Terrance. Because of the 127th waters, Terrance had the experience of riding Rayquaza. Although the Rayquaza is fake, the general public does not know more details.

    Hearing Steven's description, Terrance nodded, this matter, also only to get the text to do well, if it is a comprehensive strength weaker than Larousse Group's forces to do, I am afraid not to spread things, the topic will be immediately blocked, but also only literary talent have so much energy, Can unite the police and many forces to put pressure on a top force, and formally rip the face.

    "In this case, the Trainer named Ash helped a lot, thanks to the convincing of the LaRousse Group's Professor, which made this a bigger turn."Steven laughed, and Ash had a relationship with Tony, the child of the Londo Professional who participated in the Deoxys study. After Steven knew this relationship, Assist Ash took the breakthrough from Tory and successfully dug Rondo's Professor from LaRousse Group. Come over and make it the main witness of this public opinion storm.

    If the article directly brings out the benefits and let Lundu Professor betray the LaRousse Group, it may not be so easy, but Londo is still a father after all, and also needs to consider the future of his child, Tory's happiness, has become the succumb of Lundo Professor. major factor.

    "I know this, I have already heard Ash say, I heard that you gave him a set of Mega Evolution props?"Terrance asked, he was surprised to get the news.

    "Well, not only you, I also felt great potential from him. I hope this Mega Evolution prop can help him go further."

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