Pokemon Court Chapter 1079

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1079 Region Exchange, the lunar exploration plan, floating astronomy
    Devin saved another Deoxys from the LaRousse Group, and it can be said that this has come to an end.

    But Terrance's main purpose is not here.

    Referring to the lava team and the water fleet, Steven shook his head with a solemn face: "It is the discovery of clues that we began to do, during which we took advantage of Larousse Group into a public opinion storm, fend focused on the investigation, the results of the investigation found that The lava team and the water fleet seem to have completely severed ties with the Larousse group since the cooperation with the Larousse group. ”

    "The lava team and the water fleet worked together to steal the meta-shift, and although the clues pointed to Larousse Group, in fact, we still haven't found the exact evidence, I thought I could take advantage of this opportunity to investigate something, but the lava team and the water fleet and Larousse Group The relationship is really too thorough, there must be strange in this …Fortunately, most of the LaRousse Group's external materials have been mastered by us. As long as they are in contact with the lava team and the water fleet, they will definitely show their feet. Even so, they need to use some extraordinary means. ”

    "Extraordinary means? For example, if we want to continue to exert pressure, or even create accidents, give them the opportunity to create contact with the lava team and the water fleet. ”Terrance is thoughtful.

    Although the means is shameless, but after all, it has torn the face, no longer care about that much.

    With the fermentation of the Meteorite crisis, the LaRousse Group tried to wash itself by various means, but faced with the tight pressure of the text, they did not complete the opportunity to whitewash, in addition to continuing to follow the actions of the LaRousse Group, there is also a It deserves Terrance's attention. There are still three months, and the annual Region exchange is coming.

    Three months later, all the Regions with the Elite Alliance and the Elite Four and the championship system will have an exchange. The exchange will be held once every four years. Each Region will send a Trainer representative named Elite Four to participate in the competition.

    The competition system is also a point battle. Each contestant will play against each other to determine who is the strongest Elite. The result of the competition also affects the distribution of interests among the various Regions. It can be said that it not only represents the face of the Region, but also reflects the strength.

    On the Hoenn Alliance side, Terrance has been invited to participate. At present, everyone can see that Terrance's strength is definitely not inferior to Sidney, Phoebe, Glacia's three Elites, and may even exceed a lot. Only by sending Terrance, Hoenn is likely to be Quartz, Sinnoh, Unova, and Kalos are all in the hands of the powerful Alliance.

    "I will think about it."

    Terrance not in a hurry to say yes, in fact, Region Exchange game has three months, also not in a hurry to make a decision, Larousse Group scandal came to light a week later, the more powerful news finally broke out, Hoenn Region Elite Four Terrance Join hands with the legendary Elf Rayquaza, become a hero to solve the meteorite crisis, and will represent Hoenn Alliance public to explore the moon plan, the news released, the heat instantly overshadowed all the news.

    Water War 127? LaRousse Group scandal? Meteorite crisis?

    Now covered by the overwhelming publicity of the Hoenn Alliance's lunar exploration program, this lunar exploration program is led by Devon and the Mossdeep City Space Center. This is not the first time the Hoenn Alliance has explored the moon, but it is the most grand. once.

    The risk of lunar exploration Everyone knows that the people who participated in the lunar exploration program in the past, although they are all elites in the corresponding field, have no visibility before the lunar exploration, but the Elite Four is different, let alone the seriality of Terrance. The super-popular Elite that has appeared in several big news.

    If such a person falls into the process of lunar exploration, it is undoubtedly the loss of Alliance, but the Hoenn Alliance is still resolutely carrying out the lunar exploration program, which is enough to see that Alliance has a great grasp of the lunar exploration.

    "Bottom gas…It’s that Terrance and Rayquaza have teamed up! ! ”Many forces immediately understood the ambition of this massive lunar exploration program. There are two difficulties in exploring the moon. One is the difficulty in science and technology, and the other is Rayquaza's domain awareness.

    The former has been solved by humans, the latter, now also solved, it can be said that Terrance's lunar exploration is the least risky in the history of human lunar exploration. It is no wonder that Dean dares to have such a sigh of propaganda.

    The article can get a lot of power support, work together to pressure Larousse Group, Terrance involved in the Lunar exploration plan is also credited, if the lunar exploration plan is successful, then the text can be stable to establish the lunar corridor, can spend a lot of time to explore the secrets of the moon, in this case, If other forces want to know the secrets of the moon, they can only exchange them from the text.

    So after the news of the Lunar exploration Plan spread, the last line supporting Larousse group was also broken, and the company, which is engaged in a commercial battle with Larousse Group, immediately won by an absolute margin, Larousse Group lost most of its hoenn Region's high-tech market, but still failed to investigate Larousse group more black spots, really let Wen company some regret, otherwise in one fell swoop to let Larousse Group bankrupt may have a chance.

    Also because of this incident, Terrance successfully obtained a certain share from Dewen and became one of Dewen's shareholders, occupying a large profit distribution.

    During this time, Terrance was mainly busy exploring the moon. In fact, Terrance was not too anxious. Even after the postponement of the Region exchange, there was no problem. The key was that after the two reoxys reunited, they wanted to return to the universe.

    Originally Terrance and Steven still in the heart murmur, will and Deoxys after cooperation, build friendship, they directly left, but Deoxys performance, let them two understand, Deoxys IQ, EQ said really more than most Pokémon and Human, Want to leave them like a pet, not realistic at all, Terrance also not too disappointed, put up their own small mind, originally he did not think that by virtue of Rayquaza Power took demon Deoxys, can become the other side of the trainer, now can build friendship, has been the best result.

    Deoxys wanted to go back to the universe, was stopped by Steven, and told them about the existence of Rayquaza. Manipulating meteorite that one deoxys know the strength of the Rayquaza, deeply understand that with the companion to fight together, also may not be able to win Rayquaza, in order to insure, Terrance and Steven This only to come up with a way, that is also let Deoxys Take a lunar probe and leave the planet with Terrance to the universe, so that Terrance can get closer to the Deoxys, and when the Deoxys return to the planet in the future, they will not become strangers.

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